Pokemon is a series that focuses on the adventures of kids and teenagers as they attempt to capture Pocket Monsters - or Pokemon - and become masters at battling with them, forming a deep bond with the creatures which come in many species and elements. Most have the ultimate goal of fighting their way to the championship, but many are besieged by the attempts of Team Rocket to conquer the planet and dominate the power of Pokemon.

This Theme follows the theme of Pokemon-1 loosely, in that up until the point of the 'Mewtwo Incident', everything is alike. Shortly after that, however, paths diverge: the Trainers, lead by Professor Oak, finally decided they had enough of the Rockets, and made a ultimatum strike on their main base, eradicating every Rocket inside. Giovanni is presumed dead; Richie, the Marauder, Mitchell, and The Elites are proven dead, and any remaining Rockets are on the run from the trainers, slowly being culled and weeded out. In their place, a new threat has arisen in the combined forces of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

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