Nova Kendalae

General Information

Note: Profile under construction due to crapiness and is subject to change.

Full Name: Nova Kendalae
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Mischievous Guardian Kitsune
Series: Original
Species: Myobu Kitsune

"You're ruining my optimism with your stupidity, stop it."

Profile: Nova Kendalae is a three tailed enigma. A sly and mischievous Myobu Kitsune from a world very similar to 21st century earth with several major differences, he is both a kind hearted creature, respectful Guardian, and a problematic, teenage prankster. He came from a world where paranormal creatures and magic are very well alive and well, yet hidden from most mortals. Though his reasons for doing so are vague, he apprenticed as a Guardian, paranormals and mages dedicated to protecting humans against paranormal dangers, at a rather young age for a Kitsune. While being a Guardian is what he wants, he's known to be somewhat carefree, although mature in his own way, but preferring to be either off playing video games,reading books or more lately, playing sports, basically goofing off instead of doing anything resembling being responsible. But with the childish dragonling Hikari familiar to him, his girlfriend and the responsibility he has being an apprentice Guardian, Nova typically has to play the responsible one. Because of this, he puts on a brave face, remaining positive in the face of disaster, usually making witty remarks and jokes to lighten the mood, all the while fighting for those few he allows to see through the jokes. He's an intelligent Kitsune, well versed in both the charm magic that he uses, the basics of using magic items, and even in forms of magic he can't use. His true talents is when it comes to work with a blade or shapeshifting. Whether it's a longsword, katana or recently a weapon called a Swallow, he is quick and calculating with a strike, utilizing his vulpine agility over strength to his benefit.

Vital Statistics

Age: 44 (Typically appears 17-18)
Gender: Male (Variable)
Usual Species: Anthropomorphic Fox
Height: 5'9" (Variable
Weight: Variable
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Copper (Variable)
Native Region: Unknown United States, Modern era, Magically inclined
Group(s): Special Forces Gamma

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