(Original) VF-Arrichion-1

Man can prove fiercer than even a cornered beast if he believes he's right.

This is the story of the Turelian-UER war, a planetwide conflict taking place in none other than our Earth itself, forty years from now. The stakes are high as the noble, warlike and brutal Turelians fight to seek a new homeland, while the mysterious and relentless United Earth Republic aim to keep Earth in the hands of mankind. With neither side backing down, firmly believing in their own truths, a war of conviction has become one of attrition, forcing both the invaders and the besieged humans to pursue greater and stronger means of warfare.

And thus, variable automated combat unit Vanguard Fighter Arrichion is born, the UER's and Earth's final effort to crush the Turelian invasion. This however, is not the story of one unit or one race, but rather one of two species, locked in bloody, tragic battle until a victor is decided, knighted by the complete erradication of its enemy.

This is the story of a war like no other, fought for the most basic and honest instinct of all: Survival.

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