Head Girl Vs Mysterious Maid

"Ladies and gentlemen we totally bring you another awesome edition of the MWF!" Booms Bunny and Ple- … Okay, so it's only Bunny doing the booming, but sitting at his side from the observation box at the top of the Tokyo tower is Plenaire right with him, remaining utterly silent as the proceedings begin.

All around the pair, kaiju are BATTELing! Godzilla and Mothra at the forefront, just tearing chunks out of each other and the surrounding buildings, rubble flying everywhere as the pair spew their breath weapons, Gozilla' fire breath an Mothra's webbing as they duke it out to a standstill.

"We're just awaiting the arrival of our two contestants so they can duke it out for the coveted Magical Girl Belt!"


"Yeah, I hope we see some nude transformations too, Plenaire."
"……" Yes. She is glaring.

And suddenly, blinking into existence, is Dib.

Except… it's Dib. In a little pink leotard. With a Hello Kitty wand, and the large-headed BOY staggers and sways to try and maintain balance atop the head of Godzilla, flailing his arms wildly as he does so, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" He cries. "Magical Girl belt? But… I'm NOT a Magical Girl! I'm Dib! I'm a Paranormal Investigator… and I'm a BOY! This doesn't make any sense!"

The boy waves his wand wildly, trying to keep his balance as Godzilla tilts back suddenly… the little Hello Kitty head starts to flash upon it, and hearts begin to twirl about him,


"Annnd there's one of our lovely ladies now, and BOY is her head huge!"


"WHAT? It really is huge!"

Nonetheless, as Dib arrives- complete in proper Magical Girl attire, so does his opponent! "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHO~!" flying in on what looks like a car sized dessert saucer- complete with a chocolate parfait mounted on the platter is none other than The Magical Maid! Complete with a Zoro mak worn over her face, twirling her featherduster wand like some kind of magical evil baton whilst flying in. Hovering by Godzilla's head as the monster battles his foe. "Wait what's this… … What the hell kind of joke is this?! I came to fight for the Magical Girl title, not the 'biggest head in the universe title!"

"OH MAN! Already the battle hasn't even started and our new arrival- The Mysterious Maid is attacking her opponent's ego!"


Dib just stares, "My… my head's not big!" He protests, swatting weakly at the little hearts that are twirling around his head, as though sucked into the orbit of his GIGANTIC CRANIUM. It's quite an impressive sight really.

Unfortunately (for him) he seems to lose his balance and tumbles head over heels off the back of Godzilla… Luckily, he manages to find a little control pad on the back of the wand, and hits quarter circle back.

Dib seems to be plummeting to his inevitable doom. But. Suddenly. There is a sound like someone stepping into a deep, deep swamp.

Dib suddenly floats back up, trapped in the middle of a giant heart as though he had sunk into a giant red jelly.

There is a bright flash of light, and, suddenly, he's not so little any more. Instead. There is a large Zaku mobile suit (with a GIANT HEAD), all done out in pink and white, sparkling brightly, and wielding a Hello Kitty machinegun.

"… I… don't believe this is happening to me…"

"Pfft… Nonesense… It's totally big!" The maid counters with a scoff- already laughing quite madly as her foe falls from her- … His? Perch atop the monster lizard. Though cobalt eyes narrow quite a bit, raccoon ears flattening back against her head. "HMPH! Why didn't you just fall and give me the match? Now I have to maim you myself, and that's such a chore!"

"BIG WORDS from the Maid to our big headed mystery challenger! What do you think, Plenaire?"


Nonetheless, as Dib accedenta-summons his Zaku, Koyori's going to have to match it. Hopping off her dessert saucer and pulling off a sparkly and fanservicey nude transformation as she falls, she lands upon Godzilla in a totally new costume! Straight out of that Godzilla movie with MECHA-GODZILLA! It totally matches the outfit worn by the silly sentai team that piloted the robot!

A twirl of her baton and… With her Viral Magic at work she takes control of the beast!
"RAAAAAAAR!" Gozilla obeys! Stomping forth to open the fight with a plain and simple punch at the Zaku!
Koyori Kokubunji missed Dib with her "OH MY GOD! OPENING WITH THE DREADED FANSERVICE ATTACK!" moderate attack! (Experimental)

Dib approaches his customized Zaku with the same grace and finesse that he usually approached his Zaku mobile suit with.

That is. None at all.

The Zaku lurches to the side, somehow managing to /just/ evade the blow that is thrown this way. Inside the suit, Dib pushes hard on the controls. Well. This was meant to be a wrestling match, right? How the heck was he going to pin the girl if she was attached to Godzilla?

"MY HEAD'S NOT BIG!" He yells defiantly. Quite possibly the least terrifying battlecry known to man, but, it seems to work. The Zaku lurches its head back, the massive Zaku-head coming back. Before it comes forwards quickly. Aiming to knock the Mysterious Maid off of Godzilla with… his giant head. Whilst protesting that his head was not, in fact, giant!
Dib hit Koyori Kokubunji with his IRONY STRIKE! strong attack! <Experimental>

"Wait… I don't get it." Bunny mulls. "If her head isn't so big… Then why is she using it as a weapon?"


"That's… Actually quite insightful, Plenaire!"

Nonetheless, back to the fight! "AUGH!" The Maid isn't tossed free of the Kaiju, but damn is she shaken! Loosing her footing and falling flat on her ass as the monster wobbles from the impact, both she AND Godzilla scream in annoyance and rage.
"HOW DARE YOU! You big headed… … Buffoon! I'm more of a magical girl than you'll ever be!" The Maid snaps as Godzilla regains his footing and she gets a hold on one of the beasts back spines, climbing her way back up to his head as Godzilla brings his foot up… To KICK!

"And the fight is going off to a damaging start! Because I don't know if the Tokyo Tower can take any of the punishment being dealt out there if they crash into us!


Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her I'm the real Magical Idol here! >:| strong attack! <Experimental>

Dib flails as he finds himself kicked back into a skyscraper, his pink Gundam of Girliness shudders under the impact, and he yelps, "I DON'T WAN TO -BE- A MAGICAL GIRL!" He cries in response, swinging his Hello Kitty Machinegun to point directly at Koyori. "And stop saying my head is big! It's… really not!" He protests, loudly. "It's just… the rest of my body is small!"

Well. That was a terrifyingly illogical conclusion from the usually logical Dib. Still. He continues to fight back with all his might. Squeezing the trigger of the Hello Kitty Machinegun…

A sudden barrage of tiny, malicious Hello Kitty's shower down on the area, aiming to claw at everything there… including Godzilla and the -real- magical girl!

Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his CAT FIGHT! moderate attack! (Experimental)

"DUCK AND CO-… Oh, it's just some various Hello Kitty paraphernalia. ……….. Wait. GET DOWN!"


What is the fate of our two commentators? Well it doesn't look so bright as Godzilla and his manipulative, Maidly, controller use the Tokyo tower as a shield, absorbing the shots for her.
It gets even worse when the Lizard King rips off a support strut, tapping it to his palm repeatedly in a threatening manner. "Ohhhhohohohohohoho~ There's no way in hell you'll take what's rightfully mine- … Err… …. …. WHAT IS YOUR NAME ANYWAY?! … Oh it doesn't matter, I'll just call You… Head Girl or something."
The Mysterious Maid really has no care as she points her wand for the Zaku!

And Godzilla simply tries to thwack it!

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her Well. Maybe I can re-size that head for you. With blunt force. moderate attack! <Experimental>

Dib looks down. Scrolling across the bottom of the screen, the show declares that 'Head Girl' is now engaged in a fight for the Magical Girl Belt. He lets out a sudden, angry shout.

And is cut short when Godzilla slams him in the side of the Mecha-Head with a support strut. "AUGH!" He shouts, "NO! NONONO! My head's not big and I'm NOT a magical girl!" He protests at the top of his lungs, the machine lurches up to it's feet, and considers Godzilla carefully for a few, long moments, before tossing the gun to the side.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Dib was calling it a day. After all, who would be crazy enough to keep trying to fight Godzilla in a bright pink mecha?

But you'd be wrong! Instead, Dib reaches up, and grabs Mothra by one of the wings, "MY NAME IS DIB! I'M A PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR, NOT SOME CREEPY MAGICAL GIRL!" He -screams- again. It's a miracle his voice isn't giving out.

On the other hand. One doesn't have long to consider that… when a giant moth is being flung at you!
Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his MOOOOOOOOTHRAAAAAAAAAAAA! D: strong attack! (Experimental)

Headgirl! Dib is Headgirl! Complete with the magical powers of… Uh… You know what? Koyori isn't going to bother with attempting to figure out just what her foe's powers are, too busy yelling at Godzilla to do his damn job is what she's doing!
Stamping her heel into the scales on the back of the mighty lizard's head and gibbering orders, the poor enslaved monster has no choice but to obey- and besides- Most of her cries were to 'get the hell out of the way!' anyway, and a flying kaiju would make anyone want to move out of the way!

"And I thought that was the end for us, Plenaire… Whoo… Oh man. Look at how Godzilla gracefully dodged Head Girl's Flying Mothra toss attack!"


Despite how unhappy the bluenette demon looks at being trapped in a creaking radio tower, she has nothing to say on the matter. But the maid in the meantime… Well she's cackling! Quite madly at that! "Go! Gogogogogogo! Pummel her so I can go home and get back to my photoshoots! Uwahahahahahahahahaaaa!"

And pummel is what Godzilla attempts. D:

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her Generic brutality! moderate attack! <Experimental>

Dib blinks slightly, "Oh no!" She… wait… HE! HE! He squeaks, finding himself beaten and pummeled by the oncoming Godzilla Rage. Suddenly. He finds a little piece of paper fluttering down from the cockpit, apparently dislodged under the sheer /fury/ of Godzilla's rage. Instruments squeal and cry at him to -do- something. Anything. To get Godzilla off him.

"What?" He asks, picking up the little bit of paper. "Oh no…" He murmurs, "No, no, I'm…. not saying it…" He whimpers. Until the glass over his cockpit cracks. And then he gulps.

"FINE!" He declares angrily.

The jets on the Hello Kitty Zaku burst into action, and Dib cries out, "I… AM HEAD GIRL! AND IN THE NAME OF OVERSIZED CRANIUMS EVERYWHERE, I PUNISH YOU!" He shouts, little (large headed) Hello Kitty models burst into being around the mobile suit as it propels itself strongly upwards at Godzilla.

Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his HEAD GIRL STRIKES BACK! strong attack! (Experimental)

It's now, that Plenaire STANDS up in her seat in the wrecked observation tower, picking Bunny up, the pair- or at least Plenaire, as she's the only one of the two able to articulate her face gives a look of shock!

"Could it be?! Is Head Girl going to unleash her ultimate attack?!"


And for a moment, The Mysterious Maid looks frightened. "P-PUNISH ME?!" But Koyori doesn't want to be pummeled by a weird girl in mech despite the fact that Dib's totally a boy and- is FLYING for her!
It's with a /leap/ that the blue-haired magical-raccoon-girl BAILS. Jumping off Godzilla's head as the Zaku collides with the King of Beasts head on. Landing nice and safe on her floating dessert saucer she zips over to Mothra- who looks like she's beginning to pick herself up. Again, jumping off her own ride and… Nakie transforming again, the cosplay queen of Viral magic hijacks the other Kaiju! Now apparently dresse like one of those little Mini-women who lived inside the clamshell in the oldschool movie.
"GO! … Flying bug thing!" She commands, and Mothra obeys! flittering up to try and sneak up on the Zaku from behind and… Well. Bump it in the back, with it's forehead.

"OH MAN! It looks like The Maid's player can't remember any of Mothra's attacks! This fight might just turn around!" Bunny sounds SO excited as he jabs at the fourth wall. Not his fault he's from a theme where just about everyone is genre savvy.

"……………………….." Plenaire just looks like she wants to sock him, now. -_-

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her nudge! D: weak attack! <Experimental>

Dib finds himself battered in the back of the head by Mothra, rapidly getting more confused by the second, he looks down his list of catch phrases. Well. This was… going to be absolutely humiliating. But. If he was playing the part of Head Girl. Maybe he'd be able to finish this and go home quicker if he just went along with it and worked out what the heck was happening later.

The bright pink Zaku points accusingly at Mothra… and the Mysterious Maid riding her. "Bah! You'll see!" He declares, grabbing Godzilla into a headlock, somehow, Dib manages to control the giant beast vaguely, as he positions his mouth up towards the maid.

"By the power of the Head Girl Super Galaxy Love-Love Staff!" Dib intones, adding, "… who /wrote/ this stuff… this… this is just /horrible/." Before clearing his throat and completing it, "I command you to use your HEAD POWERS, GODZILLA!"

Well. Apparently it worked. Because Godzilla obliges, vomiting up a huge, roaring belch of ATOMIC FIRE at the Moth and the Maid.
Dib hit Koyori Kokubunji with his HEAD POWERS! strong attack! <Experimental>

"This is ridiculous! He can't use a monster like that! It's against the rules!" The Maid cries in objection!

"There's nothing in the rules against using Kaiju as weapons!" Bunny shouts,

"…….." Plenaire has all but given up on the ensuing insanity.

Nonetheless, Mothra gets scorched, The Mysterious Maid gets scorched, and the Tokyo Tower, complete with Bunny and Plenaire get torched!
Though when the firebreath settles… There's Koyori. Standing atop the moth-beast, one fist clenched up in front of her face as she grits her teeth, clothes, visage, and hair charred black. She looks… All around displeased.
"Mothbeast! Use your… I don't know… ELECTRICITY OR SOMETHING!" The bluenette snaps in command!
And as ordered, the Kaiju screeches and rears back in the air, lightning and electric energy visibly arching from her antennae as she powers up and then blasts forth at the Zaku AND Godzilla in return!

"How are we still alive?" Bunny can be heard from the all but destroyed tower."


Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her ZAPZAPZAP! moderate attack! <Experimental>

Dib yelps -loudly- as he finds himself electrocuted inside the mobile suit. Godzilla is lightly sizzled, and drops to the ground with a -grunt-. The impact has a kind of finality about it. But. Dib and his fashionably pink, slightly beaten up, lightly charcoaled Zaku is still standing. And he doesn't look like he's quite ready to go down just yet.

The Boy of the Big Head sighs, and checks his notes. "This… is just -silly-." He mutters. "WHY am I doing this?" He asks the world at large.

The Zaku, with it's custom head, bows to Mothra, taking careful aim as Dib, again, starts to monologue.

"In the name of Significantly Sized Skulls everywhere! I! Head Girl! Defender of those with planet-attracting-heads…" He gives a little whimper at that, but, presses on regardless, obviously reading from a card, "Liberator of those with Mammoth Crania, She whose head blots out the SUN!" … and now the head on the Zaku is actually shaking a little,


The speech may have been more dramatic and inspiring if Dib had been /prepared/ for the head of his mobile suit to suddenly fire itself at Koyori as though shot out of a cannon.

probably not, though.
Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his ROOOOOOCKET HEADBUTT! epic attack! (Experimental)

"-Ohcrap!" You know. There are just some crazy things an evil magical girl can deal with. And then there's a mech launching it's own head. Sure. This is mildly tame in comparison to many things, but at the end of the day, it looks like something that would still hurt if it hit.
Luckily, for the Mysterious Maid, Mothra is quick to get the hell out of dodge as the massive, pink zaku head launches forth, strafing-fluttering out of harms way. A heaved sigh of /extreme relief/ and the maid is back in the game!

"Oh yeah. Right, like she totally wasn't sweating there." Bunny asides.

"… ……"

Nonetheless, she starts… Laughing? "Ohhhhohohohohohohoho~ Man… Your aim is as bad as your head is huge! It's really kind of sad- you had such a BIG projectile and you still missed li'l ol' me~de gozaimasu!"
It looks like she's not above plain out taunting poor Dib either. "Well how about I show you how it's done… How a /real/ magical girl monologues!"

"She's really calling Head Girl out, isn't she?" - "…"

"I! The Magical and yet TOTALLY MYSTERIOUS Maid! Faithful servant of the most foul evil Lord Ungrar-" Blahblahblahblah… It's like she's speaking so much that all she says gets really unimportant… And…
"HEY?! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?! Oh screw it! Mothra! Hit her with some lasers!!!" She stamps on the Kaiju's head demandingly.
And Mothra makes with the laser eyes.
Koyori Kokubunji missed Dib with her Your words are as empty as your head, mankind ill needs a Magical Girl such as you- WHAT IS A MAGICAL GIRL? A MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF SPARKLES! But enough talk! Have at you! strong attack! (Experimental)

Dib, in the head of the pink Zaku, pulls back on the controls quickly, and the head dives wildly out of the way of the incoming eye laser beams. Dib may be a top-notch investigator. Almost. But he's -not- cut out for fighting giant monsters, or the maids who ride them! Still. That didn't mean he wasn't going to give it his all! What about all the big headed children who were relying on him? WHAT ABOUT THEM?

Dib jabs at his controls for a few moments, realizing, now, that having detached himself from the rest of his giant robot… his option were somewhat limited. Luckily, it seems to be able to steer from the boosters underneath the neck… so…

With another whoop, this time a little more controlled, Dib swings his head-come-projectile-weapon at Mothra a second time.

"Bah! My SISTER can aim better than you!" He shouts back …

… And he's really not joking.
Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his Giant Head Two: Revenge of the Giant Head. strong attack! (Experimental)

Well all those big headed children can just go jump in a lake and sink under the weight of the skulls for all The Maid cares! She's too busy thirsting for the Magical Girl belt! Though here's the kicker. Whild Dib may not have the skillset required to do 'EPIC BATTEL' wth kaiju proper, Koyori seems right at home hijacking and piloting them!
Pointing her feather duster wand for the disembodied mecha head, the geat moth-beast turns. Just in time to avoid getting deadly headbutted.
"HOW DARE YOU!? I'll kick your ass, your sister's ass! All of your friends asses, and I'll kick your pet dog too! And if you don't have a dog I'll kick the cat!"

"Hey, Plenaire… Think anyone would notice if we snuck off?"


And again with the antennae lightning! D:
Koyori Kokubunji missed Dib with her Bzzzak! strong attack! (Experimental)

If Dib would notice the sudden loss of his commentators, he makes no indication of it. However. The little scroll on the bottom of the screen now reads, "Head Girl v Mysterious Maid. We are watching you. Leave and you don't get paid."

Dib whizzes through the air at /breakneck/ speeds. And although he finds nothing but empty air to meet his frantic head-crashing, at least the lightning that arcs behind him also fails to make contact. "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU TAAAAAAAAAALK TOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!" Dib /yells/, words distorted by the speed, trying to steady his glasses into place. One would think that if this thing actually /did/ manage to hit the enemy… or anything else… he'd be hurt just as bad as they would!

…maybe it's more head powers at work.
Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his Giant Head Three: The Head Strikes Back. strong attack! (Experimental)

"I tal… ……." Well that effectively shut her up. More out of shock than actual… You know. Just telling her to shut it. But it does seem to enrage the maid further as the giant moth kaiju turns about. "OOHHHH!!! What the hell do you know?! I'm going to erase you like a bad smudge on a test paper, get the belt AND make fifty bucks~de gozaimasu!" The evil bluenette snaps as… "OHSHI- HE'S COMING BACK! QUICK MOTHRA, DO A BARREL ROLL~DE GOZAIMASU!"
And just like that, the moth does a barrel roll- almost dropping her evil passenger too, the maid clinging for dear life and practically crying as the monster rights itself. The whole motion however… Sends a POWERFUL gust of wind tearind for the mech head!

"………………." Did the commentators bail?

"You said it, Plenaire!" Nope!

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her … Know what… WIND!!!!! strong attack! <Experimental>

Dib and his Giant Robot Head are surely in trouble now! The gust of wind sends the thing bouncing away, crashes through a building, and is picked up by a large robot-man on the other side. The large robot looks pretty annoyed, and Dib is starting to feel like this… may possibly have been one of the worst ideas of his life.

Especially when he finds himself looking into the cold, robotic eyes of a cold, robotic overlord.

"Oh man… this is going to -hurt-." He murmurs. "I don't want to do this any more!"

But, enough of your whining, Dib! Do it for the large headed children that are relying on you! The giant robot overlord smashes the Giant Robot Head at Mothra and Koyori, a volleyball style technique!
Dib hit Koyori Kokubunji with his Giant Robot Head and Giant Robot Overlord v Mothra. strong attack! <Experimental>

"Skreeee!!!" That's the sound of Mothra. That's the sound of Motha getting pelted by a mecha head like a batter getting hit by the pitch, and down the kaiju goes. "AWUGH!" The Maid grunts, sent flying from he monstrous mount, only to be caught by the flying giant parfait bowl. It's a lucky catch- as she conks her head on the way down.
Mothra down, and Maid rising, holding her skull, she points her wand menacingly! … But what can she do? … Quick! Think!
But she doesn't need to as another monster wanders by randomly, and knocks her from her parfait dish to cling onto its back. "A-Ah! AHHH!!!" Don't panic Koyori.
Because now… She's riding Robert Smith. Of the Cure.

Right about now a Japanese man can be heard singing… "Rooobert Smiiisu! Roooobert Smiisu! LA LA LA LA KONNICHIWA!"

Back in the observation booth… "Did the Mysterious Maid just… Why yes! She's commandeered Robert Smith!"


And what does Robert Smith do? … Well. He tries to catch the head, and chuck it back at the Robot lord!

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her How Kaiju Play Catch! moderate attack! <Experimental>

Dib just… stares. This was insane! Psychotic! And now he was sailing through the air. Systems screeched and blared at him that… getting thrown around by Robert Smith was /not/ covered in the warranty. Act of Cure was most certainly not a clause covered in a standard policy, and he doesn't have long to ponder that before the head slams its way into the Robot Overlord's chest, bowling it over.

Dib rattles the controls for a few moments, and sighs. Dead. And then he perks up. Of course! He still had one last trick he could try!

Suddenly, the boy wrenches back on his controls. One quarter back. One quarter CIRCLE back, to be precise!

The head warps with a traditional 'transformers' noise, and… Dib finds himself in the cockpit of a (miraculously) recovered /giant metal piggy/. "… why did it have to be a piggy?" He murmurs, "Always… the -piggy-."

However. He can't stop to worry! He has a fight to win! So, pressing a button at random, the giant metal pig opens its mouth, and belches hot fire and smoke at Robert Smith.
Dib hit Koyori Kokubunji with his FLAAAAAAAAAAAAMING PIGGY! strong attack! <Experimental>

"A… Giant… Pig Mech…"


The commentators are stunned, needless to say. After all, it's not every day a Giant Pig-bot and Robert Smith engage in legendary struggle that will go down in the history of the internet for all of five days! Or three minutes on 4chan, whichever happens first.
"SKREEEEE!" That's the sound of Robert Smith bringing his hands up to keep from getting really burned. And it hurts, as the giant monster looks displeased…


"Oh man that's a low blow…" - "…"

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her RoShamBo! strong attack! <Experimental>

Dib blinks slightly. Robert Smith's foot goes /CLANG/ against the poor Giant PiggyBot, and, despite the fact there is no -logical- reason for it to happen, the pig curls up squealing on its self. Suddenly. There is the sound of a whistle being blown, and, for the first time, a godzilla in a white-and-black striped shirt walks over, roaring loudly and angrily at Robert Smith. That was not, after all, a clean shot.

Still. Refereezilla is just a referee, and in the MWF… that's just another improvised weapon.

As the giant piggymech seems intent on proving, as, out of nowhere, it barrels back up, having recovered itself to a decent level, and slams itself into the side of the giant rules-lizard, aiming to topple it over on top of Robert Smith and trap the giant musician.
Dib missed Koyori Kokubunji with his In MWF, Referee Pin You! strong attack! (Experimental)

"SKREEEE?!" A /referee?!/

"Finally some sanity!" Bunny cries from the destroyed tower. At least until the pigbot puts the kaiju to use AS a weapon. And Robert Smith goes down! Pinned and out of the fight.
But Koyori isn't… Especially as she hastily leaps off the monster-singer-man, and uses her now melted parfait bowl as a platform to mount a NEW beast! Something far more terrible than Robert Smith, Mothra, or Godzilla combined…
For it looks like Mecha Godzilla… But it wears a blonde wig… And has a TREMENDOUS nose…

"OHHHHHHohohohohoho~ Let's see you defeat the ULTIMATE EVIL~De gozaimasu! Face the wrath of… MECHA STRIESAND~De gozaimasu!"

And cue up that Japanese man singing agian… "Baboora! Baboora! LA LA LA LA LA BISHOUNEN!"

"Will that guy shut up?" Bunny asks. Only to have Plenaire respond with a "…"

Nonetheless… Mecha Striesand releases her most dreaded attack! She starts to sing…

Koyori Kokubunji hit Dib with her THAT NOSE! D: epic attack! <Experimental>

Dib has only a few seconds to react before Mecha Striesand starts to sing, "What?! No! This is inhumane! Demonic! You can't do this! YOU AREN'T A MAGICAL GIRL! YOU ARE A MONSTER!"

The Piggy Mecha squeals in pain, clapping its little piggy hooves over its little piggy ears. But. It didn't stand a chance against that hideous song. No. Instead, the Pig, and everything around it, is suddenly consumed in a glorious, overwhelming explosion.

The very ground itself shakes with the force of the blast, fire lighting up the sky.

And then the bell rings three times! DING DING DING!

"UWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!" The sound of the bell ringing and her victory now complete, the Mysterious Maid begins cackling from her perch upon the giant being of supreme evil- somehow she was immune to the song despite how close she was to the origin- but we're not going to get into how, or why. The point is… Koyori now suddenly has a shiney golden belt on. And Barbara is cackling with her! "Come on Mecha Streisand! Let's go wreck the rest of this place~de gozaimasu!" And the pair STOMP off into the sunset!

"Well there you have it folks! We have a new winner for the priestegious Magical Girl belt, and are out 50 dollars. We hope you enjoyed this latest eition of MWF, I know for a fact we didn't." Bunny throws in the last comments. But Plenaire of course… Truly gets the last words.


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