MUSHclient ColorNames Plugin




1. Install the newest MUSHclient

Here's the link: It'll be somewhere near the bottom.

2. Setup the plugins and state directory

  1. Open up File->Global Preferences
  2. Then go to the Plugins tab

It'll look something like:
Near the bottom is a 'Plugins Directory' button, as well as a path under that. Make sure and double check that the path there exists. If it exists and you get errors later on dealing with a 'state' directory, go to that plugins directory you set and under it create a new folder called 'state'.

3. Fix Lua permissions

From the Global Preferences, go to the Lua tab
Notice the line:

MakeSandbox() --> remove this line to remove protection

If you want to make use of csave and cload to save the color settings to a file, change this to:
--MakeSandbox() --> remove this line to remove protection

4. Download and install the plugins

  • There are actually two plugins, one is the colorizer.
  • The other one fixes a small quirk with pennmush, making changing the text on lines in mushclient seem 'lagged'.
  • Download and extract them to your plugins folder, the same directory you set or double checked earlier.
  • Finally, either under File->Plugins.. or under the Global Preferences->Plugins tab add the plugins.
  • ColorNames.xml is needed always, while PennMUSHBugFix.xml should only be added to pennmush or other worlds you see color change lag on, but it should work usually anyway on most servers. Keep in mind I've only tested pennmush and tinymux 2, though.
  • NOTE!! The bugfix is highly recommended on pennmush servers. If you see the screen jump every so often (About every minute), or notice the colors taking a moment to take effect on new input, install it.

5. To see the help, type 'chelp' in your client

Contact Xiph in game to report bugs.


  • 1.7 - Only works with mushclient that have lua 5.1
  • 1.6 - Fixed removing names. It wasn't deleting the trigger before, it will now.
  • 1.5 - Fixed csync with an argument.

Output of Chelp

 cadd [ <name> [ = <aliases> ] ]
  - Add a new name. <aliases> should be a list of aliases for this name separated by ','.
 cremove [ <name or alias> ]
  - Removes a name or alias.
 cremove/alias [ <name or alias> ]
  - Similar to the above, but if a name is provided instead of an alias it will clear all aliases for that name.
  - The GUI list when provided with no arguments also displays aliases instead of names.
 calias [ <name> [ = <aliases> ] ]
  - Adds new aliases for the provided name.
 ccolor [ <name> [ = <color> ] ]
  - Recolors a name
 cgetcolor [ <name or alias> ]
  - Returns the 'Lua' color for a name
  - Lists all names, selecting one will show what it looks like
  - Lists all aliases, selecting one will show what it looks like
  - Randomly color names for anyone connected who isn't already colored.
  - Removes all names/aliases/etc.
  - Converts the old colors from the old version to the new version.
 csync [ <worldname> ]
  - This syncs the colors from the current window with the world you enter or select
  - Note that this can be spammy and pointless if those other worlds aren't using this plugin
  - This syncs the colors from the current window with all other worlds open
  - Note that this can be spammy and pointless if those other worlds aren't using this plugin

 []'s mean the argument it surrounds is optional. For example, if you just type 'ccolor' it will 
 first pop up an input box asking for a name, followed by a color picker dialogue.

 A minor note:
  There is a timer that executes every 60 seconds to updated names of anyone who had connected within 90 seconds of that point.
  This will make your idle time keep being reset, however after 5 minutes the timer is disabled until you type a command.
  Once you do type a new command, the timer will be restarted and the it'll check the whole MU*'s connected list for new people to color.
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