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Dark, alien, menacing. The Neuroi are an alien species of considerable power. They've spread across worlds like a plague, consuming the resources of the planets in order to create more of themselves. Existing as individuals, but guided by coordinated hive minds, every Neuroi exists to serve the goals of the race as a whole. Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes, their high regeneration and powerful lasers make them extremely dangerous in combat, almost unstoppable if not for their vulnerable cores. Unable to fully comprehend the other forms of life in the Multiverse, the Neuroi consume lands indiscriminately, caring nothing for borders or the people who live there.

Threat Levels

The types of crafts fielded by the Neuroi are quite varied and they often deploy new ones as time passes. However, the crafts typically fall under generic categories. This is determined by the size, capabilities and purpose of the Neuroi craft in question. These types of craft are spread out over four threat levels.

A Neuroi Hive



The most powerful of the Neuroi types is naturally the Hive. Neuroi Hives are massive structures, hidden from view by rolling black clouds. These mobile fortresses are extremely well defended and very hard to destroy. It is from the Hives that the majority of Neuroi are created and deployed. They have been known to hold several dozen Large types, along with countless smaller types. Assaulting a Neuroi Hive is an extensive operation and usually results in heavy casualties.

While Hives are capable of flight, their movement is very slow so they tend to remain stationary. However, all Hives are capable of instantaneous long-range movement. This is the process through which they are capable of reaching other worlds. The amount of energy required to perform such a planetary jump is very high and as such, is not a common occurance. Attempts to track or anticipate the appearance of Hives has thus far proven unsuccessful.

A Witch type Neuroi



The most powerful of the Neuroi mobile combat crafts, the Witch type Neuroi is named such because it takes on the appearance of a Witch. This humanoid shape bears similarities to the various magical girls that are used to combat the Neuroi. While one of the smallest crafts fielded by the Neuroi, they are the most powerful, having shown abilities that no other Neuroi are capable of. The two main differences between the Witch types and the others are: First, the Witch types have proven to have the ability to teleport short distances. It is theorized that the energy required to do so cannot be contained within a single Witch type and as such is only possible with additional external sources. Second, beams fired by the Witch types are capable of altering their course in order to home in on targets.

In the past, Witch types have shown to be more passive than other Neuroi. They have seemingly been willing to refrain from engaging human forces provided that they show no immediate threat to the Witch type or any surrounding Neuroi. As such, any encounters with Witch types should be approached cautiously, especially considering their offensive power.

The base of a Capital type Neuroi


Capital types are named such because they are rare and unique. They also don't conform to any of the other types, having wildly differing sizes and capabilities from one to the next. Capital types are rare likely because of the amount of resources that must go into their construction. Taking on a Capital type often requires specialized plans beyond that of typical engagements, as fighting a Capital type is anything but typical. While these plans may take many shapes, their objective still remains the same as any other fight with the Neuroi: Destroy the core.


The Ultra-Heavy type Neuroi are equally as rare as the Capital types, though not so unique. The Ultra-Heavy types are one of the only two Neuroi types that are purely ground focused. Where most Neuroi have extensive flight capabilities, the most that an Ultra-Heavy type can achieve is to hover a few meters above the ground. The Ultra-Heavy types are about equal in size to Large types, but are shaped more like a structure than a vehicle. This is because the Ultra-Heavy types are effectively a mobile fortress. Their primary purpose is to defend Neuroi territory from ground attacks, though they have occasionally been seen used as launch platforms for Neuroi ground offensives. The Ultra-Heavy types move quite slowly and have limited maneuverability, but have considerable offensive and defensive capabilities.

The most common Large type Neuroi



The mainstay of the Neuroi ability to wage war. The Large type Neuroi are the front line combat types and are therefore the most commonly encountered. Their purpose is almost exclusively combat through overwhelming firepower. They come in a variety of shapes but are all quite large. The most common of the Large types have wingspans equal in length to a full sized aircraft carrier. While the defensive capabilities of the Large types may differ between each (one might have stronger armor while another faster regeneration) they all share a great amount of offensive power. It's not uncommon to see a single Large type sinking an entire fleet, or leveling a major city to the ground. It's relatively hard to be surprised by the actions or behavior of a Large type, but what they lack in tactics, they make up for in sheer force. Taking down a single Large type requires teamwork, determination, or a lucky shot.

Outpost type Neuroi


The Outpost types are immobile defensive structures that are used to secure Neuroi territory, extract local resources, and act as forward bases to launch Neuroi offensives. The defensive shells of Neuroi outposts have proven extremely hard to break through, almost as hard as an actual Hive. This increased defensive strength does have a downside, it means that the shell structure itself cannot be used to fire the Neuroi's standard beam weapons. Instead, the defense of the Outpost must fall to the many drones it fields and whatever other Neuroi craft are stored there or are nearby. This also means that attacking and destroying a Neuroi Outpost involves more than simply using firepower. Non-typical methods are necessary in order to reach the Outpost's interior where the core is protected.

Medium type Neuroi specializing in speed



The Medium type Neuroi are the most varied of the Neuroi types. Their size can range from as small as an insect to almost reaching the size of a Large type. Medium types are also the only regular Neuroi types that can have a purpose other than straight combat. Medium types are only slightly more uncommon than Large types, often being used for support or defending other Neuroi. But some are occasionally seen on the front lines in situations where a Large type won't work.


The Heavy type Neuroi is the only other type which is created specifically for ground combat. Like most other Neuroi, the Heavy types are focused primarily on combat. The Heavy types are the basic frame of Neuroi movements on the ground. They typically resemble tanks, though are much more powerful. They are still weaker than a Medium type so are rarely found alone. The Heavy types usually operate in groups of about six, except in large offensives.

Small type interceptor Neuroi
Drone type Neuroi



The smallest and weakest individual Neuroi that one is likely to encounter. The Small types are exclusively used as scouts or escorts. They are often seen entering combat in order to defend a more powerful Neuroi from small, fast moving enemies. They are also tasked with patrolling Neuroi territory and watching for enemy incursions. Extremely weak on their own, Small types rely on numbers in order to swarm their opponents and chip away at them with repeated attacks.


Not actually a Neuroi, drones are extremely small Neuroi craft launched from the larger Neuroi. They are effectively remote weapons, launched in numbers in order to provide cover for their host Neuroi. Drone types are mostly seen as defense for Outposts, Capitals or Ultra-Heavy types. The destruction of the host Neuroi will destroy all Drone types it has launched.



  • 28 OCT AU19 - Large Type encountered and destroyed above city of Brisbane, Australia. Neuroi Hive materializes above city, forcing retreat of both factions from Brisbane and its surroundings.
  • 4 NOV AU19 - Six Heavy Types launch an assault against the Confederate defense line north of Brisbane. All six are destroyed and the containment is maintained.
  • 2 DEC AU19 - Neuroi Capital Type measuring 10km across moves to destroy city of Gold Coast, escorted by swarm of Small Types. Entire force is destroyed moments before destroying the city.


Below are additional images of various Neuroi craft.

Large Type
Large Type
Large Type
Large Type
Large Type
Large Type
Large Type
Medium Type
Medium Type (Special)
Medium Type
Medium Type
Medium Type
Medium Type
Small Type
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