Nowe (Retired)
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Half-Breed (Human/Dragon)
Source Drakengard-1
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Woefully Misguided Do-Gooder
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 18
Age (Actual) 18
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'10"
Weight 168 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
"I wish I could be the Saviour they used to call me. I want to save you."
Table of Contents


A young man raised by a dragon, Nowe was adopted by General Oror of the Knights of the Seal. Inducted into the Knights, he vowed to protect the five Seals that held the world in balance. He met Manah during this pursuit, who challenged everything the Knights stood for and turned Nowe's world upside-down, bringing him to question their purpose. Escaping from them, Nowe turned his back on the Knights and became a fugitive, joining Manah's quest to free the people from the oppression of the Seals. Despite all he's been through, Nowe is an amiable and cheerful young man, willing to lend a hand where it's needed. He tends to trust too easily, quick to believe the best in everybody. This can lead him into trouble… but his skill with a sword usually gets him out of it. Nowe can draw out the magic inherent in his weapons, lending him a number of different skills to rely on in a pinch.


  • Legna: Easily summed up as "cranky old man dragon," Legna serves as both guardian and father-figure to Nowe. He has excellent natural weapons in his teeth, talons, wings, fiery breath, and sweeping tail. Legna can fight alone, or he can carry Nowe into battle on his back. He also makes for an excellent means of transportation, though he might grumble about extra passengers. (PL 34)
  • New Breed: Both dragon and human, Nowe combines the best of both races, created in the Bone Casket and safeguarded by the dragon Legna. Though unaware of his heritage, it makes him tougher and stronger than the human standard. When pushed into a corner or emotionally strained, he can draw on his rage and awaken his dragon's blood, granting him amazing power for a few short moments. (Aura Flare 33 -> 35, Consent Required)
  • Nowe's Short Sword: Once Oror's sword, this blade was given to Legna as a token of his pledge to raise the dragon's child. It lay forgotten in Legna's lair until Nowe and Legna returned to Mourning Stream, where Nowe took it up once more. It is a well-rounded short sword, with spikes adorning its hilt, and a bit of magic of its own; its value to Nowe lies in its quickness and its solidity. Its magic revitalises Nowe, granting him a short "second wind," even if he's in dire straits.
  • Swordsmanship: Taught by the late General Oror, Nowe learned the ways of the sword from a young age. He knows several conventional techniques, but his personal style tends to rely on instinct and reaction rather than premeditation or discipline. (A list of Nowe's preferred weapons, and their properties, can be found in the pertinent +info files.)
  • Unyielding: Nowe is extremely stubborn. To outside eyes, Nowe might seem like a force of nature on the battlefield. He fights for the protection of his friends, and he also fights for the protection of the downtrodden. Thanks to his conviction, he doesn't stop unless he's physically made to stop, be it through exhaustion or some other means. Fear, pain, injury, and others are not much of a deterrent for him, though they'll certainly catch up to him viciously after the fact.


  • Allies: Upstanding as he is, Nowe can't stand to see anything happen to the people he fights alongside and for. If an ally is in trouble, he'll do anything in his power to help them, even if it means throwing himself into the proverbial (but sometimes literal) line of fire, no matter how dangerous it may be to his own health.
  • Chaotic Good: Though he was part of the Knights of the Seal, Nowe doesn't place very much faith in law or rule. In almost every case he means well, but his means of going about that can be problematic in the eyes of more lawful individuals. He can of course be talked into behaving properly, but if he's caught up in the heat of the moment, he may not remember any lectures.
  • Deserter: Nowe left the Knights of the Seal on particularly bad terms. They have standing orders to hunt him down and bring him in. They'll go to any lengths to drag him back to the Grand Shrine, even if it means throwing ludicrous amounts of soldiers at him. General Gismor wants Nowe's head on a pike, and he's willing to pay handsomely to see that happen. Occasionally, the Knights are in the habit of sending entire battalions after him to ruin his day.
  • Shounen Protagonist in a Grimdark World: The Sealed World is grim and dark, and even the places that aren't tend to hide horrible secrets. Nowe is the kind of person that should be living anywhere but there. He looks for the best in people, and seeing people suffering in any way makes him want to help. That people can be so thoughtlessly cruel distresses him, and he refuses to believe that there can't be solutions that don't involve massive sacrifices to succeed. He's also very trusting, to the point of being almost gullible.
  • Undiscerning Palate: Nowe has a tendency not to look too closely at what he's eating. That is to say, he almost never pays attention. Ever. This leads to ingesting things like "stale leftovers" or "unprepared meats," and tends to make him sick on more than one occasion. Theoretically, it wouldn't be hard for somebody to poison him, because he just wouldn't notice it. It's happened before!
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