(Original) Scion's Call-1

The world of Rune has existed without magic for centuries. In fact, some have begun to wonder if it ever existed in the first place. Since then the laws of science have tried to explain everything, and as progress marched on a new class of scientist arose. Known as Techans, each of them is a master in their field, even able to create life itself with the knowledge they attained. Biological, mechanical, synthetic, and cybernetic: each class of Techan has created new races and life-forms that, to the average citizen, looked mythical if not outright magical. With each new creation a spark of wonder and imagination manifested in the world, causing many to wonder if magic might yet exist.

Strange weapons that scientists and even Techans can't explain have started to be discovered in remote parts of the world. Dubbed 'Legacies', these weapons can only be used by 'scions', usually creatures of Techan origin that resonate with that Legacy. It's very rare for a human to be a scion to a Legacy, and no Techan of any class has ever been one. All scions share a common trait: the ability to use their Legacy to channel 'power'. Techans have raced to solve the mystery, only to find that science can't solve it, and the laws of nature don't explain it, which leaves only one possibility.

Wonder will shine, Imagination will rise, Creativity will flourish, and Magic will return.

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