Red Viper (Retired)

Official Information


Real Name: Rob Adder
Code Name: Red Viper
Age: 23 (Multiverse Aging Factor: Not In Effect)
Gender: Male
Faction: Union (Master Sergeant)
Series: Original
Occupation: Secret Agent

In this day and age, there's only one person you can always trust: Yourself.

Rob Adder is a member of a special branch of Interpol that specializes in the handling of situations that are of a very high priority and must be handled as soon as possible. His code name, Red Viper, comes from his favorite color and the fact he thinks of himself as swift and deadly, hence the term, Viper. Although he is very young, looking to be in his mid-twenties at most, Red Viper has undergone countless hours of training in martial arts, firearms, vehicle handling, and even performing extreme maneuvers. Red Viper is a very notable person in that you never know what his mood will be like next. One moment he'll be acting suave and smirking wryly, possibly even making a James Bond-type remark about something. The next moment, he'll be full of adrenaline, not making any effort to be friendly, and ready for action. One thing that always remains strong is his loyalty to his allies, in which he's always willing to put himself in the line of fire to protect his colleagues. Between this and the fact he has been involved in numerous extreme situations in the field, meaning he's got plenty of hands on training, he's truly a worthy ally wherever you may be. Naturally, Interpol was an obvious addition to the Union, and Red Viper is always ready to assist the Union in any way he can, no matter what the risk.


Martial Arts: It's a dirty world out there, and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in order to take down some of the dirty creeps out there. Red Viper has been trained in several different styles of martial arts, including Karate, Tae Kwon Doe, kickboxing, and Special Forces fighting styles, just to name a few. If the styles he took were combined into one style, he would be certified as a black belt.

Firearms: Anytime you're taking on bad guys, you've got to be ready with a firearm or two. Red Viper has spent many hours on the firing ranges, handling different types of guns ranging from simple hand guns to more complex weapons like a bazooka and a sniper rifle. He has also learned to snipe targets from a great distance using a hand gun or other weapon of that sort, by improvising a sniper scope.

Vehicles: When you're traveling the world, you can't expect to be chauffered around in luxury. While Red Viper obviously has a license to drive, he has also been trained in piloting aircraft and sea craft, ranging from simple single person vehicles to more complex crafts like passenger jetliners and large ships. He can also pull off dangerous maneuvers with smaller vehicles that would make a stunt driver seem like an amateur, all while causing minimal damage, if any, to the vehicle.

Computers: In this day and age, you can't be computer illiterate and expect to get a job with Interpol. Fortunately, Red Viper has always had a knack for computers, and found himself to be a quick learner in terms of using them. He has trained in several programming languages and can write his own software, has studied the workings of software and security systems, and can hack into even the most complex of computer systems without leaving any trace of what he did.

Infiltration: Sometimes, being an elite agent means that you have to avoid letting the enemy sense that you are there. In some cases, that means getting into a certain place without being detected. Other times, it means knowing how to disguise yourself to blend in with wherever you may be. And sometimes, it means discreetly eliminating a foe so that nobody realizes that something is wrong. Red Viper has trained hard in this, and has devoted a lot of his time to learning new ways to be sneaky, trying to find ways to improve his different infiltration techniques.

Negotiation: Sometimes, when youre trying to achieve something, it pays to be diplomatic instead of violent. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather have things their way or no way at all, and tend to get angry when things don't go their way, resulting in someone getting hurt or worse. Red Viper realizes the importance of being diplomatic and understanding what everyone wants, and has carefully worked on how to speak in different situations, what to say and what not to say, and how to figure out the best way to resolve a situation. In some cases, he has been called in to negotiate with barricaded suspects, with the result always ending successfully and peacefully.

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