(Original) Technologic-1

In the year S.D. 167, a long running, twenty year war between the Earth and it's many colonies that exist in the depths of space - both planetary, and otherwise, was finally reaching it's climax. Originally, it started as a war for freedom. A war that the space colonies fought to try and obtain their own independence from a governmental body that existed on a planet that many of the colonists had never even seen. While governmental unity on Earth had been achieved long before humanity first stepped into the stars, those on the colonies felt that they were better off ruling themselves, rather than relying on a government that barely understood the trials of each individual colony.

However, years of war began to blur the lines… obscure the goal.. The more each side fought, the more each side lost. Corrupt politicians, political dissidents, mad-men with their own private militias, each saw opportunity to achieve their own goals in this war. Their acts of war, and terrorism, constantly goaded each side into fighting with more ferocity than ever before. The war's focus on independence soon became a war to see both sides eradicated.

Becoming ever increasingly obvious that Earth was losing this war, the Earth Government began development on a weapons grade nano-machine based Artificial Intelligence, known as Project H4r-M0-nY. Designated Harmony, this Artificial Intelligence was created with two main purposes in mind. First, to seize control of the war, and turn the tide in the favor of the Earth Government, by any means necessary. Secondly, it was tasked with the job of ensuring human survival on Earth in the aftermath of the war, by rebuilding and repairing damage to the plant over time, after the war came to an end.

The project was struck with a devastating blow, just before it's completion, when an attack from the Space Colonies' mobile suit forces severely crippled the facility where Harmony was being developed. In the chaos, the containment field that contained Harmony's nano-machines was breached, and the Artificial Intelligence was allowed to be released in an uncontrolled fashion into the atmosphere. For three years, the war continued as it had for so many years before, with neither side gaining any definitive foothold over the other, even with Earth's deteriorating environment and weakening military power. During this time, Harmony's nano-machines laid mostly dormant within many organisms on the planetary surface, bearing witness to all of the world's events through the eyes of those she inhabited.

The year is now S.D 171. In just one short year after leaving her dormant state, Harmony's nano-machines have spread across most of the eastern world, turning the entire continent of Europe into a massive super city known as Unity, where Harmony resides, ruling over the humans in which her nano-machines reside. Designed as a weapon of war, these nano-machines have proved difficult to combat and nearly impossible to destroy outright, allowing Harmony's rule over Earth to continue to spread. The war between Earth and it's colonies have ended, with the Colonies now acting as a rebellion against Unity, and stepping in to try and prevent the total assimilation of Earth - and by extension, the colonies that would most definitely be Harmony's next target.

So far, it has been a losing battle, with Unity's forces claiming several major victories in the Americas, and gaining a vital number of footholds with which to launch a full scale invasion into the continents. It seems to be only a matter of time before another full scale war breaks out. Only this time, against an enemy with no clear end in sight.

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