(Original) Rockets of Panaan-1

A realm of magic and machinery, the lands of Panaan are ruled by kings of men and beast alike.

Dragons rule the skies, mermaids explore the ocean trenches, and the world is rife with magic, inhabited by creatures as mundane and humble as the industrious ant, to as fantastical as the fierce griffon or the mighty and wise Sphinx. But no beast alive is more rare, noble, and elusive than the unicorn. Sought after for their wish granting abilities, countries war for lands so much as rumored to be graced by so much as a hoofprint. Man, dwarves, elves, fae and monster cast aside their treaties and peace over greed and lust for power, for so much as a chance to have their wishes granted.

It was in this realm that the mad genius of Schmendrick and Mommy Fortuna sought to create their own unicorn. They sought to control who could be granted the blessings and boons of a Wish. But even that was not to be, when their creation abandoned them.

In this realm there is only one law. The law of the Knights. And the blazing knights of the Order of the Jet, Rocket Knights, maintain the peace.

(This is an original themelist for an original world! For more information feel free to contact Amalthea.)

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