David Sinclair (Ranklocked: Facheads), A.K.A. Psyber
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Half-Angel
Source Original
Faction Union
Rank 5-Senior Ally
Function Paranormal Investigator
Groups Heaven or Hell (Leader), Session 613,, Syndicate Network
Other Information
Age (Appearance) ~25
Age (Actual) ???
Still Aging? No
Height 6'6"
Weight 240lbs
Hair Color Rust
Eye Color Red
"These things I guard are more precious to me than my own life. I will never let anyone take them away from me."


Owner of the paranormal investigation firm known as Heaven or Hell, Psyber is a long-time resident of the Multiverse and a long-standing supporter of cohabitation between the normal and paranormal. While once he labeled himself a hunter, these days he prefers the term 'investigator' due to the less violent implications of the word. He can still be blunt and grating, but time and responsibility have tamed down the once-unruly man and caused him to set his business right. He's known to be ferociously protecting of his office employees and his superhuman physiology, when combined with his arsenal of weapons, makes him quite formidable in combat. At the end of the day, though, he'd much rather be relaxing than picking a fight.


  • Half-Angel: A son of an angel and a human, Psyber's lineage grants him basic superhuman abilities- strength, speed, agility, and a dramatically increased healing process. He can take a bullet to the forehead without much issue. He is also able to ward locations from evil, and help wayward spirits find peace. Drawbacks may include overinflated ego and insane stunts.
  • True Guardian Angel: A classification of angel which has unlocked insurmountable power in service to something they would die to protect. Psyber is among these rare few angels, having realized and unlocked his potential through Heaven or Hell.
  • On Raven Wings: An exceptional point of pride and an unusual trait among angels, Psyber bears black wings that can be used in battle. Apart from allowing Psyber to fly with great speed and agility, they constitute a powerful supernatural shield that is nearly impenetrable and can turn back most kinds of attack. Psyber's wings are phasic due to magic, allowing him to manifest them at his discretion- though areas warded against magic use will lock them into whatever state they were in when entered.
  • The Eyes: A trait of Psyber's family. He has a knack for spotting supernatural disruptions, auras, and similar things. In the case of a strong supernatural aura, he can track something even if it takes cover behind something unless there is sufficient mystical interference in the locale to also provide "aural" cover. Notable examples include vampires, and celestial or demonic beings. He also possesses a form of simple low-light and long-distance vision.
  • Paranormal Knowledge: Psyber's career choice, and his life's work. He has accumulated a great deal of book smarts and practical working knowledge of the paranormal, and even has an impressive library to research the things he doesn't know immediately. If it's paranormal in nature, it's fairly certain that Psyber has an inkling about it to start with, or he can dig up the information with some work. To an extent, this also applies to monsters, with Psyber being able to make educated guesses about weaknesses or abilities after a glance at physiology.
  • I'm Not The Chosen One!: Psyber is in possession of numerous artifact or high-level weapons that recognize him as their chosen user and that he wields with incredible efficacy. Additionally he is naturally inclined towards being chosen by, or at least being able to wield, such weapons. Much to his occasional confusion. (Artifact weapons require upgrade apps and will be listed in +info)
  • Holy Knight: Psyber has acquired the skill of a Final Fantasy-style Holy Knight. This means that in addition to his already superhuman physical abilities, he is able to access an array of Holy and Lightning aligned abilities through a technique called Holy Sword. The side-effects of these attacks can vary from confusing an enemy, to locking a target in stasis, to even outright killing them. (Consent required where applicable)


  • Black-Winged Angel: As regal as they look, Psyber's black wings are as much a blessing as a curse. In addition to the fact that they make him an outcast in his own homeland, they can, if out at the wrong time, give people the wrong impression about his entire personage and trigger the wrong reaction in crowds of people.
  • Sensitive Eyes: Another downside to one of his abilities. While Psyber's eyes have the ability to see magic auras and the like, it's also an ability he cannot consciously shut off. When in an area that carries a particularly high concentration of magic within the entire zone, that is to say, an area made of magic, or with magic in most facets of it, Psyber must wear glasses or sunglasses, lest he suffer from a severe migraine or temporary blindness.
  • Needs Glasses: Due to the nature of his eyes and how he gained the ability to spellcast, Psyber needs glasses when he casts magic so that his own aura doesn't interfere with his ability to see. This is because it's not his own power, but the power of the diamond that he absorbed that is bridging the gap between himself and his mana.
  • Pretty Girls: Psyber has a soft spot in his heart for pretty girls. While he will not, by any means, hold back in a fight once one has been deemed a threat, he will quite often give a girl the benefit of the doubt if he just met her and she's pretty. He's just that kind of guy.
  • Takes in Strays: Psyber also has a soft spot in his heart for people that are down and out in life and trying to make a way for themselves. Because of this, he frequently opens his office doors to wanderers or housecrashers that stay there infrequently. This includes the homeless members of his office, drifters under his employ and just general friends of his that use his office like a second house. (OOC: Please ask my permission before posing that you're crashing in my office)
  • Scar of the Redeemer: A mark laid on the man who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor in A.U. 20, renewed Earth-766 in early A.U. 21, and then greatly assisted in the completion of Session 412 of Sburb in late A.U. 21. It takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark with a skaianet spirograph in its center, appearing to be rising halfway over a horizon. The tremendous act of both a new universe's creation and an old universe's renewal has dimmed it very substantially, and in turn dimmed the knowledge and memories of those who died in Annu.

The scar, while much faded, cannot be removed even with total obliteration and regeneration of the subject. It still bestows a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's campaign, but those memories are less fresh and insistent. If the Scar of the World Slayer is an open wound, the Scar of the Redeemer is scabbing over.

Weapons, Assets and Known Associates


Erinyes: A great warhammer constructed of cobalt and moonsilver, from the world of Annu. It was once owned by Zaliki, also known as Day's Last Light, Solar Exalt of the Zenith-caste. Built into the head of the hammer is a rocket that can be used to swing it even harder and crush heads like an asteroid. It is possible that its involvement in the destruction of Annu may one day give it unique properties, but for now it seems simply to be one of the last remaining artifacts of Viridian Sunrise's fallen world.

Einherjar: A legendary holy sword, which may be summoned to hand in a flash of lightning. The blade is able to ionize the air around it, creating an electrical current that can be directed to fire bolts of electricity that vary in strength from "tazer" to "surface of the sun". While holding the weapon, Psyber may charge his body with electricity to give himself greater flexibility in using its powers. Because the sword is constantly discharging electricity, it can be painful or even damaging to hold for someone unprepared to do so- though it has been known to shut itself off to be returned to its wielder, on occasion.

Adjudicator: Adjudicator is a sapient weapon that enhances all aspects of swordsmanship when in use. It can also use a variety of Morality Paradigms to shift its functionality, enhancing its actions in accordance with interpretations of moral standards. The blade itself has several forms for use in various situation, including concealable forms, and can also impart various power-enhancing transformation forms to Psyber. During situations of great need, when Psyber is very certainly acting with absolute moral right, it can unlock further levels of Redshift Abstraction (see +info Abstractum/Shift) that allow it to feed massive amounts of temporary power and skill into Psyber.


Heaven Or Hell - Heaven or Hell is a loose-knit group of Elites that specialize in a variety of skillset that would come up in the course of paranormal investigation. Members are divided into two primary categories: Free Agents come and go and can hold any depth of ties to the business. Residents live at the office. The headquarters are located in Boston-666 and the business is run by Psyber.

Cars - Psyber's side hobby is the purchase and modification of vehicles. If you ever see the half-angel driving, watch out. His driving is as dangerous and unconventional as the vehicle he is currently in the drivers seat of. Nearly any vehicle Psyber shows up to combat with will be heavily modified for combat situations. Psyber's driving skills themselves largely resemble stunt driving from movies combined with street racing.

Current Associates

Laine: There are few people who have so profoundly touched Psyber's life as Laine has. A chance meeting at the Puella Magi incidents, then during the rise of Viridian Sunrise, Laine swiftly became someone Psyber was intensely fond of. After Annu, Laine moved in and began to fill a role of 'therapy dog' for Psyber, and the two swiftly bonded. Psyber had no hesitation helping Laine with her world, and in generally Psyber would do anything for Laine, having once said 'I would tear the Heavens down to Earth for that little wolf'.

Hastur: Hastur is unarguably one of Psyber's best friends and, while the two may bicker constantly, they are remarkably close to one another and fiercely protective of each other. Hastur is one of the few beings long-lived enough to understand Psyber's perspectives, and when he retreats into his darker moods, she is usually very skilled at pulling him out of them. What was once a very tense relationship in the beginning has turned into one of the anchor points for Psyber's sanity. It helps her that one of her followers and devotees is a close friend of his named…

Nathan Hall: Another one of Psyber's best friends, Nathan serves as Psyber's opposite in almost all things. Nathan is calm, collected, analytical, and pacifistic. Psyber serves as a guardian, consultant, and sometimes 'nudger towards risk-taking' for the Librarian. Their relationship is one of symbiosis, with Psyber regularly pranking Nathan in order to keep Nathan from focusing too much on his thoughts and vendettas, while Nathan serves as a temperance mechanism and focal point for when Psyber gets far too scattered in his own thoughts. They get along in almost all areas, with one notable exception:

Elliana Fairchild: Likely Psyber's most controversial of associates, Elliana is mild-tempered, friendly, and utterly manipulative. Despite much of this, Psyber lends her a certain level of respect and implicit trust that is vexing to many other people Psyber associates with. Psyber believes it is his duty as a guardian to provide Elliana with some balance of viewpoint and an avenue of more mild opinions, due to both the path Elliana has walked in her world, and the faction she is a part of. And while he may also teasingly ask her out once in a while, the predominant interest in Elliana is trying to steer her towards a less dark path, due to his own realization that taking the necessary evil upon yourself can wreak on a person.

The Thompson Sisters:A relatively new addition to Psyber's life, the Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson are a pair of sisters who can turn into weapons. Psyber was given them as a Christmas gift which turned out very awkwardly. While the sisters can be coarse, crude, and uncivilized, Psyber is very fond of this aspect of their personalities. The two of them are well-tempered by Psyber, and the half-angel finds them to be a pair of girls who really understand who he is and implicitly believe in him. Their growing relationship is very swiftly becoming one Psyber relies upon, due to the two(or three) way trust they share.

Himei: If you ever asked Psyber 'Do you think you will some day wind up proxy-adopting a magical girl as a younger sister?', the answer would have been
'are you drunk right now?'. And yet, here we have Himei. Himei is someone Psyber feels deeply protective towards and whom he has attempted to help at every possible opportunity, taking deep pride in watching her personal growth and empowerment. Himei has been at Psyber's side through some of the most hellish situations the Multiverse has ever thrown at them, and Psyber would do nearly anything if she asked it of him.

Homura Akemi: If you had asked Psyber, later, 'do you think you will some day… blah blah… TWO magical girls… blah blah', you get it. Psyber attempted to save Homura's world something around four times before finally succeeding. Doing so meant that he formed an incredibly strong bond with Homura, and while she is much younger than him he considers her a mix between his peer and his apprentice. The Puella Magi is incredibly important to Psyber, and he holds a deep respect for what she went through in order to save her best friend. Homura is also one of the few people that Psyber is directly open and honest with about almost all topics, owing to their incredibly similar natures and his trust in her. The half-angel is fiercely protective of her as well.

Sayuri Yaguchi: Jesus christ, a third magical girl? What is wrong with you, Psyber? Fine. Sayuri Yaguchi is another Puella Magi that fell into Psyber's entourage much like Homura. However, Psyber holds a much different relationship with the girl. Unlike Homura, whom Psyber views as a peer, Sayuri's relationship with Psyber is best described as 'caustically supportive'. He is willing to sponge a large amount of her verbal abuse because he knows it's Sayuri's mechanism of dealing with how much she cares for people around her. Psyber also attempts to serve as an older, male role model for Sayuri due to the Puella's distaste for her parents.

Amalthea: Amalthea is, despite her identifying gender, very much a brother to Psyber. She and Psyber are prone to rough-housing, swearing at one another, and constantly worrying about the stupid antics the other is doing. The half-angel feels an intense trust for her, and while her slightly harsh nature can sometimes vex him, he understands why she is that way and realizes she is actually a very caring person. He has watched her grow from a delivery girl, to a knight, to a paladin, to a wife and mother. He is simultaneously envious and protective of what the unicorn has.

Lilitu: Speaking of parents, Psyber never thought he'd act as a father. But Lilitu proved him quite wrong in that aspect when she crashed into his life (literally) via giant hand descending from Heaven (also literally). Lilitu is an demon who had a very powerful effect on her to make her appear as an angel, one which fooled even Lilitu. She has since realized her true origins and entered her rebellious teenager phase. She and Psyber remain quite close, however, and he is very fond of her.

Adelaide Flowers: Adelaide came into Psyber's life by chance, the half-angel saving her life via a blood transfusion while kraken hunting in a new world. The transfusion empowered the young woman, and thus she had nowhere to really go beyond his office. Psyber is somewhat protective of Addie, though he finds her continued insistence upon interfering with his lone wolf style of problem solving to be a vexation. Nonetheless, he respects her inherent skill and is interested to see how she flourishes in the Multiverse. Like many people he takes under his wing, he hopes that at some point she will outgrow a need for his presence.

Beli Klum: Beli Klum is exactly what Psyber means when he describes someone eventually outgrowing a need for his presence. When she came to him, she had no confidence and was utterly depressed. Beli has, under his tutelage and through her friendships, grown into a being Psyber respects, although also somewhat fears. When she moved out of his building was a moment of great pride for him, even though he feels about seven shades of awkward she keeps sending him father's day gifts.

Suigintou: Suigintou is a living doll known as a Rozen Maiden. Psyber took on the task of being her Medium after meeting her in Slum Urbania and she has lived at the office ever since. While her tendencies can be a bit violent and unhinged, she is also civilized and properly ladylike. Psyber very much adores the tiny doll.

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