No. 9
King Golem Number Nine
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Golem-Style ANMC (Mitochondrially Awakened Ex-Human Cyborg)
Source Parasite Eve II-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 3-Captain
Function Chess Piece
Groups Dominus Ipsum
Other Information
Age (Appearance) ~25
Age (Actual) 42
Still Aging? No
Height 7'9" Standing/5'9"-6'2" Slouched
Weight 620 lbs.
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Black Scleras, Luminescent Yellow/White Iris
"Now that's evolution…"


Soldier, slacker, monster, jerk. A crazed cyborg super soldier infused with Neo Mitochondria, an invasive psionically awakened entity living in his own cells, King Golem No. 9 started life as just another man. A man with hope. Hope for the future. That didn't go over very well, what with the nature of the world we live in. Then a chance came along. To change everything. To make it better. And… he went for it. One BAD decision later, Number Nine was created, head Golem Soldier of the Shadow Government, up-and-coming world conqueror and apocalypse cult. Not remembering much of his human life, (and not feeling too terribly connected to what he did remember) the former flunky of the Shadow Government has grown comfortable in the Confederate ranks, enjoying what he sees as a retirement from slavery and an acceptance by the people who rescued him, took him in and gave him a reason for living again. Violent, crude, unstable and unpleasant, he's a hateful, lazy thing with a serious chip on his shoulder, a perchance for overreacting and a SERIOUS inferiority complex.


Shadow Government Resources: Through… various avenues, Nine still has plenty of access to a lot of the trappings of his previous life. Fully outfitted Golem soldiers, genetic samples of the various ANMC and NMC conversion packages, the Eve clones and Ultimate Being, both Pure and Differentiated strains… Not to mention his current Golem throng and Bishop entourage. The Confederacy has Golem creation on record and can churn them out in record time should their numbers drop.

Jenny: Not a combat critter, but a pet-turned-companion, Jenny is a Confederate SCIENCE! enhanced Greater Stranger he's had with him for a year or more. Yes she can talk. No she won't go into details. Tougher, faster healing and more resilient than other Greater Strangers, she has her mind back AND the ability to deal with Nine when he's in a tiff. Good times.

Off The Leash: Previously a slave to the Shadow Government, the S.G. and the Confederacy… didn't exactly see eye to eye on some things. They backed off, allowing the Confederacy full reign of their King Unit. Some might argue that being massively in-debt to the Confederacy, whether financially or emotionally counts as being on a leash, but after his time in the Shadow Government, his life is an endless sunny day free of care, want or stress. He's free, free to run the fields doing as the Confederacy wishes, and he's loving every second of it.

Equipment: He has this. Gunblade, machete, armor suits, explosives, assorted munitions (Mongoose magnums anyone?). He's got them. And more. And he can get more, if he needs to, whether with his own resources or from his Confederate friends.

Upgraded: It's amazing what the Confederacy can do, especially with an Auric essentially altered to survive massively invasive surgical procedures. Where before his equipment was all crude Y2K tech, he's had a complete and total overhaul, each bit sleeker, shinier and more high-tech than the last. Hyper-modern mental chips, high yield tensile alloy electroreactive polymer meshwork in and around the musculature, rare metallic inlay across the bones and the most cutting-edge synthetic organs the Feds can get their hands on, he's fully up to the most modern of specs.

More Than Human: The Neo Mitochondrial infusion process (when it doesn't kill the subject) definitely provides massive biological enhancement. Severely enhanced tensile strength, ridiculous endurance, reinforced skeletal structure, adrenal control, regeneration and the ability to not only survive the ridiculous surgery it took to make Golems into the half-cyborged killbots they are but lets him pretty much ignore most wounds in battle, laughing off blades and bullets in turn. Not to mention that without the Multiversal effect his status as an NMC would've meant he'd live a looooong time.

Friends: He has them. On both sides of the fence. Union, Confederate, unaffiliated, it rarely matters to him, although he is more than willing to fight any Unionites he becomes friendly with if the Confederacy requires it in any way. But then he's more than willing to fight his Confederate friends for good reasons too, so, yeah. He just likes fighting. And arguing. And generally being a problem.

Giant Living Dragon Golem Cyborg Armored Personnel Carrier: He has one. No fooling. It's named Emet. (PL28/34 with No. 9)


Unstable: Mentally. Upstairs. In the head. One of the major problems with the Neoteny process is the effect on the mind. Most folks go completely insane or escape into catatonia. Nine can hold conversations, take orders and complete tasks, so he's ahead of the curve, but he's still essentially a highly unstable madman with severe mood shifts and a good double handful of lost I.Q. points. He can be a friendly person one minute (albeit crude) and the most villainous wretch the next, capable of acts even the other Confederates Do Not Approve Of.

Lazy: Obtuse and a little puerile, if he's got one genuine bad habit? This is it. He's indolent. He doesn't find out about his enemies, doesn't research his friends. Or very much of anything. …He just doesn't bother. He could, but in all likelihood? If he can get away with not doing something? He's not going to do it.

Jerkass Woobie: He's had people want to punch him in the face. Heck, he's been punched in the face. And in the spine. And in the internal organs. With high energy weapons. But for some reason people also want to hug him, and help him, and tell him it'll be better. He's a jerk. And a half. But he also has a bit of a soft side, and people react to both.

Socially Awkward: He's got some things against him. He's crazy, for one. Being ugly doesn't help. When his insanity acts up, his verbal tics get worse. He also has little idea of how to act in society, how to react to anger or confrontations, things like laws, concepts such as personal space… Oh. And don't get him around women. Just don't. Add to that being a shameless attention whore and a spastic, manic depressive dick prone to deep depression and unrepenting aggression and you have someone not too fun to be around sometimes.

Neo Mitochondria: It has some downsides. Besides the danger of sudden cellular rebellion which could lead to (temporary to permanent) losses of sentience, dissolving into biologically infectious mobile subcellular sludge, spontaneous combustion or further mutation, it makes him a walking biohazard, every drop of blood a potentially devastating contagion, and also comes with a rather ugly caloric price tag.

Elemental Aversion: Not so much a weakness really, he HATES electricity. And fire. But mostly electricity. Or maybe fire more. He's not sure.

Other Aversions/Burgeoning Phobias: Fire (it's just an intense dislike), electricity (ditto), surgery (inconvenient), being alone (MORE inconvenient but averted with a Companion Cube), shadows (embarrassing), and extreme life-threatening heights (…understandable, actually).

Soldier: He's a King Model. As in chess. He's part of a game. He'll direct the troops, and in battle is more a Queen than a King (DO NOT CALL HIM THIS UNLESS YOU WANT HIM TO TRY TO EVISCERATE YOU) but when it comes to making directions from the player end of the chessboard? He just can't do it. He's a follower.

No Class: There are classy, charismatic Confederates. No. 9 is not one of them. His manner, his dress, his bearing, language choice, personal hygiene, everything about him is DEFINITELY not an example of Confederate style. He makes your stereotypical beer swilling college student look clean-cut and refined.

Frustrated: Lets just say that everything Nine used to do to make himself feel better, feel relaxed, feel at ease? Alcohol, drugs, women? Can't do it anymore. At all. The first two have no affect on him, and the third… …well lets just say that Neoteny has a couple of negative and /frustrating/ side effects.

Unpleasant: Neoteny has some effects on the body. Facial appearance, physical build, voice, personal odor, the feel of his skin, even the taste of his flesh if anyone was stupid enough to bite him, a hundred different shades of ugly.

Additional Equipment and Belongings

Guns: He has a few, but when he's not having fun sniping things (and yes, he uses his sniper rifle mostly for fun and relaxation) you can usually find him shooting at you with a Mongoose, a large 44-caliber revolver. He's got a few more but he's not often seen actually using the things. He's not much of a gun person, really.

Blades: He's more into knives, blades and swords, of which he's got more than a few. Besides collecting interesting, well designed and sadistic looking knives, but beyond the odd combat knife, blade-wise he's most often going to cut people up with a trusty, treasured old friend, his machete. He's been through thick and thin with that particular blade, and does some of his best work with it, sometimes while on fire.

Gunblades: Or, just the one. A shotgun with a drum-clip and a massive blade, the gunblade can fire normal buckshot, solid slugs or incendiary ammunition, the blade fielded with an ionized force envelope that goes well beyond normal cutting in terms of damage output. A rather ugly weapon, all told.

Grenades: He has a few. Paralytics, poison, tear gas, knockout gas, riot grenades, firefly grenades, force bombs, foggers, air burst, you name it, if it's not too terribly difficult to have he might have one or ten about his person.

Explosives: There's rarely a time when he isn't able to pull a fully set bomb made by yours truly out of a pack and set it to it's work on a nearby building. They tend to be big, timed, awkward and rather disturbingly high yield. He doesn't use them /all/ the time. But he does use them.

Body Armor: He has it. He wears it. He swears by it, both the stealthier, easier to move in freedom of the Night Option body armor to the heavier, bulkier protection of the Desert Option set.





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Useless Facts, Funny Bits and Random Weirdness

Atomic Robo, on the subject of No. 9: "-But that doesn't change the fact he's also a pack of fries short of a happy meal, and dangerous."

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