General Information

Full Name: Rarity
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Knight of Generosity
Series: MLP: FiM - 1
Species: Unicorn Pony

"You were going to go save the world in -that-? Not on -my- watch! Just hold still a moment darling, I'll have you as shining as your noble heart in no time."

Profile: Rarity is a talented seamstress and fashion designer that presents herself with all the grace and sophistication one would expect from a high society unicorn. But she is a rare breed, for her appearances are outweighed by the beauty of the heart within. Despite her vanity Rarity is a generous lady who seeks beauty enjoyable by all instead of imposing her own desires. While not a fighter she was quick to side with her friends when Nightmare Moon threatened to overrun Equestria in icky, tacky darkness. Because she took the time and a portion of her own fabulousity to help surmount the odds, Rarity earned the Element of Generosity, and became one of the new Harmony Knights. While not as physically strong as the others, Rarity's sharp sense of detail and the astounding finness of her magic telekinesis allows her to use the unseeming implements of her trade to fight evil and hinder foes. Prone to obsessing over exacting details, or overtaxing herself if she bites off more than she can sew.

Vital Statistics

Age: 19-20ish (Ponies don't age quite the same way humans do, this is more a measure of mental maturity than physical age)
Gender: Female
Height: Slightly over 4 feet
Weight: A proper lady never discusses her weight.
Coloration: White body coat with Royal Purple mane and tail
QT-Mark: Trio of crystal blue diamonds

Personal Attributes

  • Unicorn Pony: Rarity is a unicorn, one of the three types of Ponies that inhabit Equestria. Because of the focal point of their horns unicorns have an innate skill for magic that can be developed through practice and training. Rarity has forgone the more elaborate theories of magic, instead focusing on her control and precision with her telekinesis and personal talents. (See Skills and Abilities below)
  • QT-Mark - Diamond Trio: The trio of diamonds marking Rarity's flanks represent not only her elegant appearances, profession, and knack for finding gems; but the beautiful heart within as well. For as much as she loves her fashion, Rarity is surprisingly kind and generous beneath that cultured presentation, driven to always help a friend and to find the beauty within them instead of imposing her own. If beauty itself were considered a fine diamond, Rarity would be the jeweler that cuts and shines it to perfection.
  • Eye For Detail: Rarity has a sharp eye for small details, honed by the years of refining her magical control, picking out perfect color and form combination and spotting frayed seams. It allows her to be both accurate and delicate in her work, to a level of style and precision that in itself is an artform. The combination of control and scrutiny helps her to find weak points to exploit in enemies or cover up for allies. She's also a fairly good judge of character because of it, noticing the little personal touches that make a person who they are, but only if she's had time to actually interact with them. Or not distracted by her own flights of fancy.
  • Vanity: While normally she is willing to put others before herself, Rarity does have a streak of vanity that can get the better of her from time to time. Rarity is extremely fussy about her looks, and will try to avoid getting messed up as much as possible. She's a neat freak and likes everything to be as orderly and tidy as possible so it doesn't offend the senses. She isn't ashamed of flaunting and can be a primadonna about her own appearances, especially when people are paying attention to her and stoking her ego. Or distracted by something extra sparkly and valuable. What sets Rarity apart from the egotistical types is that once her friends pull her back to earth she will be genuinely apologetic for any problems or hurt feelings she's caused. Just that getting her hooves back on the ground can in itself be a trial sometimes.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive: The downside to Rarity's keen sense for detail is that when she sees something done wrong or left in a mess she can latch onto it and outright ignore anything else going on around her in her efforts to fix the problem. Down to every intricate detail, even when a general tidying up would be fine. She once became so fixated on fixing a badly constructed bird's nest that she forgot she was suppose to prepare several dozen more in her effort to make the wrong one proper. The combination of obsession with perfection, her generosity, and wanting to do things by her own two hooves can lead her to biting off more than she can sew. Or working herself to exhaustion. Or just having an outright breakdown when things don't turn out as planned.
  • Pony Physiology: Although they still walk on all fours the ponies of Equestria have evolved a greater range of human-like motion, even using their forelegs as arms to a degree. However there is still the tricky issue of lacking hands, most ponies using their mouths or semi-prehensile tails instead. Rarity is less hindered due to her 'unikinesis', but her control falters when she is unfocused or emotionally distraught. Equestria Ponies are vegetarian in general, though they also eat breads, fruits and sweets as well as hay and flowers; and can get quite creative with them for their meals. Dandelion sandwich with a side of carrot sticks and apple juice, anyone? Eating meat is strictly out of the question though. It could be a problem if greens or grains aren't available.


  • Element of Generosity: A piece of the Elements of Harmony has fused itself with Rarity, providing her extra powers against the forces of evil. It is ordinarily held on a necklace with a gem in the shape of her QT-mark. When activated it produces an outfit of magically protective material, light and easy to move with. It also amplifies her specialty magic, drawing on her profession as a seamstress. She can animate ribbons and scarves like ropes or whips; conjure up needle-like crystals, steaming hot irons and other implements; and so forth. Rarity can use her skills and knowledge to find weak points in armor and other worn protection.
  • Seamstress Cloak: A part of her Element-infused armor, this fashionable cloak is actually part cape and part work apron, as it features many hidden pockets within it from which she pulls the assorted implements she uses. There is some amount of magical space distortion involved considering she's been able to pull out full sized pressing irons and hairdryers in addition to needles and ribbon.
  • Enchanted Scarf: It may appear to be mere fabric, but the scarf that Rarity wears as part of her combat attire is one of her fiercest weapons in that form. The ends can be animated with her magic to function as attacks or an additional pair of limbs, or she can pull it free and used it like a whip.
  • Crystal Stitcher: A magic bow that fires crystalline arrows conjured by her greater attunement to the Element of Generosity. The several gemstones socketed in it make it highly responsive to her telekinesis and gem based magic.
  • Empowering Accessories: Rarity can also use her fashionishta magic to heal or strengthen others, by accessorizing them with enchanted ribbons, magical scarfs and the like. She keeps a stash of enchanted armor polish and energizing spray lotions specifically for boosting up others. While her healing powers aren't as potent as others, she can do amiable first aid with magic ribbons and salve.
  • Fashion Disaster: Likewise Rarity can use similar means to inflict crippling effects upon her enemies, being it binding them in enchanted ribbon and thread, hitting acupuncture points or armor seams with her gemstone needles, or overpowering them with senses overloading perfume.

Skills and Abilities

  • Fabulousity!: Rarity conducts herself with all the sophistication of an high society pony. She is elegant and vogue, speaks with cultured accent and mannerism, and has a flair for the dramatic. Overly so. She's particular about her appearances, trying to stay on top of the fashion world as much as possible. She can be sarcastic, but usually its jokingly instead of condescending, and she's certainly more subtle than her rambuncious friends. But Rarity is not afraid of hard work in its time and place. Just don't be surprised if afterwards she whines about her mane being a mess and treating some minor dirt like a dire crisis. Villians can except a lecture on how black is cliche, out of style, and my word don't even get me started on that complexion!
  • Art Of The Dress: With the combination of artistic flare and her magic telekinesis, Rarity is a talented fashion designer and seamstress, putting heart and soul into her work. She does decorating, makeovers, and will tackle most anything that brings out grace and beauty. While she dreams of designing for the royal court, Rarity does not hold herself above sewing for the common folk. This is where her true generous nature shines through, as she will go to great lengths to match style and refine details to the physical and inner beauty of her subject. A fashionista that cares as much for the client as she does appearance and value, even when their tastes are less refined than her own.
  • Enhanced Magic Telekinesis: Sometimes referred to as just 'unikinesis' for short. While all Unicorn Ponies have the ability to use their magic in place of grasping appendages, Rarity has refined her control and finess to an artform all of its own. She can multitask a large number of motions and objects at once, and can execute the finite motions it takes to stitch, cut and pin with grace and accuracy alike. She can also use the magical animation as a power source to run such devices as hairdryers, steam irons and of course her sewing machine. In combat she turns ribbons, needles and scarves into magically propelled weapons and projectiles; while her lifting power is as great as other unicorns, her precision and the number of objects she can control at once make up for it.
  • Gemstone Mistress: Rarity's special talent is in how she can interact with gems and precious stones through her magic. That she can find them even when buried deep in the ground and within thick stone and rock is the most obvious example, as it is the one others have seen her prolifically use. Rarity can sense the general presence of rare stones from a considerable distance, the larger the deposit the easier it is to pick up, but still requires to be within a few meters of proximity to pinpoint the actual position of her target. This unique talent is also how she is so easily able to integrate gems into her fashion designs, using her magic to infuse them directly into the material. Rarity can also use this talent magic to cut and shape gems as she needs, give them minor enchantments, and to conjure the gemstone and crystalline needles she uses as weapons.
  • Fabulous Flare - With her precise control and magical affinity with gems, Rarity has learned how to use her magic to turn her horn into a light manipulator similar to a prism or crystal lens. Normally it's used as a source of illumination or to provide extra lighting effects to her fashion displays, but as an attack it can be used blind, confuse and disorient foes with the bright lights, color displays and flashing patterns.

Related (NPC) Characters

  • Opalescence (Opal): Rarity's pet longhair cat and confidant, Opal shares many of her same tastes in fashion and luxury despite being an otherwise normal cat, even wearing a collar with her namesake gemstone fitted to it. Extremely tolerant of her owner's moods and fits, occasionally throwing spools and other small knickknacks at Rarity to snap her out of them. Loves to chase yarn, shiny objects, and sleep on warm soft fabric. While petting and dressing her up is okay, Opal is extremely picky about who actually grooms her, so far as to prefer Fluttershy over her owner.
  • Sweetie Belle: Rarity's younger sister that lives with her on a regular basis. A young filly having not yet found her own QT-Mark or developed much unicorn magic, she hangs out with Applebloom and Scootaloo as a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in pursuit of discovering themselves and earning their own QT-Marks. Sweetie Belle has a powerfully loud and projective singing voice for her size, but her 'true talent' is often blindsided by youthful admiration for and wanting to be like her older sister. Their parents live in a condo on the other side of the Ponyville lack, but spend much of their time on various trips.
  • Ribbon Heart, Sweetie Swirl and Diamond Rose: Three local ponies (one of each type) Rarity hired to watch after her shop (and indirectly foalsit Sweetie Belle) when she's away on Union business. Diamond Rose, being a pegasus, also handles many of her deliveries for her.

Other Information

  • Carousel Boutique: 'Welcome to Rarity's Carousel Boutique — Where every fashion is Sheek, Unique, and Magnefique!' Rarity operates her own shop in Ponyville, with her personal homespace on the floors above it. Yes, it does actually look like a carousel from the outside, complete with banisters and merry-go-round pony statuettes. While fashion designing and selling her works are her pride and joy, most of her actual profit comes from the day-to-day business of sewing and mending, while she also does some salon styling and even interior decorating on the side. Despite her grand desires Rarity is not above doing general seamstress work for the common (pony)folk, and does her share of mending and sizing for the Union forces.


  • Rarity, along with Rainbow Dash, was one of the first ponies to discover the Multiverse outside of Equestria. Entirely by accident, as they were following a Salamander that had stumbled through a warpgate and into a small town that it was terrorizing. Hard to say if the Unionites present were more stunned at seeing pastel colored magic ponies that could talk, or that they could -fight- too.
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