Multiverse Wrestling Federation

From the deluded ramblings of several players, and a fair amount of alcohol, sprung the idea of a young genius, sat in his bedroom in a point in the Multiverse, running simulations of his favorite heroes and heroines, and villains and villainesses, fighting it out in the most awesome way possible… The Wrestling Ring. But this would be no ordinary ring. For no -mortal- ring could contain such a level of awesomeness. Each simulation would be run in an incredibly outlandish scenario, and would then be posted far and wide on the multiversal internet, for the viewing entertainment of trillions.

As of yet, the Multiversal Wrestling Federation has only a few prospective matches under its belt. But what matches they have been, or prove to be! This new craze will surely sweep the Multiverse away in its incredible tide of awesome, and unnecessarily unlikely events! As they unfold, we will be posting the full logs of the matches here, for posterity.

MWF Match One: Armstrong vs Lady Bee-Slaughter

MWF Match Two: Head Girl Vs Mysterious Maid

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