Optimus Prime

General Information


Full Name: Optimus Prime
Faction: Union
Function: Military Commander
Series: Transformers-1
Species: Transformer
Rank: 8 - High Constable

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

If he had been on Earth, he would have been a doctor, a mechanic, a scientist and a warrior. But on Cybertron there is no difference between these professions, so Optimus Prime uses his skills to heal and repair to improve the world around him, and his skills to battle to fight against evil. Has a personality not unlike an Abraham Lincoln. Immensely kind and compassionate to all innocent lives, but will battle unceasingly to protect the weak and defenseless. To accomplish this, Optimus knows that the Decepticons and the Confederacy must be destroyed. In robot form, Optimus can lift over four million pounds, and carries a high-powered laser rifle, in addition to access to a battle platform in his trailer. In semi truck form Optimus can go over 200 miles per hour and is equipped with weaponry for mobile combat. Renoun for his wisdom, Optimus Prime has excellent diplomatic and tactical capabilities; further, he has a good deal of practical knowledge and scientific expertise. Though Optimus Prime's greatest weakness is his tendancy to be too compassionate, he is nevertheless capable of being ruthless when he must be, something he regrets, but realizes is necessary.

Vital Statistics

Age: Over 10 million Earth years
Primary Mode: Robot
Secondary Mode: Semi Truck
Tertiary Mode: Super Robot
Classification: Command Carrier
Subgroup: Powermaster
Height: 35 feet
Weight: 30,000 lbs (approx, based on primary mode)

Secondary Units

Trailer (AKA Auto-Launcher)

Optimus's trailer, often known as Auto-Launcher, is essentially an artillery battery on wheels. It has full AI control, though it can be directed by Optimus to any degree. It also has a number of scientific and medical systems. It has three modes - supplementary unit (trailer), Combat Deck (traditional G1 base mode), and Defense Base (Powermaster trailer base mode)


A somewhat childishly-minded Autobot drone. Sentient, though usually prefers to hide in Optimus' trailer. Well equipped for spy or infiltration missions and has significant firepower of his own. He can only communicate with various blurps and bleeps.

Alexis (Powermaster Partner)

A brave young woman with genius-level intellect, Alexis managed to be one of the first to come in contact with a minicon tile - and as such, lead the Transformers to Earth. Her life now inextricably intertwined with them she began to assist the Autobots however she could, eventually becoming a scientist working for them - and when Optimus lay at death's door due to injuries sustained from a Unicron-possessed Rodimus Prime, underwent the Powermaster process to save his life. She now has a deep telepathic bond with her partner and a significantly enhanced cyborg body. For those who may be wondering, this is indeed Alexis from the Unicron Triology, or at least an alt-U version of her.


  • Sparkplug - Sparkplug is Prime's "head" minicon. A constant companion of his, not unlike Roller, though Sparkplug often isn't terribly visible, he is often helping out Prime in many ways in the background. Though small, he is nevertheless accustomed to working with the Autobot commander, and it would be foolish for even a much larger Decepticon to underestimate him. He transforms into a small yellow car, an alternate mode he's quite fond of.
  • Overrun - Another minicon in Prime's entourage, Overrun acts as the group's "eye in the sky" in addition to being a minicon. For such a small Transformer, he's quite heavily armed and armored, posessing plasma cannons and the ability to be loaded with a variety of missiles, and a small payload capacity for bombs. For the most part, however, he acts as reconnaissance when for some reason other methods have failed.
  • Sureshock - Sureshock was actually the minicon who was inadvertantly activated by Alexis shortly after the first minicon tile was activated. The transfer caused petabytes of information to be infused in the girl's mind, binding Sureshock to her in a way that is similar to a binary bond. As Alexis is now bonded to Prime, so too is Sureshock bonded to the Autobot Leader. Sureshock has adjusted well into the role of a minicon in Prime's group, though surprisingly still transforms into a scooter - which is just as well, as all the better to cause enemies to underestimate their foe.


This would be ridiculously long if it were to go into detail. Maybe it will be written out one day, but in brief…

Optimus Prime was created as Orion Pax, over ten million years ago (exact age undetermined) as a direct creation of Vector Sigma. As a young and very promising science student, he worked at the space docks to make extra money, along with his friends, including Dion and Arial. However, one day, the Third Cybertronian War flared up. Megatron, one of the rising stars of the Decepticon military in the first months of the war, attacked the dock and its civilian staff. Orion Pax, Dion, Arial and their other friends were all but destroyed by Megatron's onslaught and taken to Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion saw that these promising Transformers had a much greater fate in store for them, and as such, rebuilt them into far stronger forms. The mightiest of these was Optimus - bringing him back to full operation in mere hours and upgrading him to a command carrier in that time (a process that might take months under normal circumstances), he drove off the end of the fighting, meeting Megatron for the first time and sparing the city. Shortly thereafter, his other friends were reactivated in stronger bodies, such as Arial becoming Elita One, a stealthy and strong individual, Dion becoming Ironhide, one of the most physically robust Autobots alive, and another Transformer becoming Ultra, a command carrier who would one day be known as Ultra Magnus. All were renamed as is the Cybertronian tradition - though they were not new, individual beings, the name usually applies to the being combined with their physical body, and with their previous physical bodies all but destroyed, new names from Alpha Trion were deemed fitting.

These new Transformers quickly helped in the war effort. The war was joined. For four million years Optimus climbed the ranks, and eventually became Prime, being at the bedside of Sentinel Prime. He was considered among the greatest of the Primes, so much that the name 'Prime' quickly became synonymous with him. The Minicon crisis, of course, brought everything to a head, but Prime managed to broker the Minicon Accords, which involved many Minicons becoming Micromasters, but others, unwilling to change what they were, departed Cybertron. Relative peace established itself.

But the war was far from over. Battles flared up often and although for the Cybertronians it was a time of peace and prosperity, compared to other races it would be considered quite warlike for a large percentage of the time.

And then, Rad White picked up a Minicon tile from the crashed Minicon ship that landed on Earth 4 million years ago, reactivating its occupant. The signals sent out ended up being intercepted by Decepticon intelligence and Megatron moved immediately with a small, elite force. Optimus Prime's own intelligence picked it up, and he, with a small force, went to stop them. Battle had reached Earth.

Although the war on Earth intensified, operations there were kept secret, even after the flagships of both the Autobots and the Decepticons were shot down in Earth orbit, forming their local headquarters (which they still act as today, though both also have smaller bases, as well as cities, built on Earth). The breaking of the Minicon accords resulted in a dangerous cold war-like situation where the war threatened to explode and threaten the entire Galaxy.

Victories went back and forth, until the battle of Autobot City, which provided a decisive victory for the Autobots, causing the Decepticons to fall back. However, all was not well - Unicron, the ancient arch-nemesis of the Transformer race, arrived. In a series of very difficult battles, the Autobots and Decepticons ultimately ended up destroying Unicron, Optimus opening the Matrix at his very center and merging his soul with it, slaughtering the god.

However, they knew that Unicron's spirit lived on… and one day he would come again.

However, they had more pressing problems, as a large number of Autobots and Decepticons were now in the early Multiverse, over 400 years in the past of the MUSH's current time. They struggled to survive, and participated in the earliest governments, having significant influence in the forming of the Union and Confederacy.

Eventually, around 0 AU, Transformers-1 proper emerged and Earth and Cybertron Unified - from the exact moment they'd left, no less. It was, of course, quite a story. However, things eventually settled down - that is, as much as they can settle down in the Union and Confederate war, along with the Autobot and Decepticon war.

Optimus Prime, always a high-ranker and influential member in Union government and military circles, was promoted to the status of Field Marshal for about a year before being further promoted to Military Council Chief, the group of advisers and generals that report directly to the President of the Union.

Of course, not everything was peaches and roses, and when an alternate version of Rodimus Prime, posessed by a corrupted Matrix, attacked Prime, the Matrix was stolen and he was left at death's door. The precious energy core, crafted by Alpha Trion and having been the source of his strength on so many occasions, was smashed, leaving little useful material. There wasn't enough time to let self-repair do the job, Alpha Trion's reclusive nature made him too difficult to find on such short notice, and actually fabricating one would have taken weeks. So they went to their last option - Alexis.

Alexis had, in the time since they made first contact, flexed her ridiculous genius levels and actually helped adapt the Masterbonding processes to Terran human physiology. She underwent it and merged with Optimus, anticipating it to be a temporary thing… but it was far from it, and now they consider themselves part of one another. Combined, they defeated the alternate Rodimus Prime, reclaimed Optimus' Matrix, and purified Rodimus and his Matrix.

However, the Autobot Council, political meddlers that they were, wanted to try to get rid of Optimus Prime in favor of a lackey they could control more easily, citing concerns of Alexis' influence over a Matrix bearer - indeed, what might she leave in the Matrix? Prime acquiesced to their decisions, as he believed in democratic government (even though the rank and file Autobot civilians far prefer the Prime to the scum they have to choose from for voting), but the Matrix would not let them take it from him. As a result, Prime was stripped of his military rank, and the UAF, in order to ease diplomatic tensions, removed much of his official standing, leaving it amorphous.

However, that really didn't do much but lighten Prime's paperwork. Ultra Magnus, now the "official" Autobot commander, still considers Prime fully in charge for all intents and purposes, as do almost the entire Autobot army and citizenry. Further, his UAF rank, when boiled down of beauracratic BS, further boils down to exactly what it was before - Military Council Chief, level 11.

Prime has as a result continued to be an active leader and military force in the Union, both giving orders and leading the charge. Although the Field Marshal and her staff handle most day-to-day affairs, and he often defers to them, it is not too uncommon to see Prime occasionally take charge of a situation himself, and even when he is not directly in command of the situation, he may well be found on the battlefield lending his aid.

Leaving much of the corrupt membership of the Autobot Council to stew.


  • Sensors - Optimus has an extensive battery of sensors, which he uses for general scientific, tactical and medical purposes. This makes it very hard to get the drop on him and allows him to be a bit of a walking laboratory. These are particularly in his hands and cranial module. His trailer has an even more extensive sensor suite.
  • Laser Rifle - Prime's primary weapon. His laser rifle is an extremely high-powered weapon, with a power output roughly equivalent to a capital ship's main gun. It can be hooked directly into his power core via thousands of microscopic tubes in his hand, allowing him to release exhausting blasts with a power output roughly that of Megatron's.
  • Super Robot Weapons - in Prime's combined mode, he is at quite a disadvantage for melee combat, but he has immediate access to a virtual artillery battery. In this mode he carries two dual-barrel heavy duty particle cannons, and has a selection between two heavy duty energy cannons and two ion blasters. He also has a wide variety of smaller weapons to choose from.
  • Energy Axe - Built directly into Prime, this melee weapon allows him to get close and personal with devastating effects.
  • Horn - As with all big rigs, Prime has an impressive horn. While of little tactical use under most circumstances, it also has the option to play the first few notes of 'La Cucaracha.' Yes, even Prime has a sense of humor.
  • Computers - Prime has two main computer systems built into his body. Both are mainframe in design, giving them high levels of redundancy and battlefield durability. The main processors for these are located in his biceps, although some processing and storage elements are also located in his chest. That said, as with all Transformers from his universe, while the computers he carries are extremely helpful, he can carry out all basic personal tasks even if they are completely destroyed or completely removed. In Prime's particular case, he can easily switch between computer assistance and manual mode for a number of skills, such as sharpshooting, although his computers are particularly helpful in processing his sensory input, making scientific evaluations particularly vulnerable to possible disruption should the computers fail.

Skills and Abilities

  • Strength - Optimus is tremendously strong. He can lift over four million pounds - enough to throw 747's around like rag dolls.
  • Intellect - Optimus Prime has extremely high level intellect. In his previous civilian life he was training to become a medic and a scientist, and retains those skills, which he has continued to develop. He has a considerable amount of scientific knowledge, including (but not limited to) mathematics, computer science, engineering, particle physics, quantum physics, chemistry, xenobiology, robotics, and medicine. He is a specialist in subspace technology, and possesses a number of degrees - as well as the knowledge from even more fields. He is also a qualified medic or physician for a number of species and species types, including most organics (including humans), and Transformers.
  • Tactics and Diplomacy - Prime is a highly skilled tactician - one would hope so, since he's been the Autobot commander for the past six million years. He is also well known for his diplomatic skills, although unlike some of his counterparts in other universes, he is quite willing to switch to "cowboy diplomacy" when more conventional methods fail.
  • Military Skills - Prime is fully trained and qualified for most types of military missions and roles within a military, from practical front-line roles such as infantry and vehicle operations, to more covert operations such as espionage and black operations, to more mundane but no less vital roles in supply lines and behind-lines hospital triage and management. However, due to his size and equipment, these are not always practical for him to actually execute.
  • Culture - As living among so many cultures for so long will rub off on one, so too has Prime picked up quite a bit of information about other cultures. It is not to the detriment of his own culture, however; being the Matrix bearer, he is extremely well versed in Cybertronian religion, and could probably recite the Covenant of Primus by rote.
  • Multiversal knowledge - Prime has been in the Multiverse since nearly the beginning. As such he knows a great deal about it. He has also made it a point to become familiar with things rarely, if ever, encountered in his home universe, such as demons and magic. As such, although he often does not practice the use of things such as magic, he is knowledgeable about them, and can sometimes order certain things to be done, or know how to break a spell.

Other Things

Because Optimus has roughly seventeen billion different incarnations, and the one that I've made is a hybrid, there's a picture page with some additional images of Prime and Prime-related things (i.e. alternate modes, minicons, etc.)

Although Prime technically outranks the Field Marshals, they are usually more directly involved in controlling factional operations. As such, Prime will usually defer to their judgement, especially for day-to-day operations.

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