Rei Hino (Fired)


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General Information


Full Name: Rei Hino
Faction: Union
Rank: 0-Enlisted
Function: Sailor Soldier of Fire and War
Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon-1
Species: Lunarian

"It's time I recognized that anger doesn't accomplish nearly as much as I once thought it would. Regardless, for love and justice, in the name of Mars, I shall chastise you!"


Rei's personality can be defined as fiercely loyal and intense, due to her secret identity as the Soldier of Fire. 1,000 years prior to her revival on Earth, however, she was part of the Mars royal family and a guardian of Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium.

Her abilities include, but are not limited to, pyrokinesis and a deep knowledge of Shinto tradition. Rei's weaknesses are the aspects of modern culture, such as televisions, and men-the latter is largely due to the absence of her political-figure father.

One exception is Chiba Mamoru, or Tuxedo Kamen as he is sometimes called. Prior to Tsukino Usagi's rediscovery of her destined love for him, the two of them were casually dating for about two weeks.

In addition to the abilities she has, Rei is also surprisingly capable of leading small groups of people in combat or search-and-rescue operations, resulting from her experience as the second-in-command of the Guardian Senshi of Princess Serenity under the guidance of first Aino Minako, then Kino Makoto upon unification. Though she may not be the most intelligent of people-a weakness she's admitted to on numerous occasions, she's still knowledgeable enough to use what she can for a competent advantage in battle.

Recently, also, there's a small but growing streak of calmness that's revealed itself, alongside her notoriously short-tempered attitude, signifying that she's changed due to her experiences in the Multiverse. Another aspect about her that's gradually changing is her usual distrust for anything representing modern technology, since she's had a television and ARTHUR console installed in the shrine after finishing with large-scale repairs.

Vital Statistics

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 101lbs
Occupation: Miko


  • Mars Crystal Wand: Given to the four Inner Senshi by Pegasus, which allows them to transform into their "Super" form.
  • Inferno: As a gift from Untamed Breeze of the Shining Waves, Rei's red jade saber is something she hardly leaves Hikawa or Selendos without-largely because of efforts to train and become more experienced in direct combat to augment her affinity for ranged attacks if she is rendered unable to henshin.

Major NPCs

  • Deimos and Phobos: Despite their image as nothing more than simple crows, Rei's pets are also quite perceptive, and can respond to her request for help through pecking, clawing, or dive-bombing an intruder. They've also proved sentient enough to be able to transform into smaller versions of Sailor Senshi.
  • Blazer(Flareon): Despite being rather inexperienced as a Pokmon trainer, Rei has bonded with her Flareon, but not to the extent of the bond she shares with both Phobos and Deimos. She's also become licensed for using Blazer in a fight by the Pokmon League, which is also quite beneficial.

Skills and Abilities

  • Extrasensory perception: Due to her lifestyle as a Shinto miko, Rei has a higher-than-average ability to sense energy spikes, or the presence of other people around her. As a result, it's rather difficult to catch her off-guard-not to say that it can't be done.
  • Transformation: In the event that Rei needs to henshin, it can be triggered by the use of the Mars Crystal wand and the phrase 'Mars Crystal Power, Make UP!'; this causes several rings of fire to swirl around her body before forming her Senshi uniform all at once. In this form, she's given greater offensive capabilities and a high level of control over fire.
  • Fire Soul: In the shape of a small orb of fire, this attack is her most basic-it is intended for targeting only one enemy, but it can be turned into a desperation tactic if the situation warrants it.
  • Akuryo Taisan: This rather common tactic is used by many miko and houshi to dispel evil spirits through the use of ofuda-in that aspect, it is rather nondescript; however, it is the only one she is able to use in either form, and if used in Senshi form, it gains the ability to burn.
  • Fire Soul Bird: Rei's second attack relies on a combination of Fire Soul and a thrown ofuda, which turns the orb into a sentient phoenix-like form. It can prove capable of striking multiple opponents at once, or causing damage to a single opponent.
  • Burning Mandala: The second of Rei's multi-use attacks, it consists of a series of fire rings which can strike multiple targets all at once. It has limited effect on agile or intelligent enemies, unfortunately.
  • Mars Flame Sniper: This attack is her single strongest, as well as being the last one she gains through the use of the Mars Crystal. Quite simply, it is a large bow and an arrow of fire meant for striking one person or a specific target. Like all her attacks, however, it can backfire and instead harm her-especially if a swift-moving enemy passes her.
  • Mars Snake Fire: Her final attack is well-suited for surprising an enemy, but it is far from weak is needed for a direct offensive strike. It is also quite unque due to its shape as a snake's head, but only serves for striking a single target.
  • Fire in general: She can use any source of fire for offensive tactics, regardless of the size. Once she finds a suitable source, her nature as a pyrokinetic can allow her to manipulate it into any form or density.

File Photos



*Close to

  • Kino Makoto: For most, if not all, of her life, Rei has come to view Makoto as far more than just a friend, due in part to the bond they share as Sailor Senshi. And as such, the two of them are also well-connected to the extent that they can combine their respective elemental affinity for even more effectiveness in a fight.
  • Untamed Breeze: Though not nearly as close, Rei has a large degree of respect for someone who she's come to view as a loyal friend outside of the ranks of the Sailor Team.
  • Optimus Prime: Even when she was outside of the Union, to get a better understanding of who she could be, Rei still had an immeasurable degree of respect for someone so wise, enough that she's willing to die if it is needed.
  • Charr: Despite only having known the powerful Typhlosion-morph for relatively little time, Rei's warmed up to him a great deal, because of the insight he has to offer, and his dedication to assisting those who fight to protect others.


  • No. 9: There's far less of a sense of camaraderie present for this cyborg, due to his affiliation with the Confederacy, but even then, Rei's got some tolerance for him, at least when they're not fighting.
  • Luc: Though she doesn't know him quite so well, Rei's opinion of Luc, due to how she feels about most men-with very few exceptions-is rather low, especially in regards to his response to her suggestion to turn the business venture that Hikawa became into a triage center after her transition to Selendos.
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