General Information

Full Name: Procyana
Faction: Union
Rank: 1 - Ensign
Function: Industrial Cover-Ops
Series: Original
Species: Raccoon Anthromorph

"An operation is only as stable as the resources supporting it."

Profile: Procyana is not your typical covert operations agent. Instead of a nation she works for a galactic corporation to ensure the safety of its operations and resources, and occasionally eliminating competition intent on more than economic unrest. A daredevil and chance-taker at heart, she has little problem with taking the dangerous jobs no one else wants, and doing so in middle of a roaring battle if necessary to get it done. Her natural abilities have been genetically and bionically augmented, and supported by the cutting edge of technology like her stealth suit. Microntronics enable her to carry an extensive arsenal of weapons and gadgetry with her at any time, but that same reliance on technology can leave Procyana in a jam if she's cut off from her resources.

Vital Statistics

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
Eye Color: Semi-luminescent Light Blue
Distinctive Features: Raccoon facial mask, ringed tail


  • Modified Anthromorph - Biogenetic manipulation not only heightened the natural dexterity and senses of her species, but blessed/cursed Procyana with a biological disposition towards danger and excitement, giving her an amplified sensation of pleasure in facing such challenging situations.
  • Cybernetics - In addition to amplifying her reflexes and moderately increasing her strength with neuro-muscular implants, Procyana has a bionic synchronizer interfaced into her brain and nervous system, giving her direct interface with the operating hardware of her weapons and the ability to upload digitalized information directly into her memory. Also possesses carbon-fiber claws in her fingertips for climbing and self-defense.


  • Stealth Suit - Procyana's bodysuit is made of a light yet durable material with microscopic scramblers and holo-emitters woven into it. While not true invisibility the optical camouflage and detection baffling system makes her difficult to see clearly when active, and extra hard to lock onto with technical sensors. Micro-boosters in the boots and belt enable her to make rocket-assisted jumps.
  • Microtech Arsenal - A combination of nanotech micronization and conversion hardware allows weapons to be stored in a easily portable fashion, in turn allowing Procyana to carry an extensive array of guns and gadgets with her at any time. Her dual blasters aren't collapsible, but use the same technology for accessories.
  • HookShock - A grappling device that uses an energized tether instead of physical cable for superior reach and retraction speed. Can also deliver a taser-like electrical shock upon contact when used as a weapon, then pull Procyana to her target or reel them in like a tractor beam.
  • Skygrinder - A jet-propelled hoverboard is Procyana's preferred means of transportation. Her specialty board features a few extras of its own, such as similar stealth tech as her suit.

Skills and Abilities

  • Specialist - Subterfuge, sabotage and daredevil tactics are Procyana's forte. She goes where people can't or don't want to go, doing missions considered too risky with methods that may be questionable. She also handles counter-intel and codebreaking when necessary.
  • Gun-Fu Fighting - Procyana fights in a style meshing self-defense martial arts with firearms and trick shooting. Sometimes even using the guns themselves as melee weapons. Gun katas, sharpshooting, bullet ballet, and even using her heavier weapons in midst of evasive acrobatics.

Weaponry Directory

Note: Not a complete listing, but rather, the weapons she most often uses or keeps accessible for specific circumstances.

  • Disruptor Pistol x2 - The only weapons Procyana visibly carries, in the holsters at her thighs. They don't collapse like her other weapons, instead using micronization for implementing a larger number of modifications to alter their function and ammunition as she needs.
  • Scattergun - Essentially a futuristic sawed-off shotgun that uses amplified kinetic energy to fire clusters of explosive granules. Up close it delivers a tremendous amount of damage and knockback, while at a distance it deals less direct levels of damage but the conical fire spread can pelt multiple clustered targets.
  • Particle Accelerator Rifle - Fires a concentrated beam of hyper-velocity particles that tear into the molecular bonds of most materials. The subatomic level of damage allows it to burn through armor, defense shielding, and so forth. Can used distance and targeting amplification mods to function as a sniping rifle.
  • Grenade Launcher - This hand-cannon fires rocket propelled explosive projectiles of various sorts, giving it an advantage in distance and impact force over hand-thrown grenades. Not that she doesn't use the latter as well.
  • Plasma Striker - This shoulder-braced piece of artillery fires a spheroid of superheated plasma that explodes violently on impact, causing splash damage of intense heat and burning in a radius around the strike zone as well.


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