Niv Mizzet

General Information

Full Name: Niv-Mizzet
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Guild master of the Izzet
Series: FC - Ravnica-1
Species: Planeswalker - Red Dragon

"Time changes all things. Powers rise, and corrupt men fall. With Ravnica restored to its former glory, it is time now for the efforts I took there to be applied to the entire multiverse."

Profile: An ancient, brilliant, red dragon, and now a planeswalker, Niv-Mizzet is the co-head and founder to the Izzet, dedicated to the advance of technology and research. A cunning and fearful planeswalker, Niv-Mizzet truly is a force for anyone to reckon with. In Ravnica, the legends say that the ancient dragon has lived for over ten thousand years and that the city itself was actually given to him in return for his signature upon the Guildpact. Since his arrival in the Multiverse the ancient dragon has done many things, most well known for the actions that led to the return of his kind in the City of Ravnica and the defeat of Nicol Bolas. As a result, Ravnica has began to reform its goverment with both him and his 'twin' Thianel aiding as often as they can. Thianel does a majority of running the Izzet guild. The kits Rhapsody, Sidonia, and Ryxinel now have their lairs within the city, but are often not far from their father and help him whenever he needs it. With his Planeswalking powers now fully developed, Niv's spellcasting is nearly unlimited, allowing him to call mana and cast spells at a rate not often found within Ravnica. The red dragon is a fair leader, one that understands the importance of morale and experience, but he also knows the importance of rank, and will reprimand or straight out punish someone if he believes they deserve it, friend or not. As a guildleader to the Izzet for ages, he knows what kind of mistakes not to make in leadership and helps within the Union and offers his experience when he feels its needed.

Vital Statistics

Age: 11,377
Date of Birth: March 5th
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 18' (Dragon) 7' (Humanoid)
Length: 88' (Snout to tail) 26' (Tail) 36' (Body) 24' (Neck and snout)
Width: 12'
Wingspan: 98' (Dragon) 14' (Humanoid)
Frame: Appears fairly strong.
Weight: None of your business!
True Name: Nivrixmizzethianel (Niv-Ricks-Miz-zeth-ian-el)
Note: A dragon's height is measured up to their shoulders.
Additional Info: As a planeswalker he can change all of this but his age at any time.

Additional Details

Planeswalker: A Planeswalker, in a simple way, is an -extremely- powerful wizard. For Niv-Mizzet, being of Ravnica (And on a greater extension, the universe of Dominaria) causes this to give him a lot of abilities while a few others are locked away. First to note is his spellcrafting ability, able to call up greater amounts of mana at a faster pace. Usually memories of certain lands are used to call up the energy, but as a 'walker he is able to simply summon it with but a thought. Another ability of this is his shapeshifting. While he is most recognizable in his draconic form, as a 'walker his true form is now something much more intangible, like a powerful energetic source, which most would say the spark of a Planeswalker is. The forms Niv tends to take most often are his draconic appearence and a smaller less intimidating form. Beyond this the dragon has found no need to seek out further forms. The third notable item from this is his ability to teleport nearly anywhere, and is limited by powerful barriers and the barriers of the Multiverse itself. Diminished by returning the dragon hatchlings to life at the Cauldron, Niv now lacks the abilitiy to resurrect anyone, and is not immortal much like most planeswalkers are thought to be. Through the efforts of himself and so many allies, it was when Bolas was finally struck from the Multiverse that Niv's spark seems to have regained as much of its power as is possible in the Multiverse. While still not able to leave, all his strength is typically available to him now at all times.

The Izzet: In Ravnica, there are 10 guilds. Of them, the Izzet serve the purpose of maintaining and running the utilities of Ravnica. Not -all- of their resources are used to this end, realize. The Izzet also are passionate researchers. They let no obstacle stop them from furthering their research. It doesn't matter if its immoral, or the results 'might be disastrous' but the Izzet will go forward none the less. Its a common fact in Ravnica that most Izzet discoveries never occur until at least two explosions have likely occurred. They've succeeded, due to this impassioned research, in creating thermal power plants. They've created guns, mana crystals, flying machines, and even elementals made of water and fire that they call weirds. No one can say the guild hasn't created amazing things and its likely that they'll continue to do so.

Brilliant: The nickname 'Firemind' came from the combination of Niv's predatory nature and brilliant mind for creation of the most amazing inventions that have come to be in Ravnica. Mizzium Alloy, the strongest metal on the plane, Invizomizzium, a transparent form of the previous, and the Weirds the Izzet often create are three of the most well documented creations the dragon has come up with. Arriving to the Multiverse, Niv will quickly understand most things that are presented to him. He's an extremely quick learner and now that there is so much to learn he's quite eager to do so.

Izzet Guildhall Thirix: The Multiverse has constantly proven to Niv-Mizzet that there is much more to be found in just a few of its worlds then he could have ever learned in Ravnica. With so much to discover, it has become official that Niv-Mizzet has moved out of Ravnica and into New Washington proper after constructing the Izzet's new primary guildhall, Thirix, with Nivix in Ravnica acting as a secondary and home to those who still serve Ravnica. Thirix is a massive research facility as well as an academy that Niv plans to use to further both his own and his Magewright's knowledge of the worlds. Due to the need to make a temporary government seat near the Cauldron to save his children, Thirix is now also capable of moving about, armed to the teeth, and can likely be considered a capital air and spaceship, though its technology based entirely upon the Ravnican magic system rather then conventional sciences.

  • Thirix is capable of becoming one of seven ships, the largest of which being the main pillar of Thirix while the other six ships are the smaller spires when disconnected from its frame.

Major NPCs

Thianel: His soul-twin, as termed by himself, Thianel was the construct Niv created shortly after the guildpact was signed to attempt to fight for the re-emergence of his race from the tyranny the Azorius Senate had created. With that task completed, Thianel has turned into Niv's Co-Guildmaster of the Izzet and handles the guild at large while Niv moves in the Union, aiding them at large, and learning how to work his newly found planeswalking powers. The mechanical dragon is often called upon when Niv may be unavailable for any number of reasons.

The Hatchlings: Found in a ruin of Ravnica far removed from the city center, Niv created the Cauldron around three ancient dragon eggs to help them mature and hatch. At first, this information was known to a very select few. As their hatching neared, Niv hired a number of mercenaries to protect them and to help them slip out of Ravnica. This did not occur. A traitor within the ranks alerted the Ravnican Goverment which led to the massive conflict contained within the Spark of Life plot arc. In the end, all the kits were saved, two ressurected after Niv-Mizzet discovered his Spark and Planeswalking powers.

  • Rhapsody: The smallest of the trio, Rhapsody was the single hatchling to not die during the initial invasion that was sent to kill the three kits. It was her egg that shot a brilliant pillar of light into the sky over the Cauldron to signal that One Yet Remained despite the death of her sibblings. After hatching, Rhapsody found herself taking a liking to music and to her godparent, Ry Wayas. She has since learned how to use an electric guitar fairly well and at times will display this talent on the Mulitversal Broadband frequency. She's a white Ravnican dragon, and has an affinity toward the white planes magic of the Dominarian 5-mana magic system.
  • Sidonia: The steatlhy one of the trio of kits, Sidonia was one of the two hatchlings to be killed by the Dimir infiltrators. After being resurrected by her father and being allowed to hatch, she found herself grateful to her father and to the Union at large for their aid. Since then, she's taking a liking to her other godparent, Talynn Black, and has trained with her at length in stealth arts which she and Talynn have used to prank her unsuspecting father. She's a blue Ravnican dragon and has an affinity toward the blue island magic of the Dominarian 5-mana magic system.
  • Ryxinel: The only male and largest of the trio of kits, Ryxinel was the other of the two hatchlings that was successfully killed by the Dimir infiltrators. As a result he's come to believe he needs to become as strong as his father and works toward that goal by constantly training both his body and his magic skills to one day attain this goal. He's fairly rough around the edges, hating the idea of having to ask for help, but when he does asks it only of his family. He's taken an affinity toward only the elders in his family, Thianel, Niv-Mizzet, and the mother-figure to them, Aristreia. Along with his combat skills, he's alos trying to learn to use both black and whitesmithing to his advantage. Niv has even found him, at times, studying the Mizzium Equation in a desperate effort to try and improve it. He's a red Ravnican dragon and has an affinity toward the red mountain magic of the Dominarian 5-mana magic system.

Rizix: The chief aid to Niv-Mizzet while he was working in Nivix. Rizix has kept this position but serves Thianel as busily as he serves Niv-Mizzet in day to day actions. Rizix is a small goblin of Ravnica and has often times shouted out random snippets to the Multiversal broadband that has made some question his intelligence. Witty, but ultimately a coward, Rizix hardly ever leaves Thirix and has also been dubbed its lead Pilot when Thirix is in need of transport.




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