Sasha Prokop'yevna Muzhestva
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Cybernetic Human
Source Original
Faction Confederacy
Rank 1 - Ensign
Function "Search & Destroy" Cybernetic
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 16
Age (Actual) 16
Still Aging? No
Height 4'6"
Weight 90 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gold/Yellow
"The reason I came today was to make clear our position: We'll show no mercy to anyone who is in our way. We will reject and annihilate them. You, your friends, even the house pet if necessary."
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All she wanted to do was make her country proud of her, to make sure the futuristic Neo USSR would be glad to have a soldier like Sasha Prokop'yevna Muzhestva working under the steel-plated fist of Cyber Stalin. After some time with the Confederacy, a small attitude adjustment, and a change of drinking habits, and she's suddenly a bit more aggressive than usual. Nanites that she doesn't even know she has have been feeding on anything she drinks or eats, infusing her body to heighten her combat abilities. A brash and confidant young girl, Sasha, nicknamed 'Raifuru', brings up a unique style of gun play into the Confederacy, insisting on taking a gigantic custom anti-mecha sniper rifle to both attack and evade enemies with it's gigantic kickback. A patriot of the USSR, Sasha proudly displays her dedication to her beloved motherland, hanging up flags with Cyber-Stalin's face on it, and constantly ordering ports of cigarettes from different multiversal unification of Russia, and occasionally a bottle of vodka. Her time as a young and highly praised student of the Stalin's Daughter's Academy has boosted her ego to make her think she's the one to win this war, no matter what she has to adjust to in order to prove herself.


KSVK 50.8: A Prototype Anti-Mecha rifle designed by the the USSR, The KSVK uses 50.8x432mm ammunition, specially designed to penetrate and directly target the pilot inside. The KSVK is a large 10 foot long rifle that fires in short 3 round bursts. Thanks to technology in the USSR at the time, the rifle has a unique anti-kickback system that compensates for the force given off as each bullet is fired, nearly eliminating all recoil as it's used. Raifuru tends to turn this setting toggle off, using the knock back of the rifle to send herself flying around the battlefield, keeping herself mobile while using the gigantic weapon, taking hardly any damage from it's kickback. The scope on the weapon has various settings to find targets, ranging from thermal, night vision, and even comes with a range finder.

HUD-Goggles: A pair of old soviet goggles designed and modified to fit, the HUD-Goggles give Raifuru a full readout of her surroundings, and what weapons she connects to the goggles. Mainly used with her KSVK 50.8, the goggles provide a direct link to the rifle's scope, along with readouts of ammo count, weather conditions and wind speed/direction, as well as time and a direct feet into her radio to display important objectives. The read out can also display what Raifuru's current battery life is with her cybernetics.

Walking Arsenal: Apart from her rifle, Raifuru also carries around various side-arms for quicker run-and-gun combat. Makarov energy pistols, AK-2000, and a modified DP-64 Naval Grenade Launcher. Thanks to her enhanced nanites, any gun that finds itself in her hands can be handled with quick expertise. Even old weapons that require reloading can be handled with out any trouble, making it seem as if a handgun itself was an automatic weapon.

Cybernetics: Raifuru has recently been fitted with cybernetic limbs and implants in her body to further enhance her body. In addition to her nanites to power her body, her cybernetic limbs now allow more advanced movements and strength in combat. While still holding her nanites to increase epinephrine in combat, she also has her body push her physical limits to outragous powers. Not only that, but the cybernetics include are more durable body, bone lacing pushing her body to take more punishment before going down. A few of the implants include cybernetic lungs to allow more breath control and air filtration, gyroscopes in the arms to help balance, and her former nanites to power what remains on her body that's still flesh.

Minor Mechanic: Thanks to her hobby's in automobiles, Raifuru is actually a little bit of a grease monkey. She knows her way around tools and cars, and with some studying, could learn to repair and possibly build other things. Even without knowledge, though, she can quickly jury-rig something in a niche.

Shinki: Komandir: A Panzer model Shinki, 'Komandir' is a small 6 inch robotic girl that helps Raifuru around her place with various tasks, including paper work, gun cleaning, and even a bit of shopping from home. Raifuru primarily uses the Shinki for out of combat reasons, but she can help from long distances with troop coordination, navigation, and can feedback Raifuru with information on opponents. Komandir is also a combat shinki, though, specializing in long-range artillery strikes, and close up combat with it's added battle fists and punch-spike addition. (PL24)


My rifle is my best friend: Raifuru has a very /very/ strong attachment to her anti-mecha rifle. She cleans it, cares for it, even holds it with her in her sleep. while she may not care for her other guns, the rifle has to go where she goes. If there is a weapon-restricted area she can't take it into, she will either insist she has it, or simply never bother going inside.

Autophobia: More commonly known as the fear of being alone. Raifuru has a strong case of this, constantly wanting attention of some kind to keep herself from going off the deep end. Though she may talk to herself and pretend some things can talk back, it's only going to last her so long before she /has/ to have some kind of social interaction.

Less than Forgiving: When Raifuru gets into battle, she starts to care less and less for interruptions and things getting in her way. While she still respects higher command, she isn't afraid about dealing with friends or some people close to her getting into her way. This could be something as simple as a warning to back off, to a full on fight to get them out of her hair.

Low Empathy: Raifuru has begun to loosen her grip on what it means to be a human. She's become more machine like almost, looking at the world with a stern face. She doesn't care too much for helping others with emotional problems any more, and moves to push herself to the limit, even if it means losing herself to her cybernetics.


School Attire

School Attire2

Russian Spec-ops Uniform

Officer's Uniform (And her rifle.)

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