Read or Die-1

The world of Read or Die looks on the surface like normal 21st Century Earth. But beneath the surface, secret superpowers vied for supremacy over control of vastly powerful books and documents.

One one side was the British Library, led by the mysterious Mr Gentleman and his chief lieutenant Joker is the secret power behind the might of the British Empire. On the other was the shadowy Chinese organization Dokusensha Publishing controlled China, and with it, most of Southeast Asia. Both sides employed agents with powers ranging from the mundane to the exotic; from highly-trained special forces operatives to men and women with the power to bend light, fold space, and manipulate matter in strange and sometimes awesome ways.

This world is from shortly after the events of the TV series. The British Library and the Dokusensha Publishing Company have both been brought down, their power broken and their various agents scattered to whatever fates they could find. In the aftermath of Mr Gentleman's failed resurrection, however, the energies released caused this world to merge with the greater whole of the multiverse, opening whole new possibilities for those that remain.

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