General Information

Full Name: Pegasus
Faction: Union
Rank: 0 - Enlisted
Function: Dragoon Knight
Series: (Original) Rockets of Panaan-1
Species: Robotic Pegasus

"There's nothing wrong with being what you are, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to be more."

Profile: The Prototype Equine Ground and Air System: User-friendly Series was more an experiment than a serious attempt at a functional unit… but functional she was. As a first proof-of-concept step in the Amalthea project, Pegasus used a less intensely magical creature than a unicorn as the base, and was imprinted with a carefree, cheerful personality to make her more personable. The process was flawed, however, and this was never discovered due to her shutdown. Upon reactivation, much later, the jealousy and instability of her nature was much more evident. Pegasus terrorized innocents, gleefully killed and tortured, and most importantly tried to murder her entire family before she was stopped and the flaw was repaired. Now she lives a quieter life of struggling to come to terms with her existence.

Vital Statistics

Age: Over 300
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 227 lbs
Wingspan: 7'4"

Additional Details

  • Pegasus Pastries - After retiring from the Confederate Elite Forces, Pegasus set up this bakery in Cirrus Marine to become a normal citizen. She has since lost much of the bakery due to the invasion, but will likely relocate it to Nerites at some point.


  • Moonsteel Armament - Most of Pegasus's arms and armor are made of Moonsteel, a highly durable magical alloy that acts like silver in many cases.
  • Moonfire Bolts - Built in to her arms, Pegasus can fire bolts of concentrated moonlight with these projectors.
  • Photon Bow - Built into one arm and her chest, this device is a solar-powered bow that fires energy arrows, and is her strongest attack.

Skills and Abilities

  • Lance Master - Though skilled in almost all arms and armor, Pegasus is most skilled in the lance, and can take any vaguely lance-shaped item and use it with deadly precision.
  • Martial Skill - As a weapon of war, Pegasus is programmed with knowledge of military tactics and strategy, the use of most weapons of renaissance-level tech, and a general adaptability on the battlefield.
  • Baking - This was the first skill Pegasus learned of her own will, and it is still her favorite hobby.
  • Flight - She's a pegasus! Though she flies mainly via jet engines with the wings for guidance.
  • Robot Pegasus - As a construct, Pegasus can shift between humanoid and pegasus forms, and is tireless and difficult to kill. Unlike her sister Amalthea, she was built with combat in mind, and with the new chassis provided by Rampart, she is extremely durable.


  • Amalthea - Beloved sister and admirable warrior. Nuff said.
  • Ellestaria - A canny and intelligent woman who nonetheless showed great courage and perseverance. Pegasus still remembers fighting her and how much Ellestaria tried, and that memory has stuck with her. She's a worthy mate for Amalthea.
  • Ariel - Her niece is simply adorable and a wonderful miracle. Pegasus will fight to the death to defend her and her freedom.
  • Nathan Hall - Originally dating on a lark, Nathan's acceptance of her and his ready and willing bravery in the face of battle to save her Compass has cemented her affection for the Librarian.
  • Elliana Fairchild - Hatred. Betraying and using both Nathan and Amalthea has put Elliana at the top of Peg's hit list.
  • Number Nine - One of the kindest and most welcoming Confederates that Pegasus knew, she still considers Nine her friend, and regrets that she changed sides away from him. But not regret enough to switch back.
  • Unyielding Rampart - A strange and amusing human, but a staunch ally and skilled at his profession, enough that she trusts him with her equipment.
  • Zelgius - The support Zelgius gave her when she was in the Last Chancers is not forgotten, and she respects the man's dedication to his job.


Pre-Unification - Pegasus was created as a prototype for Amalthea, as a 'simpler' creature than the Unicorn. There's more to it than that, but long story short, she was deemed enough of a success that she was deactivated before completion.

Unification - The Confederacy found her, fixed her up, and put her to work as a soldier, but during the years of disuse her Moral Compass was damaged, and she became obsessed with preventing the abuse of other constructs like herself via destroying them, starting with her sister Amalthea.

Redemption - Amalthea wasn't going down without a fight. Although Pegasus bested her in every encounter, Amalthea managed to recover a working Moral Compass, and did one final battle with Pegasus. She nearly lost the new Compass, but Nathan Hall saved it at the last minute, and Amalthea forcibly field-repaired Pegasus.

Retirement - With the debt she owed Amalthea and the Union, Pegasus could no longer justify fighting with the Confederacy. She quietly retired and set up a bakery, where she worked for many months. On rare occasions, most notably when Number Nine needed her help, she returned to do single missions for the Confederacy, but mostly stayed uninvolved with the War.

Alliance - When Elliana Fairchild betrayed the Union and three of those she cared about(Amalthea, Nathan, and Rampart, who had aided her redemption), Pegasus secretly made contact with the Union and enrolled in the Last Chancers, covertly aiding the Union while still appearing neutral. This was mainly done to keep the Confederacy from putting her on an instant-kill list.

Enlistment - Eventually, however, Pegasus learned of a horrible truth: That the leader of the Confederacy, Viridian Sunrise, had abused Amalthea's Wish Generator in his own defection. Hearing confirmation from Viridian himself, Pegasus formally enlisted with the Union after recovering from her injuries suffered during the defense of Cirrus Marine, where Nethryn nearly dismantled her completely.

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