(Original) Hell On Earth-1

In any war, there are at least two sides. Sometimes more. But in any case, things are rarely as simple as they appear on the surface. The Order of the Shadow Sun felt that mankind had become too corrupt, too decadent…too impure, to be allowed to survive into the next age. So they gathered together that which they would need to open a gate to Hell. Because of the low prevalence of supernatural studies, no one knew what they were up to….

…Until it was too late.

Thousands died in just the first moments of the wave of dark and evil things that poured forth through the gate. Evil spirits and monsters swarmed the Earth, destroying all that they could. Even churches, grown so far from true "good", fell in flames. No one was spared…it seemed that nothing would stem the tide. But somehow, humankind as a whole survived, though many were killed. And soon life began to move on, as it must, open gate to Hell notwithstanding. Demon hunters became well known and much lauded (though very dangerous) occupation.

With free access to the magical might in the underworld, the emergence of magic was seen…sometimes with disastrous results. And the blood of demons began to mingle with humans, in both bloodshed and in bloodlines. And as always, human beings formed groups to decide how best to deal with their new problems. Aside from the small religious groups, three groups arose, each with different motivations, methods, and backing.

SIERRA (the Supernatural Investigation, Extermination, and Reconnaissance Resistance Army) was formed and backed by the US government. Given access to the best weapons, technology that the United States armed forces couldn't even get hold of, and offered training specializing on combat against supernaturally powered foes. They had no magic or demons in their numbers, but with all their technology and training, they didn't need them.

The Dawn Brigade, a ragtag group of magicians and demon-blooded humans. They lacked SIERRA's high technology and government backing, but they all had the same magic and powers as the monsters that plagued the earth. Each one of them had a highly personal reason for fighting. Their ultimate goal? Go to the gate of Hell opened by the Order of the Shadow Sun and seal it. Or, failing that, destroy the underworld.

Finally…a secret, nebulous organization that called themselves simply "The Bureau". They had no true mages or demon-blooded in their ranks…but they didn't let that stop them. Using the remains of monsters that had been killed, they created warriors to fight against the monsters. But they weren't content to simply stop the monsters. Their goal? Venture into the underworld, and take control of the forces therein.

Three different groups, all with different goals, fighting both each other AND the demons that still lurk in the shadows of this world. Who will have enough manpower, resources, and — more importantly — willpower to fight the war on all of these different fronts?

And what of the fate of the rest of humanity?

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