New Washington

New Washington is the capital of the Union. It is home to a massive population, as well as the central Union government buildings and Union Armed Forces Headquarters.

It is built over the remains of Washington D.C. from another world which suffered a nuclear war that destroyed all life (Dr. Strangelove's Earth, actually). Since its inception, it has expanded to cover most of the East Coast of what was the United States in that world, making it a mega-city of nearly unparalleled size in the Multiverse.

Recent events literally tore New Washington from its place in the Multiverse and placed it in a parallel dimension, still within the Multiverse. However, it is in full contact with the outside world with numerous warp gates available, as well as full life support. It is in the process of being rebuilt into a more viable permanent form, though the exact nature of this form remains top secret.

During this crisis, Union Military Headquarters was damaged severely and is effectively unable to continue functioning. Its remains, once all property within are salvaged, will probably be demolished, assuming the ruins do not collapse on their own. Military assets are now more scattered through the city, with the Union Elite Forces now finding their headquarters close to the original Union Headquarters in a facility codenamed Daystar Alpha.

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