Pokemon Adventures-1

This theme follows the pokemon manga series which is much more true to the games than the anime. It's also darker, and much more serious, than the anime ever dared to be. Pokemon and people die here, sometimes brutally… and several of the Gym Leaders and even the Elite Four are corrupt.

This theme starts off detailng the adventures of the Pokemon Trainer Red on his journey to become one of the best Trainers Kanto has ever seen. Over the course of his adventure he faces many challenges, makes many friends, and many enemies. He has several run-ins with Team Rocket (whose commanders are the four Gym Leaders Giovanni, Sabrina, Koga, and Lt. Surge) and foils their plans to dominate the world through the use of genetically experimental pokemon and Legendary Pokemon as well. Red and his friends, and the 'good' Gym Leaders of Kanto, are all ultimately responsible for the defeat of Team Rocket and after this defeat the evil organization never truly recovers. Red then goes on to challenge the Pokemon League where he becomes Kanto's official Pokemon Leaue Champion - which earns him the notice of the legendary Elite Four.

Nealy two years after Red becomes Champion, he receives a letter of challenge from Bruno of the Elite Four which he answers and eventually comes up missing. In response one of his friends, Green, sends a girl he saved (Yellow) a few years prior after him in the hopes that she will be able to locate Red and defeat the Elite Four. This girl from the viridian forest, with the power to heal pokemon and understand their thoughts and feelings, then sets off on a long and perilous journey to locate her idolized savior with little to no idea about where to start or even how she is supposed to defeat such legendary Trainers. Over the course of her adventure she hones her skills and makes many allies, dogged near constantly by the Elite Four and their lackeys, slowly but surely accumulating clues which lead her to Cerise Island - the functioning base of the Elite Four. Here she meets up with friends, four Team Rocket members, and eventually Red and together they and their pokemon put a stop to the Elite Four's plans to control Lugia and destroy all of humanity. Afterwards, the trainers and the Rockets go their seperate ways and the next chapter of Pokemon Adventures (Gold, Silver, Crystal saga) begins…

(Some notes: This theme is based on the Pokemon Special/Pokemon Adventure Manga. This theme more closely follows the Japanese and not the Viz english translations despite using english names.) Pokemon speech and thought processes are translated JIT (just-in-time) by the Multiverse into something understandable by all. Most pokemon in this theme possess reasonable intelligence, they are much smarter than real world animals generally and are capable of understanding AT LEAST anything a human child could. Trained pokemon's intelligence can develop beyond a wild one's under a good trainer, even to the point of being able to formulate their own complex strategies unassisted after gaining sufficient battle experience. Unlike other pokemon themes on this mush, MOST people are in no way anywhere near a pokemon's level of power. They're tough, and one or two thunderbolts won't kill them. But a normal human from this theme would need serious plot help if an even remotely strong pokemon decided it wanted to kill them. This makes pokemon training and battles potentially extremely dangerous for the humans involved which fits our theme. That said, due to the dangerousness of pokemon training, most trainers are still a lot tougher and stronger than joe average - trainers with 'aura' even more so.)

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