Raven DeVanos

General Information


Full Name: Raven Kaede DeVanos
Faction: Union (Mercenary)
Series: Pokemon-5
Species: Meta-Human (SOLDIER-Class)

There is a fine line that separates sanity and clarity. I think I finally see it's defining edge.

RAVEN DEVANOS, known as Raven to many, is sometimes thought of as brash, sharp of tongue, and downright sullen. In truth, while she is not afraid of speaking her mind, nor of doing things her own way, she is also not without rhyme and reason. Born in the Pokemon Islands (Saffron, Kanto, to be exact) she was a member of Team Rocket from the age of 10. A violent war between Rockets and Trainers left her without family or friends save her beloved Jack; and then both were transported to the Multiverse. Both enlisted initially in the Confederacy, but later left in search of a better life. Some time after that, Jack was killed, leaving Raven to the winds of fate; where she wound up living with Sephiroth in Midgar. After crossing paths with Hojo, her life changed once more; enfused with Mako, she received SOLDIER powers; at the cost of her own empathic abilities she'd had since birth. The new silence of her mind has lead her to finally be able to see her thought and own emotions, and as such, she has begun a firm track to try and make up for her past wrongs.

Vital Statistics

Age: 21 (Multiverse Aging Factor: In Effect)
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 168lbs
Occupation: Chocobo Rancher, Hired Union Mercenary, Helsing Organization
Past Occupations: Team Rocket Member, Confederate Soldier (Private Class 2), Free-Lance Mercenary


SOLDIER Treatment: Like any inductee of ShinRa's SOLDIER program, Raven has been through a process of controlled exposure to Mako energy, albeit against her will. The result was a number of superhuman changes in her abilities - Possessing strength of inhuman capacity, she is capable of lifting weapons normal humans could not. Her speed has been literally doubled, allowing for an uncanny ability to avoid attacks, and move rapidly to the point of blurring to the naked eye. Her agility and stamina have been greatly raised, allowing her to seem nearly all over the battle field. Lastly, the exposure to Mako energy has left her with enough natural resonance to sync with and use Materia. If properly trained, she has the potential to be on par with any entry-level SOLDIER.

Castor and Pollux: Named for the stars making up the constellation of Gemini, these twin swords were forged by the same craft master of Sephiroth's legendary Masamune. Smaller, lighter in weight than the Masamune itself, they still match it in style. Made of Mythril alloys, using the same technique of the great blade itself, they weigh in at 60lbs each, and are designed for the use of someone with SOLDIER strength. Each sword bears, tied about the hilt, a silver chain, from which hangs a charm; Castor bearing a silver cross, and Pollux a silver spade.

Knowledge: Computer/Gizmo Use: Highly skilled in the art of computer use, Raven is good at both basic and advanced usage and some programming. Most of her knowledge goes into the invention of little things, such as her infamous 'Net Balls', her electronically propelled roller blades, and various other gadgets she can piece together with little time and money and access to toys found in most toy stores.

Knowledge: Team Rocket: Raven has picked up a great deal of skills in illegal arts from the team. She can pick most locks, can take a beating, can deliver a beating, can lie, steal, cheat, swindle, gamble, and is even a pretty good secretary when she needs to be. She's good at picking pockets, as well.

Pokemon Training: Raven has extensive experience with Pokemon, and is able to capture and train them well. Like most from her world she has the ability to forge limited psychic links with her Pokemon over time.

Pokemon Powers: Due to having a variety of Pokemon, Raven has access to a number of different elemental attacks and a limited selection of psionic powers and other paranormal abilities, most of which are weaker than a "full" version.

Power Armor (Aries): During their time in the Confederacy, Aries and Raven had power armors crafted for them. Aries retains his; this one specifically designed to allow him to use most of his attacks in altered format, and, as well, with a relay collar that allows him to use it to speak. It can channel his dark attacks into an energy format, and, as well, protects him in battle.

Knowledge: Chocobos: Raven has, since living in Midgar, learned various things about Chocobos. How to ride them, how to race them, how to raise them, and how to train them being most prominent. It is with this knowledge that Raven runs her chocobo boarding ranch and breeding program.

Income: Chocobo Ranch: Bought and built on land in Fiddler's Green, The Raven's Nest is a chocobo ranch run by Raven DeVanos after she gave up being a mercenary. Here, Raven boards chocobos for riders, breeds for better bloodlines, and trains the birds for racing, while at the same time also housing the two chocobos she and Sephiroth own when he is away on mercenary missions

Pokemon, Materia, Other Related Artifacts and Creatures


Aries - Umbreon, Male, Lv. 60. Raven's strongest pokemon, Aries has been with her the longest, and the two share an odd dynamic of Brother/Sister. STARTER
Orion - Absol, Male, Lv. 30. Raven's second strongest pokemon, and the so-called second in command of her pokemon force.
Andromida - Mr.Mime, Female, Lv. 20. She's a _female_ _Mr.mime_. There's.. really no other way to describe her.
Ira - Magby, Male, Lv. 10. A somewhat cute and cuddly little fellow, Ira is known for being, like his trainer, fast of thought and quick on the draw.
Karma - Kecleon, Male, Lv. 16. Like all Kecleon, Karma is capable of vanishing from sight. New to the world of humans, he's curous about everything.
Pi - Pidgeot, Male, Lv. 50. A newcomer to the team, Pi is a bastard. Pi is the second pokemon Raven has ever caught wild and kept for herself.
Solaris - Flareon, Male, Level 5. Not Raven's original flareon, but the Pokemon-1 version of him, brought to her by Santa as a Christmas present.
Snoopy - Lucario, Lv. 45. Evolved from a Riolu found on Flamecrest Island.

Creatures / Pets

Lucretia - A female S-Grade Normal Chocobo, caught by Sephiroth and trained by Raven for racing.
Zeus - S-Grade Gold Chocobo, son of Lucretia, bred by Raven and Sephiroth. Will not let anyone, or anything, that is not Raven or one of her Pokemon, near him without attacking. Anyone trying to ride him that isn't Raven will end up mauled.
Dino - A shrunken stegosaurus dinosaur given to Raven by Ayla for Christmas. Was shrunk using magic to be able to fit in Raven's house and sleep on her bed.
Reno - An Espeon once belonging to Sephiroth, Raven has adopted him as something of a surrogate son. Reno, like his human namesake, is somewhat laid back and 'cool'.
Scarlet - A Lapras hatched by Raven after she rescued her egg. Imprinted on Sephiroth as her 'Mommy', and, like Reno, has been adopted as a sort of surrogate child.
Scooter Pie - A strange feline like insect-ish creature adopted by Raven. He appears to be a caterpillar.


Lightning - Lightening Damage. Currently paired with All.
Fire - Fire Damage.
Ice - Ice Damage
Cure - Heals Wounds
All - Allows user to hit multiple targets. Currently paired with Lightning.
Choco-Mog - Summons a Chocobo ridden by a Moogle. Causes: Wind Damage.
Shiva - Summons Shiva, Queen of Ice. Causes: Ice Damage.
Ifrit - Summons Ifrit, Beast of Hades. Causes: Fire Damage.

Inventions / Equipment

RollerBoots - A pair of boots that have Roller Blade Wheels hidden in the sole. Push a button, they pop down. Push another, a propulsion system gets you rolling.
Leather Bracers - Wrist Armor. Gold, leather craft bracers for the wrists, to protect from the almighty Wrist Grip of Female Weakness.
Net Balls - Collapsible wire mess connected to shock-packs in the shape of red balls, used for catching pokemon, or annoying trainers by locking them in place. Discharge electrical shocks, shrink and constrict the more the subject struggles.
Crossbow - Gift from Richie. It's a miniature crossbow, and comes with arrows. She likes to make alterations to the arrows it uses.
Fangs - Cybernetic augment put in place by Dr. Nathan Xiang, act exactly like regular fangs. Sharp enough to pierce the skin directly to the vein.

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