(Original) The Land of Arpeiji-1

The land of Arpeiji is full of magic, the same magic that protects it from much of what the modern world in this day and age would consider the proper troubles. It is also full of dangers which at times require heroes to rise up and embark upon quests. Some people make their trade off these questers, others make trade in selling the rewards to those who hire the questors to aid them.

Arpeiji hosts several kingdoms; however Illdwyn is the most prominent kingdom; ruled by King Johan, who is currently trying to groom a young man named Glen to be heir to the throne as his Daughter's husband. Many years ago, King Johan was thought dead, and in his place, an evil man named Kael ruled over Illdwyn. It took the intervention of Glen, a Wizard, and a Wolf, to break the curse which lead to the end of Kael's reign.

In Arpeiji, anything can happen. There are werewolves, wolf-men, Bird-men, vampires, beasts, trolls, gnomes, goblins, orcs, lands of the undead in the North, a vast desert said to be host to giant sand sharks, an ocean where sirens will lure others to their doom, and many other things some consider only found in myth and fiction.

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