Nethryn Ervale
Nethryn Ervale-Cordelia
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Deity
Source (Original) Realm Chronicles-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 4-Grand Inquisitor
Function Nether God/First Mate
Groups Ministry of War and Azulean Raiders
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-20's
Age (Actual) Unknown
Still Aging? No
Height ~5'10"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
"You know all those things that exist on the borders of your mind? A flitter in the shadow, a gnawing at the back of your sanity, a cold sweat when you wake in the middle of the night. You? You call them nightmares. Me? I call them servants."
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Nethryn Ervale, one of the last two survivors of the lost Kingdom from the world known as 'Realm', is a powerful Nether-wielding sorceress and first-mate to Evelynn Cordelia's ship, The Sea Sapphire. She keeps how she and the ship's engineer managed to survive the collapse of the Kingdom of the Nether God an absolute secret to this day, avoiding the topic any time it comes up. Her skill with her blade, Void Angel, is second only to her ability to cast spells and control the Nether, serving as one of the primary reasons that the ship is able to traverse such a dangerous and daemon-filled dimension. Her reputation among the crew is for sadism, sarcasm, and interrogation. When Evelynn is not present, Nethryn serves as the acting Captain of her ship. Recently, Nethryn was able to garner her own infamy in the world when she murdered the God of Darkness and usurped his spot, now serving as the guardian of the Darkness under Realm and all of the creatures that the God previously kept sealed.


  • Magic: Nethryn has two specialties in Magecraft: Nether and Fire. Between those two, her strongest magic is Nether. She's able to not only cast powerful dark spells and bolts of pure chaotic energy, she's capable of summoning grotesque and horrifying daemons from the Nether dimension and has enough skill and prowess to safely guide entire fleets through it for extremely fast travel over vast distances. These are, of course, just examples of her mastery of the Nether. Her Fire abilities are more basic, with her being capable of throwing balls of fire, create waves of flame, and generally combust things.
  • Void Angel: A magical sword said to once have been the personal blade of Nether himself. The Void Angel is a long, black bladed sword, glowing with a sinister red core. It is one of the Eight Legendary Artifacts, and is the last surviving artifact of the Lost Kingdom. The blade is wickedly sharp, dark-aligned, and when wielded in Nethryn's hands it provides a profound boost to her already formidable spellcasting. Nethryn also possesses the unique ability of being able to tap into the core powers sealed within her weapon at all times, a skill not even Evelynn is capable of doing. Additionally, the Void Angel's true power is in its flexibility. It possesses the capability of changing its form to whatever weapon Nethryn best feels suits the fight. <Can armor change. Takes one round>
  • Interrogation: Be it with magic, various nasty instruments or daemons, Nethryn is highly skilled in interrogating people and extracting information. When you couple this skill and knowledge of anatomy and inflicting pain with her unnatural ability to keep people alive far beyond what they should be able to survive, interrogation by Nethryn is a thing of infamy and the mention of it strikes fear into the hearts of many.
  • Nether God: Unknown to most, if not all, is the fact that Nethryn is not just a survivor or the lost kingdom, she's actually the god of it, given human form. Nethryn is, literally, the god of the Nether. And while she has sealed her true form, this status still explains many things. It explains her above-average control over Void Angel, her superhuman strength, speed, endurance and her uncanny control over the lost magecraft. However, that is not to say that her true form is lost to her. Quite the opposite, when she's backed into a corner, Nethryn is capable of ripping open a portal to the void and letting the chaos and dark energies wash over her, transforming her into a creature of intense power and frightening visage… <Boss Mode. Also allows for the use of Nether Demons as NPCs>
  • God of Darkness: Nethryn killed the God of Darkness, and thus absorbed his powers into herself. It is public knowledge in the world of Realm that Nethryn Ervale is also the God of the Dark Core realm. She gained a third specialty in magic and a supreme control over the Darkness element in her world. She can conjure and summon shadows, often weaving them with Nether Magic to create terrifying beasts. She can meld into and out of shadows, traveling in them with ease and speed. Nethryn also has, as the God of Darkness, the backing of the Dark Core nation underneath her, a land that consists of a system of caves that run all under the world of Realm.
  • Sanctum of the Nether Darkness: The Sanctum of the Nether Darkness is Nethryn's base and laboratory. Carved out and set deep in the side of a volcano that was pulled from the Volatile Wastes and then bathed in the dischordic energies of the Nether Dimension, it serves as a lab for Nethryn. Changed from its time in the Volatile Wastes and the Nether Dimension, the energies of waste, decay and entropy allow her a perfect location with which to conduct vile fleshcrafting experiments and give birth to terrifying horrors. Internally, the layout is expansive, taking up large amounts of space deep within the mountain with machinery, security systems, powerful guards and flowing waterfalls and rivers of what she calls 'Volatile Magma' that run under metallic floors in insane geometric designs that often defy the laws that should confine them.
  • Mother of Abomination: If Achryn Nanako is famed as the greatest artificer in Realm, Nethryn is easily qualified as the worst by technicality. In contrast to the beautiful, elaborate and intricate creations of her pupil, the things Nethryn creates are horrific, twisted and often consist of geometries that damage the sanity just to behold. While her apprentice focuses on the glorious clockwork perfection of giving life to machinery, Nethryn focuses on the inverse beauty of destroying the sacrosanctity of life, twisting and breaking perfection, to craft beings of sheer corruption and absolute terror. (Monsters of Varying PL)


  • Capricious: Nethryn is a woman who is prone to fits of whimsy and changing her mind for little, if any, stated reason. She's a woman as freeform and unfettered as the weapon she wields, in a lot of ways. She will, on occasion, do something because it amuses her or out of her own boredom.
  • Eternally Lazy: Nethryn is, additionally, a rather lazy woman. She's been known to shirk her duties and make the crew pick up her slack. She also has a degree of infamy for napping for days, if not weeks at a time. Her status as first mate and her high-level abilities allow her to get away with a slothfulness that would get a crew member executed, but at most will usually cause Evelynn to grump at her.
  • Sadist: Nethryn is notoriously sadistic in her interrogations. She derives a sick amount of pleasure from figuring out the worst way to break a person physically and mentally. It is, at times, extreme even for a Confederate. Her reputation, in many avenues, precedes her and can cause people to feel uncomfortable even being around her.
  • Soft Spot: Occasionally, even despite her sadism, Nethryn takes a liking to certain people because something about them catches her eye. Notable examples of this include Achryn and her creativity, or Evelynn and her drive. These people are ones that Nethryn is loathe to see harm come to.
  • Magic Vulnerability: Nethryn's primary focuses are Nether and Fire, currently. And while powerful in these, she's vulnerable to the opposite elements, which from her world is the 'Arcane' element and the 'Water' Element. Preparation and hard work, or just coming up against these elements in large amounts, can put a hamper on her abilities. Additionally, as the God of Darkness, Light-based magic can cause her aggravated damage.
  • Deity without Followers: Other Gods from her worlds have nations behind them. Nations with armies, resources and whatnot. Nether, as a god, has none of this. As far as the world knows, Nether died centuries ago when her nation was ripped from reality. The only known followers of Nether, aside from various Daemons, are Achryn and Raze.
  • Sanctum of the Nether Darkness: The downside to the Sanctum of the Nether Darkness is that it means that Nethryn has an asset manifest in the Multiverse. She cannot draw upon the true energies and powers of everything it has been exposed to while it is in her dimension. The Sanctum, while sturdily built, is entirely assailable and doing so successfully runs the risk of setting back her research by weeks, if not months, by wiping out her research subjects.
  • Closet Cosplayer: Sure, she can change her weapon's form, but is the outfit changing really necessary?
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