(Original) Realm Chronicles-1

Once, the world was but chaos. The elemental forces struggled and fought constantly in an expanding but chaotic universe, accomplishing nothing. Then came the gods of the Nether and the Arcane, who thought the world dull and in need of order. With his vast power over matter, Arcane transformed the chaotic, wild elemental forces into the other gods, those of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light and Dark. Nether shaped the ensuing void into a massive world, a single planet that spanned several times the size of Earth. These acts made the gods weaker, but brought order to the universe.

Splitting the planet into eight equal shares, the gods then created their own nations and their own races, though the human race was the most widespread one. Within the abyss of the planet, Dark created endless tunnels and underground cities. On the shores of every continent, Light erected lighthouses and proud castles, inspiring heroics and courage in all. Fire thought one kingdom was boring, and in the volcanic deserts created dozens of smaller tribes struggling for control. Water gathered all of the islands on the superplanet into one cluster, and called that his home. Wind, ambitious, had his people craft the technology to toss their continent into the sky, breaking it into four smaller floating landmasses. Earth claimed the forests at the edges of the world, some going so deep they turn back into pure chaos. Arcane chose the central landmass, wizard towers, academies and schools to welcome all everywhere in sight. And finally, Nether claimed the last spreck of land, and made his people artificers and researchers who dwelve into the forbidden arts.

Then the gods made one weapon each, imbued with their power. These weapons were handed to their respective nations, with the promise their god would bless one champion per generation with a sliver of their power as well. This way, each nation, each kingdom, had a being strong enough to handle problems. Somewhere along the line, the nation of the God of the Nether… disappeared, though. No one knows exactly what happened, save that one day, the entire area was swallowed in a dark vortex and vanished.

700 hundred years after the creation of the world was born the woman who would change the face of the entire superplanet "Realm". In 738 A.C. (After Creation), Evelynn Cordelia would become Captain Heavensorrow, slaying the God of the Sea (Water) with his own blade the Sea Warden, renamed the Azure Godslayer, and causing the entire water islant cluster to be razed by the angry God of Fire. In 750 A.C. she would resurface with her flagship the Sea Sapphire and her crew, the Azulean Raiders, and slay the God of the Wind as well. The world was plunged in darkness, knowing their gods to be as mortal as them.

The year is 815 A.C. and Heavensorrow has not been heard of in 15 years. Some pray for her death, while the gods try to rally their champions and those wielding their weapons to fight back against her inevitable return. A new chapter of the story is about to start.

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