Moving 2012

Multiverse Crisis MUSH - Move 2012

February 12, 2012

Server Move - Done!

The move is complete and all systems seem to be functioning well, except for the web client, which is down for the moment. Hopefully in the near future we can get that running as well, and possibly add a Flash client alongside it. Our address, as with earlier, is port 5001 although we are also accessible via our IP address (mentioned in the previous entry). Unless further complications develop, this page will not be updated after this entry.

December 21, 2011.

We have moved servers.

Please telnet to port 5001 to see our new server. The web page and domain name will be updated in the near future once we're settled in.

November 5, 2011

Multiverse Crisis MUSH is going to be changing servers in the near future.

It has been announced that RPG-Works, our site host for the past several years, is going out of business as of February 2012.

This does NOT, however, mean that we are going to close or cease operations in any way.

At present, we are making plans for transitioning to a new host. We are considering all options available (and we have a number of them). When this happens, this page (and the front page) will be changed in order to reflect this new information.


  • Why is this happening?: We don't know. All we know is that RPG-Works is going out of business. There are any number of possible explanations, but they would be speculation, and out of respect of the privacy of those involved in running it we have seen no need to inquire further.
  • What's going to happen to MCM?: Very simply, we're going to move the central MCM database to a new server. From there, we will recompile the PennMUSH code and bring it to a fully operational status. This is actually likely to be a fairly quick procedure.
  • How are we going to connect?: Probably in exactly the same way as before. We are going to try to keep the domain name ( If we cannot do this we will make certain the new domain name is well known before operations cease.
  • When will it happen? : We have until February to get things moved. At the moment, we're shooting for a decision in early December, and a move in late December or early January. Due to RL pressures on the staff who are overseeing this, this date may be moved, but hopefully this will give us a healthy buffer in case anything goes wrong.
  • How long will there be downtime? : We don't know. If all goes well, there should be no downtime. However, even if things work out smoothly there may be a couple days where it is difficult to connect (there may indeed be TWO MCM's running). This is because the DNS does not update instantly across the Internet and many sites experience lag as they update. As such some may not have yet updated the entry for our domain ( and may be pointing at the old site when it should be pointing at the new site.
  • What does this mean for the web site? : We are still going to have a web site. The exact form it's going to take is not certain at this time, but long story short, don't worry about it.
  • What does this mean for the web access options? : Our web access options (e.g. JamochaMUD) are rarely used (though we may be able to change that at some point in the near future). However, we do not plan on these being disrupted.
  • What does this mean for me in terms of MUSH operations? : Simply put, probably nothing.
  • What can I do to make certain that I'm kept in the loop?
    • Keep an eye on this wiki! It will be our main hub of information should something go wrong.
    • Make certain your on-MUSH e-mail is up to date. Ask on the Staff-Help! channel how to do this if you don't already know.
    • Let a friend on the MUSH know your e-mail. This is, of course, entirely optional, but it would help in spreading the word. Make sure to ask them to pass along the new address.
    • If it's been several days and you still cannot contact us, send e-mail to the application account.
  • How can I help? : Keep watching the wiki and the MUSH for updates. Should anything else change regarding this, we will let you know.
  • Can I suggest provider INSERT-NAME-HERE? : Make all suggestions via the on-MUSH +feedback system. Although you do not have to, it would be helpful if you included your name in the +feedback.
  • AGH! YOU KEEP SAYING SOMETHING COULD GO WRONG! HAS ANYTHING GONE WRONG?! : No, it hasn't, but in the experience of MyWiz/Fearless Leader, when this happens, someone always, ALWAYS gets lost. This is an attempt to stave this off. Further, if something DOES go wrong, our prudent paranoia will pay off. Most of these preparations are for something that is not likely to happen, but as we value the MUSH and the work that many people have put into it over the years, we'd rather be safe than sorry.

That's all. Please remember to keep an eye on the wiki for further developments. Thanks!

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