Pokemon 6

Another Pokemon continuity intending on extracting the kiddie crap from the series and rebuilding it into something allowing its true potential to show, Pokemon-6 is directly derived from Pokemon-1 and PokeSylum MUSH. One main difference is manifest, however, in that in many ways we concentrate on old school Pokemon from the original games (Red, Blue, and Yellow). Although Johto, Hoenn and Sinnou still exist, Kanto is the primary focus. Although many of the original themeatic elements are there, things are focused on the original aspects which made the theme great.

Also involving a reboot of the entire Pokemon-1 continuity, it starts from a relatively "stable" beginning point; the well-known group, Oak's Trainers, does not exist as a single cohesive unit as in Pokemon-1, but assorted Pokemon trainers such as Ash and Gary fight under Oak's guidance against Team Rocket, still led by the malevolent Giovanni, bent on world domination. Martial arts and ki still keep the humans from being too useless, and psionic links keep the Pokemon and humans together on a level that makes ordinary animal training look tame by comparison. An involved background story that branches across most Pokemon themes on the MUSH keeps the subtle possibilities quite diverse. Pokemon from the other games are likely to be allowed, as are FCs from other sources, so long as they do not interfere with the overall atmosphere - but if you're interested, don't let that stop you, chances are we can find a way to accomodate you.

If you're interested in old-school Pokemon, and like the Pokemon-1 premise, but you're a bit too intimidated by the recent changes in Pokemon or established patterns from elseMU*, give this one a try.

This listing is slightly volatile. If you have any questions, please contact Ash on the MUSH.

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