General Information

Full Name: Nanoha Takamachi
Faction: Union (5 - Senor Ally (Retired Field Marshal))
Function Tactical Instructor/White Devil/Ace of Aces
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Sex Female
Species: Human
Group: Mobile Section Six
Title: Stars 1 (Leader)

Quote: "Sad events, unreasonable pain, and unchangeable fate. I hated those, and I didn't want to allow them. So I wanted the power to break through them. I chose this path. And I chose the path of sharing my skills and power with those kids who felt the same way. Magic like this is there to protect what means most to you. A power I need to make my wishes come true."

Profile: Nanoha Takamachi is a girl known by many titles. Some call her a devil, some call her a Striker, and still others call her the Invincible Ace of Aces. No matter what title she has, the nineteen-year-old far prefers people just call her 'Nanoha'. An instructor for the Time-Space Administration Bureau, and ranked as a Captain within their ranks, Nanoha is immensely cheerful and optimistic, nice, and honest to a fault. Much of her fame comes from the fact she was documented as having a high magical-capacity even from age nine, in addition to her being involved in several high-profile cases in her youth. With her Intelligent Device, the Raising Heart, Nanoha works for the Union as an instructor for the Mage Corps, training Auric and Non-Auric mages in combat magic to better prepare them for the front lines and increase their chances of survival. Outgoing, friend and nice, Nanoha is rarely ever out to seek a fight, but if it's necessary, she can throw down with the best of the mages using her Mid-Childan magic and shooting-based spellcasting.

Vital Statistics

Age: 21 (Multiverse Aging Factor: In Effect)
Apparent Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Sizes 82-57-79 cm


Raising Heart in Shooting Mode

Raising Heart: Raising Heart is Nanoha's Intelligent Device as well as her primary weapon. With a strong basis in Mid-Childan Magic to start off with, it was later rebuilt to accommodate the experimental Belkan Cartridge System, which incorporates the use of magic-filled shells that are loaded into Raising Heart much like a gun and provide Nanoha with a potent boost to her already formidable offensive capabilities. Raising Heart can also use the Axel Charge System (ACS), a mode specifically designed to overcome powerful defenses, both magical and non-magical. In addition to its staff form, it has several other forms, which include a more firearm-inspired 'Shooter' mode and the 'Spear' mode used by Excelion and Exceed.

Barrier Jacket Aggressive/Excelion Mode

Mid-Childan Magic: Even without her Intelligent Device, Nanoha is a powerful user of Mid-childan magic. Beyond simply the shooting spells she is seen often using, Nanoha has mastered every branch of Mid-Childan Sorcery due to an innate ability beyond that of nearly anyone else in her world, combined with her studying it for over a decade of her life. Her repetoire of spells includes a wide array of combat magical and non-combat magic, such as shooting-based spells, lasers, flight, teleportation, shields, anti-magic abilities and boosts to her own speed. A fairly notable side-effect of her innate magic aptitude is that her body is so accustomed to the flow of magical energies that Nanoha can naturally buffer herself to provide a passive protection against magical attacks launched against her, in addition to being able to deploy highly versatile, durable and powerful shields as well as a knowledge of how to overcome the magical resistance of others, usually through the use of her own overwhelming magical presence. (See +powers/detail for her more notable spells)

Barrier Jacket Exceed Mode

VERY IMPORTANT: Belkan and Mid-Childan Magic are unable to cause physical wounds unless poorly controlled or the user is FULLY intent on killing, no matter how badly someone is hit by it.

Barrier Jacket: The barrier jacket is Nanoha's standard method of protection. It comes in multiple phases and modes. The first phase is 'Aggressive Mode' that allows Nanoha more power, but less ability to take a hit. Next is her Excelion mode, which is similar to Aggressive, only focusing more on defense. Then there is her 'Exceed Form', which is an upgrade to her offense and defense at the cost of her ability to dodge attacks. Finally, she possesses a modified 'Chevalier Mode' that was upgraded into her after her joining the Union. <Aggressive mode PL: 35, Excelion Mode: PL 35, Exceed Mode: 36, Chevalier Mode: PL 36, instant transformation into any form.>

Nanoha with Raising Heart in Excelion Mode and Four Blaster Bits (Blaster 3) Preparing to Blast Through the Entire Airship

Blaster Mode: Nanoha's final and most powerful trump card, the Blaster System allows Nanoha to push beyond the safe limits of her magical threshold and increase her magic by up to five-fold, at the expense of her own safety and life force.

Blaster One provides Nanoha an immense boost to her already considerable magical powers, pushing her into an overdrive of magical energy. Blaster Two creates two Blaster Bits that are, for all intents and purposes, exact copies of Nanoha in her spellcasting abilities and strengths. They are independently controlled by her and Raising Heart, allowing her to literally triple her combat presence in a single instant. Blaster Three creates another two Blaster Bits, bringing her combat presence on the battlefield up to five times what it was at the start, which is a very frightening thing to imagine when you include the high caliber and potency of her spells.

"This might hurt a little, Vivio..."

There is a downside to the Blaster System, however. It is highly draining on Nanoha's magical energy and her physical body. If Nanoha lacks the presence of mind or the magical reserves to operate the bits, they have a chance to fail and shut down, or not even start up at all. Due to high risk and inherent danger to the user, the Blaster System requires a Rank 8+ to unlock. (TP Power - Admin Permission Required)

Magical Instructor: Nanoha is highly trained and proficient in her own style of instruction. It's not very fun, and is in fact quite demanding and brutal for how cheerful of a girl she is. However, the training is also highly effective and tends to cause drastic amounts of improvement, particularly in those who possess great amounts of potential.

BEAMSPAM! And It's Not Even Her Full Power...

Friendship Beamspam: Despite her total obliviousness to it, Nanoha has the strange and unexplainable ability to befriend anyone she causes physical harm to, ever since an incident wherein she slapped someone in first grade and they became her best friend. Studies and tests have confirmed this ability, though even Multiversal technology is at a loss to explain how or why it works. Is it radiation from the lasers? Some sort of Aura? No one knows, but it can generally be assumed that physical harm dealt by Nanoha will result in her making a new friend, with the degree of physical damage directly proportional to the level of friendship. How this translates to Aurics in the Multiverse has yet to be tested. (Consent Required where applicable.)

Signature Attacks

These are spells or abilities of Nanoha's that are so powerful they warrant mentioning by virtue of their very existence:

Divine Buster: Arguably one of Nanoha's most potent attacks, Divine Buster is classified as anti-personnel artillery magic. It is, essentially, a condensed beam of Nanoha's own pure magical energy that is used to bombarde targets at short or long range, overpowering all but the absolute best of defenses. Divine Buster Extension allows for Nanoha to use a scope to increase her accuracy and use the spell for sniping. It's range and power can both loosely be classified as Extreme. Mid-Childan Spell Ranking when used by Nanoha: AA+

Excelion Buster: A variation of the aforementioned Divine Buster, the Excelion Buster is useable when Nanoha in Exceed Mode or Excelion Mode. It increases the power, caliber and range of the spell beyond the already impressive levels it was at in Nanoha's normal form. It uses the Cartridge System to boost the magical output of the spell, bypassing the limits of the Divine Buster at the cost of some wear and tear on the user. Spell Rank: S

Starlight Breaker: Nanoha calls it her own variation on the Divine Buster, but in reality it is a very different type of magic altogether. It is easily classified as her 'Ultimate Attack', and for good reason. Starlight Breaker rapidly collects and harvests all residual magical energy left over in the combat airspace and uses it to create a new attack that surpasses even the most powerful spells, by the very nature that it feeds off magic itself, and is not limited to the power of the user, but rather to how much magic is in the air at a given time. In a pinch, Nanoha can rapidly collect the energy she needs by expending up to a full magazine of cartridges to "flash fry" the amount of magic needed, though this takes a hefty toll on her stamina. After the magic is gathered, it is released in an earth-shatteringly powerful attack. Spell Rank: SS

Axel Charge System (ACS Mode): When Raising Heart is in its spear form, Nanoha combines the energy bayonet on the tip of Raising Heart along with a burst of speed from the energy wings on the device to penetrate the target's magic defenses. Then, she unleashes a massive burst of energy inside the defenses. Two cartridges are spent for the first phase, three for the second.

Break Shoot: Not so much a particular spell as it is a noteworthy part of Nanoha's fighting style. Break Shoot involves the overpowering of an anti-magical defense or barrier by first crashing against it with a magic attack, and then while the defense flickers hitting it full force with a follow-up, oftentimes more powerful, second magic attack that obliterates the defenses to push through to the target, allowing Nanoha to overpower even some of the most powerful magic resistances through sheer volume of magic.

Chevalier Mode

Barrier Jacket Modes

Sacred Mode: The most basic form of a Barrier Jacket, and sadly one Nanoha gets to use few and far between. It's a mode designed without combat in mind, and rather for sealing dangerous things and resolving issues in a non-combat manner.

Aggressive Mode: A far more common form for Nanoha to take, this is a light, flighty barrier jacket that allows the Ace high maneuverability and favors evasion over outright absorption of damage. This is the form Nanoha favors for both training her students and for combat in most cases. It's a good, strong, all around form.

Excelion Mode: More of an internal change than external appearance, Excelion Mode changes the flow of Magic in Nanoha's body and moves it from movement into defenses. It grants her an increased ability to take a hit in exchange for her ability to dodge attacks launched against her.

Chevalier Mode with Blaster Bits

Exceed Mode: One of the two more powerful modes for Nanoha, this mode is called 'Exceed' because it does just that. By forcibly bypassing the safe limits of magic that one can generate, Nanoha is able to increase her powers by a significant amount. While nowhere near as dangerous as the Blaster System, Exceed Mode has a high-rate of cartridge consumption and can tire Nanoha out rapidly. The upside is it gives her a significant boost to combat presence.

Chevalier Mode: While she focuses on ranged attacks, the Time-Space Administration Bureau outfitted her Raising Heart with an additional mode, should she ever find herself in a situation where her shooting spells are useless or ineffective. This mode is a perfect balance of all Nanoha's attributes, and good for 'all-around' combat.

Paladin Drive (Blaster System Chevalier Mode):Chevalier Mode has it's own form of the blaster system, in which the blaster bits take the form of wings that hover around the mage. The bits grant her increases in every area by funneling magic into the armor, increasing her speed, strength and endurance beyond safe limits. However, this mode has all the drawbacks of regular Blaster Mode, if not more because it's melee.

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