Ravnica is a city of Guilds. Ten guilds in total have existed in Ravnica for 10,000 years, all kept in check and relative peace by a powerful and magical document known as the Guildpact. In the city, the Boros are the police, Selesnya, the Church. Orzhov, the dealers, Izzet the inventors, Simic the researchers, Gruul the bezerkers, Golgari the food distributors, Dimir the dark ones, Rakdos the workers, and the Azorius the law makers.

The city in its existence has never ceased in growing, its spires reaching across the globe, no space left untouched by the working hands of metropolis makers. All manner of things exist here, mythical beasts and explosive science. Dark deals and holy chapels. It is safe to say if you seek something, seek it in Ravnica, for the city works toward one goal now. It works to be the place where all roads lead.

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