Noah System

Noah System (Void - Planets and Asteroids)

Situated in a remote part of the void is a small planetary system which has been only recently occupied. Rather uninteresting in nature, the system has no habitable planets nor any resources worth obtaining. Nevertheless, someone has setup a prescence in the system.

Orbiting the second of four planets, a space station maintains a geostationary orbit. Known by some as the Noah Station, it is allied to the Confederacy and appears to be a mix of a residential habitat, trade port and shipyard.

Below the station on the planet below is a small colony, known as the Noah Colony. The planet itself is barren and lacks an atmosphere, as such the colony is enclosed entirely by a large protective dome.

Spread throughout the system are small observation posts and bases used to launch the fighter patrols which protect the station and the colony. High powered sensors are also used to keep an eye out for anyone approaching.

Noah Colony

The Noah Colony is your standard enclosed colony consisting of multiple environmental domes. The colony does not actually have any public landing platforms. The only way to and from the colony are the passenger or cargo transports that launch from the station above.

Most of the colony is split up into three domes, Commercial, Residential, Industrial. There is no military presence inside the colony but the Noah Police Department does have the authority to field military class mechs in severe situations.

The colony is run by a council who are mostly elected by the public. The only position on the council that is not elected is the fleet commander of the NDF.

There are a few domes which are connected to the colony but not actually part of it. These are controlled by the NDF and are restricted.

Noah Station

The Noah Station orbits the planet directly above the Noah Colony. The station is both a civilian and military station. The civilian section consists of a small shopping district, some small housing and a transport center. The military section consists of barracks, command and control (in charge of both military and civilian traffic), shipyards, and other administration.

The Noah Station has a number of docking ports and also has two warpgates on board. One is for military use only and is locked, the other is for public use and is situated in the customs section, which oversees all public warp traffic in and out of the station.

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