Eight years into the future of a Pokemon-1-like world, the world hasn't changed all that much - yet it's changed greatly. Team Rocket has been beaten into submission, Team Aqua and Magma have tried and nearly destroyed the world with their dark plans, and the legendary Pokemon Lugia has gone mad and with Giovanni's help attempted his own bid at mass destruction, only to be slain by the three Hyperlinkers of Kanto.

Ash Ketchum's tenure as Pokemon Champion has come and gone, one of the most memorable in history. But amidst this apparently idealic backdrop rumblings of dissent have been felt, especially with the coming of Missingno and Unification. Now, the Pokemon Islands is in the midst of the war between the Union and the Confederacy, much as its companion island chains are, and the rumors of the old Teams re-emerging are coupled with increased activity from Team Cipher, and the mysterious new Team Galaxy make certain things will not be getting boring any time soon.

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