Phantasy Star Online-1

Ahh… Phantasy Star Online. It's an interesting game with an interesting story. So I'll present the timeline on it's canon nature.

3060: Endless warring on the homeworld of Coral is so devastating to the environment, it becomes uninhabitable. The Alliance of Nations, a group of 10 of the most powerful nations on Coral, bands together to plan a mass exodus to another planet. The search for a suitable world begins, and an intricate plan known as the Pioneer Project are is mapped out to construct a hyperspace vessel to transport colonists to their new home, to this new world.

3068: Out of the countless unmanned probes sent into space to search for a n inhabitable suitable new world to colonize, only one finds a suitable makes a match. The Alliance of Nations names this new world "Ragol" and the construction of the first of the colonization vessel s, Pioneer 1, begins. The main purpose of the maiden voyage of Pioneer I is research and planetary trailblazing.

3076: Pioneer 1 takes off for Planet Ragol.

3077: Pioneer 1 lands on Ragol. The scientific research team investigates the planet's surface, and deems it to be suitable for colonization. Construction begins on the preliminary habitat foundation, and the Central Dome is set up as the headquarters for the budding colony. Rico Tyrell is assigned to the Surface Exploration Team , which is (in charge of survival planning and terraforming opportunities ).

3081: The Alliance of Nation's power base continues to weaken due to the unending wartime carnage on Coral.

3082: Construction of the Central Dome and fortification of the surrounding colony area are completed. The colonists contact the homeworld, and send the message for to clear the second colony ship to head out for Ragol. Also during this year, Heathcliff Flowen, the Deputy Commander of Pioneer 1's military forces, mysteriously disappears.

3983: Upon receiving the transmission from Pioneer 1, Pioneer 2 is launched for Ragol. An alarming number of violent outbursts increases near the Central Dome amongst the local wildlife, including new forms that are unknown to homeworld scientists. Rico Tyrell and her companions are the first to form the Hunters, a self-defense group that seeks to find the cause of these incidents and to ensure the safety of the colonists.

3083: Pioneer 2 enters orbit around Planet Ragol. Just as the ship makes contact with the Central Dome, however, an enormous explosion occurs within the Central Dome itself.

3084: After teleporters are installed on the planet's surface, the Principal sends the first round of Hunters to investigate the surface of Ragol. There were problems with the native monsters that went berserk, which revealed to be caused by disturbances in the caverns filled with mutated beasts, then the mines with the machines gone chaotic… and lastly… The ruins. The hunters found the root of it all and why the people were missing: Dark Falz. They managed to put him back to sleep and deliver the bad news.

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