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Neo-Zeon is a small, unaffiliated nation located in the Universal Century-2 sector of the Multiverse. With the exception of a colony on Mars, their country is entirely located in several space colonies centered in Lagrange Point 2. They are perhaps best known for being exceptionally well armed for a neutral organization, a legacy of the local wars fought in the past twenty years, and their extensive use of mobile suits (mecha).


Originally founded as the Republic of Zeon by Zeon Zum Deikun, who declared the independence of the Side 3 colonies (located at the second Earth-Luna Lagrange Point) thirty-some years ago, variations of the Zeon banner have been taken up by a succession of leaders before finally returning to the hands of his son Casval Rem Deikun, better known as the ace pilot Char Aznable.

This newest movement was founded with the goal of forcing the remaining inhabitants of Earth to emigrate to space, so that the theoretical evolution of humanity into Newtypes could be realized. Char's plan involved a series of massive asteroid drops against the Earth, ultimately leading to an extinction-level impact that would render the planet uninhabitable. The final collision attempt involved the Axis asteroid, which had been the headquarters of the previous Neo-Zeon movement. This plan was foiled by the Union and the Londo Bell Taskforce, and ultimately by Neo-Zeon itself – the selfless actions of the Union's elites and of his rival, Amuro Ray, during the battle led Char to conclude that perhaps humanity deserved another chance, and so he assisted in the destruction of Axis. While not conclusively confirmed, it is generally accepted that Char was KIA along with the asteroid.

Neo-Zeon did not die with Char Aznable, however; his protégé and wingman, Avel Koslov, assumed command of the movement along with the governance of their base colony, Sweetwater. Under his leadership, Zeon took a more moderate stance regarding Earth, and was able to secure independence for the colonies it controlled through negotiation with the Earth Federation rather than force.

While there has been no explicit retraction of their former goal of humanity's complete emigration from Earth, it no longer seems to be high on their agenda, either. Local political pundits speculate that this change in tack may be due to the influence of Commander Koslov's wife, First Lady Yulia Koslova, who was born on an iteration of Earth.


Neo-Zeon is a stratocracy (albeit a relatively non-malicious one), in which there is little distinction between what would be considered military and civilian offices in other forms of government. The nation is led by the Governor-General of the Armed Forces, who is in turn supported by a council comprised of various military and civilian advisers, including the Governors of the individual colonies. Human/sentient rights are generally observed, along with freedom of speech and the press.

Multiversal Relations:

After several years of conflict ending with a cease-fire after the Second Battle of Axis, Neo-Zeon secured its independence from the Earth Federation as part of a peace treaty.

Although it had at one point been part of the Confederacy, Neo-Zeon has broken ties with them and declared itself officially Neutral. It generally allows members of both greater factions, of Cirrus-Marine, and those of no faction aboard its civilian colonies, so long as their laws are observed. They have also accepted settlements of multiversal refugees fleeing war and/or persecution, most notably the Coordinators.

The Union and Confederacy have generally accepted Neo-Zeon's position of neutrality, though it has not entirely prevented the occasional cross-border scuffle. Relations with the Union are complicated yet generally friendly - as part of their peace treaty with the Earth Federation, Londo Bell routinely patrols inside their borders. Relations with the Confederacy are cool but civil.

Neo-Zeon has a thorny relationship with the independent Imperium of Man (Warhammer 40000-1). While there are no formal diplomatic relations with the Imperium government, they are on friendly terms with the Space Wolves chapter of Space Marines, and have accepted one of their emissaries to be stationed on Aznable. Interactions between Neo-Zeon and the Adepta Sororitas, however, usually end with an exchange of heavy firepower.


Aznable Colony - Refurbished from an abandoned colony that they claimed as a prize of war during the Crimson Planet campaign, Neo-Zeon's newest space colony has helped to relieve Sweetwater of its severe overcrowding problems as well as add some additional legitimacy to their fledgling government. The bulk of the NZAF ships are stationed here.

Coordinators - Neo-Zeon also accepted approximately 10,000 Coordinator refugees from the Gundam Seed Destiny-1 sector after the destruction of the PLANTs. These refugees were originally settled in Sweetwater, but are now making their homes on the other colonies as well.

Mars – After the rediscovery of a Principality of Zeon colony on Mars, Neo-Zeon has been developing mining facilities to supply its other colonies with raw materials for industry.

Military – Neo-Zeon was able to retain much of its military equipment after the last Battle of Axis, including its flagship, the Rewloola, at least one Musaka-class cruiser, and a fair number of Mobile Suits. While no longer on a war footing, the military routinely patrols Side 3 space to discourage piracy and any “accidental” intrusions of its territory by unfriendly parties.


Sweetwater Colony – A refugee colony in Side 3 that was slapdash constructed from the the remains of an open-type colony and a closed-type colony. Like virtually all refugee camps, Sweetwater was rundown and overcrowded, but recent repairs and improvements in basic services have made life there more pleasant. Many of its former residents have since emigrated to Aznable, which has helped to ease the overcrowding.

NPCs of Note:

Nanai Miguel - F - Director of Neo Zeon's Newtype Labs and military chief tactical officer

Horst Harness - M - Chief political advisor

Kaises Buyer - M - Chief of Staff & advisor

Lyle - M - Captain of the Rewloola

Kelvin - M - Captain of the Musaka

Magnus Ryobi - M - Governor of Mars Colony

Quess Pariah - Never left Earth, nowhere to be found anywhere in Zeon. Rumors persist that the Gundam cast shoved her out an airlock.

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