Reina Kinney
Reina Michaela Kinney
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Phantasy Star Portable-1
Faction Union
Rank 1-Ensign
Function GUARDIANS Operative/Hunter
Groups Thousand Dreams
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-20s
Age (Actual) 29
Still Aging? No
Height 5'4"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
"No one can change their past, but they can utilize the present to create a better future."
Table of Contents


Once, she was a mercenary who had no concerns but for handling whatever tasks her boss gave her. As long as she was paid for her time, Reina Kinney didn't mind taking whatever tasks were sent her way. But things changed when her boss turned on her and set her up to be killed on what would be the last contract she ever accepted. Barely escaping with her life, Reina was found by Laia Martinez of the GUARDIANS and offered a chance to redeem herself by joining. While she was skeptical at first, Reina accepted the offer and underwent the harsh training to become a member of the GUARDIANS. At first, she found it harsher than any mission she'd ever been assigned in her history, but the training taught her something she'd lacked before, and that was discipline. Upon completing her training, Reina was a changed person, and decided to use her skills for a good cause as a way of redeeming herself for her reckless past.


WEAPONS: The Gurhal System is known for various types of energy-based weapons, such as sabers, swords, firearms, crossbows, and so forth. While classes like Rangers and Forces are generally restricted in what they can use, Hunters are known for being a 'jack-of-all-trades' in being able to handle a variety of weapons with little difficulty. One notable weapon skill for anyone who can wield a saber is the ability to hold the saber in one hand and a handgun in the other while being able to use either-or without any difficulty. Naturally, Reina has the ability to handle a variety of weapons.

TECHNICS: Technics could pretty much be thought of to be the equivelant of magic in the Gurhal System. While Forces are naturally fluent in these arts, other classes and races can utilize Technics as well through the usage of a floating device called a 'Mag.' Reina has mastered a variety of technics, ranging from attacks using the elements to healing herself and her allies as well as curing them of poison and other ailments that are slowing them down.

MARTIAL ARTS: Combining her 'street brawling' type of fighting skills with the fighting arts taught by the GUARDIANS, Reina can definitely utilize her hands and feet whenever necessary if she's unable to fight using weapons.

MAG: Reina's Mag, Ryulikon, has a rather unique appearance not unlike that of a fox. While its appearance seems strange, it provides Reina with the ability to utilize technics. The Mag also has the ability to 'synchronize' with Reina and gain power as she's hurt. When its power is maxed out, it can unleash a powerful photon blast, which is pretty much a large beam of energy that packs a mighty punch.

PILOTING: When Reina was a mercenary, her boss gave her a small ship of her own. It's not big by any means, but it does get the job done. As a result, Reina is able to pilot small crafts with a good deal of skill. She's not a fighter pilot, but if she needs to get someplace fast, she can do it.


SARCASM: Reina Kinney is known for being sarcastic when making one-liners, and sometimes doesn't care who she might offend. As a result, she tends to make an occasional one-liner or joke that might anger another person.

ELECTRICITY: For reasons unknown, Reina has had a weakness to electrical currents and attacks that utilize such a power. Granted, electricity is dangerous to people and other living things in general if not used properly, but Reina has an extra vulnerability, meaning she might take extra damage, if not be stunned easily, even if no stun power were generally there.

DARK PAST: Reina's past is one that she never likes to talk about. Seeing or hearing anything that reminds her of her past, whether directly or not, puts her in a real bad mood. She'll only calm down once she's had some time to herself or found a way to blow off steam. What's the worst, though, is when someone wants to talk about it, in which case she'll abruptly end the conversation, if not snap at them to shut up.

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