General Information


Full Name: Noh (Noh Body)
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: X-None
Function: Trouble Magnet
Series: Epic America-1
Species: Dhampir

"…. It was shiny and I thought figuring out what it does would make it more sellable?"

Profile: Kiva Christoff, going by the name NOH BODY, or simply Noh, is not your typical young woman. Born in 1727, Kiva is a Dhampir, or, a hybrid of human and vampire breeding. Born originally in Africa, she was brought to the Americas at the height of slavery in the colonies and spent three years as a slave before running away. She was found by a man who only called himself 'Christoff', a name she adopted as her last name in later years. After revealing himself to be a vampire, Christoff bought Kiva from her cruel master, and for many years after that they lived together in a relationship of Master and Student. In the year 1995 of their world, their lives were disrupted when they were separated by their world's Unification, and since then, Kiva has been fending for herself on the streets of the New Yorks in the Straights of the Americas. An incorrigible kleptomaniac with a penchant for attracting trouble like some people do mosquitoes, Kiva's only greater flaw than her uncontrollable urge to steal things is her lack of discipline, and her strange sense of humor.

Vital Statistics

Age: 282 Years Old (Multiverse Aging Factor: Not Yet in Effect)
Apparent Age: 17 - 18 Years Old
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 95lbs
Occupation: None
Past Occupations: Slave


Shibuya Pins:

Cure Drink
Kinetic Warning
Cornered Rat
MUS RATTUS - Strengthens all pins bought from Mus Rattus (Marked by Underline)

Pin Info can be found **HERE**.


Strength: Being a Dhampir, Noh is graced with the greater strength of the half-vampire blood that pulses in her veins. This is fueled by her own energy, however, it would most likely be doubled if she were to ever take a bit of blood.

Speed: As a Dhampir, Noh is given the grace of faster speed than your regular human joe schmoe. She runs about as fast as a track runner on average, however, if she were to power herself up with blood beforehand, she could easily move with supernatural speed.

Demon/Vampire Detection: Noh has the uncanny ability to sense the demon blood in others; and is especially capable of sensing vampire blood in others. It's enough to make her uneasy around full-blooded vampires, and twitchy about other half-bloods like her. Someone like Alucard, for example, would make her very uncomfortable and even might likely cause a panic attack.

Regeneration: As well as enhanced speed and strength, Noh is capable of healing faster than normal humans; where-as one person may need to stay in the hospital for three days for a wound, she would only have to stay one and a half, to two at most, because of regenerative powers.

Skill: Thievery: Much of her life, Noh has been a thief. She's quite adept at the skills of picking locks, and at picking pockets. (Albeit the latter is consent based more than anything.) She is also good at the art of stealth; sneaking around and disguising herself as she needs to be able to survive in the world abroad.

Skill: Bow and Arrow Use: In her home of Africa, Noh often had to use a crude bow and arrow to hunt for food. She is thus skilled in the use of archery weapons as a means of defense, though past that has the tendency to simply run from combat if she can, and if she can't, when cornered, will fight through any means necessary.

Skill: Survival: Having been around in the world a far longer time than she at first appears, Noh has had a lot of time to learn how to survive on her own, from learning directional and navigational skills, to camping skills, to hunting and gathering skills.

Other Information

Reaper Game Winner: As the winner of a Reaper Game, Noh was given the ability to use a small collection of Pins from the Shibuya (see +Powers/details for List), as well as the ability to ingest human foods without penalty, and the ability to drink or receive blood without pentalty (I.E. W/O becoming a full-blooded vampire.)

Physical Traits: Because of her Dhampir blood, Noh doesn't look like your average African tribes person. She has pale brown features, and fangs (although is capable of hiding them.) She is also capable of digesting blood and turning it into energy like humans do food.

Languages: While not a real power, being more of a skill, Noh is capable of speaking several languages of the places she has lived: Swahili/Africaans, English, German, Roman, Vietnamese, French-Canadian, Transylvanian, Irish, Spanish, Russian. However, her birth language is Tribal Africaan/Swahili. She knows about the Multiverse Translation Effect, however, she forces herself to speak the Garbled smattering of English she knows to most of the world, resulting in an odd accent to her voice. In the company of those she trusts, she allows herself to slip back into her Native tongue, which in turn, is translated by the Multiverse.


Generally smart, somewhat superstitious, occasionally sarcastic. Noh is a genuinely kind individual as far as kindness goes; she's easygoing, likes to try new things. She is cheerful most times, and seems like an Okay person in most ways, unless you bug her about being small, or start trying to touch her too much. She does have her quirks, however, despite being an amiable soul.

Noh has one major flaw: She Simply Cannot Not Touch. (If she sees something she's interested in, she will want to touch it. If it's shiny, not nailed down, or tempting, she will try to steal it. She hordes money like a squirrel does nuts: finding small places to stuff stashes of it on her body or in places where she camps and might return to some day for sake of always 'being prepared', and 'never losing all her loot'.)

What's more, Noh has problems with letting men, or even others, tell her what to do. It's not so much a leadership thing, so much as it is that the whole Slavery thing of the Americas kinda soured her to the aspect of working for people. She'll willingly follow orders if it's to get something done (like fighting her way out of danger, for example) but if someone otherwise tries to order her to, say, do something for them that she gets nothing out of, she'll balk like a mule at water.

Part of the reason why Noh isn't in any faction is because she doesn't really want to get involved in the war. However, either side could very easily drag her in to work for them considering her penchant for bad luck, her thievery skills, and her knack for getting into trouble without meaning to. She has no desire for power, but, has a psychological problem with taking things that aren't hers, especially if they're shiny. She likes accumulating wealth, but not to the point of letting it take over her life.

Like all supernatural creatures (from her world,) Noh has a somewhat keen primal instinct that is somewhat animal in base. She defends what she perceives as her territory with violent measure, she has no problem with hunting for food or eating it raw, and she has a tendency to try and hide when injured because of an instinct saying it's better to hide while injured so you don't get hurt worse. The problem with this is 'territory' can be people, places, or things; and at the moment consist of her friends, her treasures, and her home.


Born in Africa in 1727, Kiva was the only daughter in a family of many strong sons. Like all daughters, he role in life was to one day marry a man, become a mother, and help carry on the tribe's ancestral line. But when Kiva was only thirteen, men from the Americas came, and the year of 1740, she and much of her tribe were taken as slaves to the Americas to work on plantations.

Kiva had always been different, even from birth; and in America, this difference would come to haunt her. Smaller than most girls her age, unnaturally thin and lithe, paler in complextion that most 'darkies', and bearing elongated canine teeth (fangs) she was often thought of as being 'Part hyena' and made fun of by the slave masters, not to mention the many other horrible things that came of female slaves in the colonial days. After withstanding this for three years, in the year of 1744, Kiva got sick of it, and tried to run away.

She might have been hunted down and killed for this, had not a European man hailing from the Greek Islands found her. Shortly after she'd rested, and he'd had time to cover her tracks, however, he enlightened her unto why he had rescued her: He was a vampire, and he could tell she was not human; in fact, from the best he could guess, she was actually half human half vampire: a dhampir. While he had no desire to try and force his ways of life (drinking people's blood) on her, for obviously it would mean he'd have competition in pray, he could use someone like her in the place of your average ghoul.

Some days later, the man, named Christoff, bought Kiva from her slave master, and took her under his wing. It was there that her education began.

Living with Christoff, Kiva saw many things in her life; she saw the change over the Americas as time went on, she saw more and more people she'd known in Africa be brought as slaves; they lived and died under the hands of cruel masters, and always she was thankful that she had Christoff to vouch for her, to teach her life. Christoff taught Kiva many things; how to read, how to write. Thievery skills he'd picked up when he was young, as well as disguise skills.

Every few years, Christoff and Kiva would move; sometimes across country, sometimes to Canada, sometimes to Mexico, somethings to Europe. This was intended to throw suspicion off them, and lose any vampire hunters on their trails. Kiva was called by many names in public, but always her true name was kept to Christoff alone. She never learned Christoff's own true name, but Christoff was good enough for her. Unfortunately, as much as one runs, one can never truly escape what hunts one. Early in the year 1995, Kiva and Christoff were separated from one another when their world Unified with the Multiverse while they were on the run from hunters in New York.

Kiva assumed the identity 'Noh Body' in an attempt to keep herself from becoming the target of hunters or those who use True Names to attack others. While she lived for a while on her own, she soon met Gyatso, and after that Exuro, a pair of Incensus whom she came to consider to be as close as brothers. Exuro invited Noh to live with him in the Castle of Nowhere; the Incensus Home Base, where she continues to reside. After attending a Reaper Game, which she won, she was given the ability to drink blood safely, the ability to eat human food, and the chance to one day age to the point where Multiverse Aging Effect would take over, and she would initially stop aging.

Recently, an adventure was taken into the land of Xanth, where Noh Body and Exuro received an aging elixir, and the answer to a question. With this, Noh Body has become a proper physical age of 18, and has set forth on a new goal.

Epic America

In the world there is light and there is darkness. Humans are not as alone as we would like to assume. Supernatural and alien beings are everywhere. Vampires, real witches, chamens, demons, ghouls, werewolves. All are present in the world of Epic America; though most live by one simple rule: avoiding detection is the main key of survival.

Epic America follows a similar timeline to modern America; however one never knows what famous people in the past may actually have altirior reasons behind their madness. Jack the Ripper? a vampire with no self control. Charls Manson? Posessed by demons. The Son of Sam? His dog was actually a werewolf.

Anything is possible in Epic America; what's so epic about it is the tales tat unfold from the bizarre and unnatural.

OOC Information

Epic America is loosely based on White Wolf's World of Darkness. The Vampire Clans of Vampire: The Masquerade are present, and to those among the know, such as Ghouls, Vampires, select humans, and Noh, who was a Dhampir owned as a Slave by a vampire, they are common knowledge and something to base most experiences of vampires against.

Noh - Picture By Dragonfly - The picture above in original large size format, as drawn by Dragonfly.
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Noh - Picture by Raven DeVanos - A picture of Noh Drawn by Raven DeVanos.

Silent Hill TP - The involvement of Noh in the Silent Hill TP.
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