Full name: Raditz, Son of Bardock

Faction: Union

Rank: Ally

Series: Dragonball Z

Quote: "Is it so wrong that my old job involved decimating planets? Besides, I'm here to have a little fun."

Profile: Raditz is one of the last living pure blood Saiyans in existance. Raditz is Goku's older brother, and is a Saiyan Warrior, his level of power far beyond that of mere humans. At first glance, he's an arrogant, devious and ruthless man, not afraid to use whatever means necessary to accomplish his mission, whether it's deception, psychological tactics, or simple unadulterated brute force. Beneath his ruthless exterior though, Raditz is a passionate man, with a bit of a soft side (which he won't admit) who's just in it for the fight. Okay, so his race's business was that of eradicating planets of their inhabitants, he's proud of being a Saiyan, and will fight whenever he has the chance. Several months after unification into Multiverse, Raditz has finally found the motivation and reached the power needed to become a Super Saiyan, and not only does that put him in a class above the rest of his race, he can finally consider himself one of the more powerful beings of his universe at the Union's disposal.


Warrior Race: Raditz comes from a race of warriors who are born and bred for battle, and as such he has been trained for combat since birth. As a lower class saiyan, his combat skills are far less than those of higher class, but in comparison to a good portion of the galaxy, Raditz's combat skills are top notch, and his strategic skill is just as well honed. Even though he's low class in comparison to the rest of his race, he's still quite a force to be reckoned with.

Ki Control: Saiyans are a powerful race, and their bodies contain so much energy that they can perform extraordenary feats and Raditz is not an exception to the rule. By harnessing this energy, Raditz is able to fly with the greatest of ease, strengthen his body so that he can take lots of damage without breaking a sweat, and he can throw energy blasts in many different variations in size and power. He has been known to use such Ki attacks as 'Kikouha' and 'Double Kikouha', and a devastating purple energy attack 'Saiko Crush'. He has even come to learn his Goku's 'Kamehameha' technique, which he likes to make use of due to its effectiveness. He's also capable of creating new attacks when neccesary. In his time in the afterlife, Raditz learned a few of the more subtle techniques of ki control, such as the ability to detect one's energy levels with the use of a Scouter, and the ability to raise and lower his energy, allowing him variable levels of power within his limit.

Near Death Increase: When a Saiyan is healing from the injuries of a battle, their power levels increase bit by bit. The greater the injuries suffered, the greater the power felt upon full recovery. If Raditz can get beaten to the point of near death, then whenever he manages to recover he'll be substancially stronger than he was before.

Scouter: Raditz almost always carries with him a device that allows him to detect the powerlevels of those around him. While he has learned to detect a person's Ki level without needing to make use of it, it does make locating people easier. It's tuned to detect a person's biosigniture, which is what allows it to pick up on a person's Ki level. It also picks up on machine's power signitures, as a matter of course, though it doesn't discern how powerful that machine is, due to it having no bio signatures. While it can detect such energies as magic, the scouter's not capable yet of distinquishing it from any other energies, and the scouter will pretty much overlook most non-powered people, regardless of their own abilities.

Super Saiyan: Defying all expectations of the contrary, Raditz finally achieved the motivation to transform, becoming a Super Saiyan at last. While at this stage he's less powerful than Goku and Vegeta, his power levels increase far beyond any normal Saiyan can attain, with strength, speed and overall ability increased several times. His muscle mass increases, and his long, black hair takes on a gold color as it stands on end, his dark eyes turning green. The Super Saiyan Form being far more powerful than the Oozaru form could ever be, and he -likes- it.

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