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A simplified high-fantasy setting based on the world of Exalted, Pressed Beyond The Veil takes place in the world of NERITES. The Exalted themselves are kin to the heroes of mythology, larger-than-life figures empowered by the Gods, prone to greatness… as well as unhealthy extremes of behavior.

The threats of Creation and realms beyond do not reach the continent of Nerites. Spanning fifty thousand square miles, it was isolated from the rest of existence by powerful sorcery during a dread event that wiped out the Celestial Exalted and drove their followers to the edges of existence. Mirroring the Age of Glories in many ways, it would seem that Nerites should be a perfectly-preserved jewel of the First Age.

Yet, all is not well in the land that ought to have been a safe haven and paradise. Though many conveniences (if not the greater infrastructure) of the First Age have lingered on with it, the excesses of the Exalted carried on within its borders until they destroyed themselves and eachother… but their Exaltations did not depart from their sanctuary.

Even as the Dragon-Blooded and mortals they brought with them fanned out among their lands and flourished, twenty five Celestial Exaltations continued to circulate within the developing world of Nerites…

<OOC: Pressed Beyond The Veil is an original Exalted setting written by Silent Starfall. Extended information can be found in his +info files. Note that there are only 10 Solar, 10 Lunar, and 5 Sidereal Exalted, with an even spread of specific Castes. The Solars and Lunars are all bonded pairs, but may not have met eachother. There are NO Elder Exalted in Nerites.>

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