Quistis Trepe (Retired)
Quistis Trepe
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Final Fantasy VIII-1
Faction Union
Rank 2 Lieutenant
Function SeeD Operative
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Early 20s
Age (Actual) 22
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'6"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"It's not like everyone can get by on their own, you know?"


Once an instructor at Balamb Garden and later demoted to a mercenary of Balamb Garden, Quistis' duties would take her across time and space itself with her childhood friends, challenging the malevolent Sorceress threatening their very world itself. She later volunteered to join the Union under Balamb Garden's auspices, serving as a lieutenant. Quistis is professional and focused, cool-headed even in a crisis with the kind of tempered intellect few find in someone her age. In most given situations, she knows exactly what needs to be done, and exactly how to go about it. That's not to say she's without compassion, for she knows well how important it can be to rely on others, but if ever there were a bastion of cool professionality it would be her. In battle she wields whips of linked chain and blade, and relies on "Blue Magic," the skills of monsters, to get her out of tight spots.


  • Blue Magic: Every SeeD has some kind of special skill that they can bring to the table when the odds look bad. In Quistis' case, she learns from her every opponent. This is especially true of monsters and the unique abilities that many of them use. (+info Quistis/Blue Magic)
  • Combat Skills: Quistis is trained in a variety of secondary skills which can give her an edge in combat, or during other risky operations. A variety of weapon skills are at her disposal, though they are largely limited to personal firearms, heavier artillery, and bladed whips. She also knows how to operate military vehicles of various stripes, including personal transport, amphibious transports, tanks, helicopters, and in a pinch where needed, she also has the training to pilot Balamb Garden's flight systems.
  • Guardian Force: Although a normal human, Quistis draws her power from a legendary spiritual creature, sometimes described as "an independent energy force," that is specially bound to her body and soul. Quezacotl is a creature of thunder, lending Quistis the ability to summon him and rip apart her enemies in a devastating thunderstorm. He also augments her ability to cast para-magic, boosting the damage done. Due to Guardian Forces' nature of consuming memories to survive, Quistis only Junctions Quezacotl when she needs him. Since she had trained extensively with the use of Guardian Forces, she tends not to be as powerful if she's caught without hers. (Junctioned: PL 30, Unjunctioned: PL 29)
  • Physique: Quistis keeps herself in excellent physical shape as part of the elite mercenary group SeeD. She exercises daily and puts herself through rigorous training routines to stay fit, never letting up on them and never compromising where her physical limits are concerned. As a result Quistis is particularly agile and fast.
  • SeeD: As a ranking operative of the elite mercenary group "SeeD," Quistis has access to a number of resources that can be used for SeeD missions as well as Union operations. For the most part, these resources can come in the form of vehicles, weaponry, armour, and personnel as needed. Personnel consist of lower-ranking and lesser-skilled SeeD operatives. (PL 28) (+info Quistis/SeeD)
  • Weapons: Although Quistis is skilled with a number of different weaponry, including handguns and heavy turret artillery, those she has the most skill with are whips. Whether it's a simple bullwhip or a scourge of metal and glass, Quistis is agile and knowledgeable enough to deal death with such a weapon in her hands.


  • Allies & Friends: Quistis considers herself responsible for the live of those close to her. For the most part, this covers her childhood friends and key individuals from her world, but may also extend to cover respected Union allies, as well. While she won't act irrationally to save them, she'll take many more risks than she otherwise would, and this tendency could easily be taken advantage of.
  • Coping Mechanisms: The life of an instructor, or an ex-instructor, is a lonely one. Quistis feels she has few people she can turn to for support, excepting her childhood friends, and has a tendency to feel her responsibilities far more keenly than she needs to. She tends to brood on and dwell over failures and mistakes, albeit not to the point of debilitating herself, and takes losses of almost any kind much harder than is strictly necessary.
  • Glasses: Although she isn't blind without them, Quistis still has significantly degraded vision. She tends to have difficulty seeing well without them, and they can be a significant handicap if they're knocked loose in battle. (She also has a tendency to melt a hole through them if she uses some of her Blue Magic skills without taking them off first.)
  • Guardian Force: All power has a cost. To survive when Junctioned, Guardian Forces consume the memories of their host. While it's not known whether these memories are repressed or destroyed, they're not voluntarily accessible to the host. It's less of a concern to those aware of the cost, as a Guardian Force can be "disconnected" when not in battle, but it's still a threat.
  • Junctioning: Since she doesn't keep her Guardian Force consistently joined to her, Quistis suffers a penalty every time she's attacked and caught off her guard. It takes precious time to Junction, as it's a process that can't be rushed. (+info/Quistis Junction)
  • Only Human: Despite the supernatural boost to her already considerable skill, Quistis is only human. She can't punch through walls, she can't withstand a whole lot of damage. A moderate degree of physical punishment can and will drop her.
  • Perfectionism: Thanks to her personality and her profession, Quistis is something of a perfectionist. This might be a beneficial trait at any other time, but she is her own worst critic, and will second-guess her actions or brood on her mistakes at the most inopportune times. Sometimes this can nudge her into depression, anxiety, or other negative emotions that may interfere with her judgement.

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