Perfect Dark Zero-1

The year is 2020, and megacorporations have taken over as the new powers that control majority of the world. One of these corporations is known as dataDyne, a megacorporation which is known for getting their job done using whatever means necessary, including violence if necessary. Meanwhile, Joanna Dark, a young bounty hunter, working under her father, Jack, finds herself thrust into a world of conspiracy after her father is kidnapped by dataDyne after receiving vital information about the Graal, an artifact believed to grant superhuman powers, only to be killed shortly after. Joanna is later betrayed by her own friend, Chandra, who turns out to be an agent of dataDyne, but is saved by the Carrington Institute, who turns her into a new agent. Her desire for revenge against the dataDyne Corporation fuels her ability to work to her fullest and become the institute's most skilled agent, earning her the code name of 'Perfect Dark.'

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