Morg McGee

General Information

Full Name: Morg McGee
Faction:Unaffiliated (None)
Series: Deadlands-1
Species: Deity (Former Homo Sapiens, Harrowed)

"I've invented things that create life and administer death. 'Impossible' is obsolete."

Born in Sacramento, California in the Weird West on All Hallow's Eve proved to be both a blessing and a curse for the strange man known as Morg McGee. Gifted with some degree of power over fate to influence his deeds and with an aptitude for the mechanical that led him to become a pioneer of New Science, it seemed inevitable that he would be drawn into a struggle between good and evil as old as the world itself. A user of a strange mineral of supernatural origin called ghost rock, Morg developed many incredible and sometimes impossible things in his travels across the West. Going from working with the rowdy Black Luck Gang to the secretive Texas Rangers and eventually founding the Forty-Fours, Morg has spent much of his life devoted to saving his world from the inevitable apocalypse facing it and stopping the future he has seen from coming to pass. During his strange crusade, he was killed, shot dead by a rival scientist in the wasteland of the far future. A demon then took up residence in his body and brought him back as one of the Harrowed, residing within him for more than half a decade, including for more than two years after Unifying in a ship that could have saved his timeline. Every waking moment was a contest of wills to see who would control his body, and after all this time, he has finally won, expelling it from his body and soul and, with the help of his inventions and Ambrosia from Mount Olympus, ascended to the ranks of the gods. Now, he does not have to contend with the Manitou, only that he is now a god of invention and madness both, and both parts influence his mind greatly…

Vital Statistics

Age: 31 (Physical Age: 24)
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 180lbs
Occupation: God of Invention & Madness, Texas Ranger, Scientist
Past Occupations: Railroad Engineer, Outlaw (Association: Black Luck Gang), Founding Member of the Forty-Fours


Mad Science: Originally a pioneer of New Science, Morg hears the whispers of malevolent spirits, gifting him with incredible insight and the ability to create anything he can possibly fathom. Using Mad Science has a chance of driving him over the edge a little more, and devices created with it are not completely reliable, but with one blueprint he can make the same device repeatedly. He can't invent when he's cut off from the whispering spirits. Objects created using this shouldn't function when examined in a normal scientific manner, and it cannot normally be deduced how they do. In addition, Patchwork Science, a sub-field of New Science, allows him to cobble together body parts and form working monsters and even (very rarely) Harrowed, and Alchemy utilizes Philosopher's Stone and chemistry to create potent elixirs and other ingested items.

Occult Engineering: When he arrived in his world's future, he learned the tricks of the local trade. This ability functions mainly through his own ideas and inspiration, though normally 'impossible' devices function due to a tech spirit being willingly bound into the component and filling in the gaps. Devices created with this ability seem to make sense until examined in depth, and can't be duplicated without using it again and binding a new spirit into the item.

Divinity: For years, Morg was one of the Harrowed, a man who had died and returned to unlife with a demon called a manitou attached to his spirit. Discovering a way to revive himself was difficult, but he has finally returned to life. Integral to this process was the use of Ambrosia, attained after climbing Mount Olympus on one of the few modern, Unified Earths that still had an active Greek Pantheon. This has made him a minor deity of Invention and Madness and conferred appropriate powers over both. These include enhanced physical and mental attributes, typical divine resilience, and the ability to give inspiration or madness (OOC consent only) to anyone he chooses. Unless they actively pray to him, granting inspiration to mortalsdefined as non-deitiesis draining and cannot be done often. Almost ironically, he also has a measure of holy power he can utilize against demons and undead, and even temporarily bless items or affect technology in both helpful and hindering and damaging ways. He is still learning to use these new abilities.

Born on All Hallow's Eve: Morg's birth means fate looks kindly upon him once in a while. When a great deed is done, Fate will intervene on his next great scientific or magical undertaking to make the result truly grand. In addition, he can sense nearby magic and its general intent, as well as slightly increasing the power of his Hexes or reliability of an invention.

Science: Morg's scientific knowledge is unmatched in the Weird West. In the years he spent in Hell on Earth he also learned of more futuristic sciences, such as robotics and electronics, and his time spent in the Multiverse has caused him to advance in skill in these fields and many others.

Gunslingin': Morg is a damn good shot and quick draw with both weapons from his world and his Knockout Gun. He can also probably figure out any other sort of firearm enough to point and shoot with a cursory examination of it.

Veteran o' the Multiverse: Morg has been around a while and done many strange and sometimes horrible things in his years travelling the Weird West, the Wasted West and then the Multiverse. His actions have caused him to become forsaken by the spirits and God, and beneficial holy and spiritual magic that isn't self-cast does not function on him. His experience also makes him quite knowledgeable in the Multiverse in general, having defied it's laws repeatedly as well.

Hexslingin': Morg has learned the fine art of Hexslinging. Hexslinging is one of his world's versions of magic. He knows many hexes, and some easier versions of Hexes called tricks. He contacts a hostile spirit to use this magic, and he can be subject to Backlash from this, warping the hex and wreaking havoc.

Notable Inventions (To Be Expanded Upon)

Knockout Gun:
Vigor Serum:
Blood Purifier:
McGee Corp .44 "Rattler":
PipBoy AI:
Banshee Aerial Assault Craft:
Donut Generator:
Plushie Cannon:
Void Mines:
Clockwork Death Army, Hellstromme Variant:
Weather/Emotion Control Beacon:
Elemental Cannon, Thor Variant:
Laser Toilet:
Sub-Dermal Retrieval Nanotag:
Tightbeam Teleportation Beacon:
EVA Unit-M:
Micro-Weave Body Armor:
Psi Distruptor, Personal Unit:
"Psi Screamer"-Class Grenade:
"Pyrostorm"-Class Microgrenade:
Creep Crystallizing Agent:
Catalyst Dart, Zerg Variant:
McGee Corp MLS-3 Microgrenade Launching System:

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+++Other Notes

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