Nathan Hall
Nathan Hall
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Original
Faction Union
Rank 6-General
Function Librarian
Groups Heaven Or Hell, Gatecrashers Union, Thousand Dreams
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Generically Youngish
Age (Actual) "Enough" years old.
Still Aging? Yes
Height Average
Weight Below-Average
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dull Blue
"This is incredibly worrying."


Nathan Hall is rather unusual for such a normal guy. Unification brought him into the multiverse as a mere mundane librarian from a modern, unremarkable world, but a parade of poor luck and strange friends has rocketed him to multiversal relevance. Since then, he's gotten tangled up in the destruction of the grand conspiracy of the Shadow Government, the resolution of the sororal strife between two knights of Panaan, the recovery of the powerful Draupnir seal shards, the grand plot by Elliana Fairchild to ascend to godhood, and the warmongering of the Kingdom of Baron, along the way picking up everything from mechanical wings, to a gunblade, to shielding technology, to a sonic device, He's also gained the power to enhance his actions and manifest sorcery with Essence, channel the power of the Elder God Hastur, affect the world through the heavenly power of Faina, and wield both white and black magic. But some things never change, and Nathan still solves problems as best he can with investigation, negotiation, and level-headed thinking. Despite the vast array of changes and accumulations, the core of his personality remains the same. Nathan is still a passive, uncertain, easily worried stick in the mud, with an unbreakable habit of refusing to act on emotion.


Stoicism: Nathan has made a habit of consciously rejecting all emotion and a certain portion of unwanted physical sensation.

Resources and Equipment: Nathan has accumulated a variety of resources. See +info Hall/Resources.

Conduit: Nathan has gained a vast amount of experience in acting as the conduit or avatar of other, more significant powers. He can adapt fairly quickly, albeit clumsily, to any power bestowed upon him permanently or temporarily. Permanent powers he is a conduit for are listed in +info Hall/Conduit

Knowledge: Nathan is knowledgeable in a variety of historical matters, as well theoretical studies of many more common world mechanics. While he can't do any degree of direct engineering, he can often make use of existing equipment optimally, or enhance the efforts of a specialist. Hall himself is specialized in Creation Thaumaturgy (utility alchemy, minor enchantment, mild warding, exorcism, and supernatural communications).

Sorcery: Nathan had his potential as a user of magic awakened under the tutelage of Breeze, and has gained access to the first circle of Creation's brand of sorcery, as well as generally awakened magical potential. See +info Hall/Spells for more information.

Scholar: Nathan is a Scholar, a supernatural expert on combat theory. With these powers, he can Scan his enemies, to understand their strengths and weaknesses with but a glance (consent required). He has access to very basic Black and White Magic spells from the Blue Planet, essentially elemental magic dealing with fire, water, earth, and wind. He also has acquired the ability to create pacts with Eidolons, magical entities that can be called into battles, and can summon them for a single attack, or for the duration of the battle. (+info Hall/Eidolons)

Friends: After nearly two years of making connections in the Multiverse, Nathan has many powerful friends, many of whom will protect and help him.

Desperate Times: Nathan is reserved; for the most part, he does not use all abilities and resources available to him. He can only be made to do so by severe emotional crisis. Events such as great need for him personally on a grand scale, death or threat thereof to close friends, or similar situations are required for this. (25 -> 35) (see +info Hall/Desperate_Measures)


Emotional Disconnect: Nathan has a hard time figuring out both the emotions of those around him and his own, often favoring a blanket disregard rather than any attempts to clarify either. While it may be difficult to get him to act on emotion, it is quite easy to manipulate it if one simply wants to inflict suffering, and this creates a predictability and lack of energy in his actions. He is also easily lied to.

Pacifism: Nathan will not act violently if he believes there is a possibility of a nonviolent solution. Enemies who create situations that can only be resolved by violence can take advantage of this by simulating viable nonviolence options.

Obliviousness: More a product of Nathan's obsessive focus than anything else, Nathan excludes all other input when presented with any particular problem or engagement of his attention. When thus engaged, he automatically fails to detect attempts at stealth around him and tends to have reaction times up to a few seconds delayed when approached or attacked, making it easy to disable him quickly.

Only Human: Besides some enhancements to himself as a result of awoken Essence, Nathan is still largely just a mundane human. He is not trained to roll with punches, deal with grappling, or dodge on instinct, and for the most part will not contend effectively in any one-on-one confrontation with an Elite. This extends to mental influences as well. Unless extremely focused, he tends to be easy to push around psychically.

Easily Discouraged: Nathan is a passive person, and this extends to statements made about him. He will be easily discouraged from acting by the simple act of making intelligently-founded statements about the weaknesses he thinks he has, both real and imaginary. Unless he has others there to encourage him, or has reason to enter a significant emotional crisis, he is likely to automatically fail many directly confrontational social efforts, both in and out of actual battle.

Insatiable: Nathan is psychologically incapable of contentment. It is simple to get his help because he can't stand not helping someone who asks. This makes it exceptionally easy to manipulate him into helping any efforts, something which has resulted in a betrayal once already.

Cut Off: Much of Nathan's abilities are fueled by other entities. If these can be turned against him, they can immediately cut off his access to various powers. If he is turned against them or coerced into betrayal, similar revocation can occur. Characters who this is available to are listed in +info Hall/Conduit


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