Mobile Section Six
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General Information

Mobile Section Six is a multi-faceted group of highly trained individuals, designed with the sole intent of being able to operate swiftly and efficiently in nearly any crisis situation. Focused on disaster management, Mobile Section Six is fast, small, and easily deployable. This makes it an ideal choice for when a strong presence is needed on the ground in a short period of time. Section Six is led by its Captains: Nanoha Takamachi, Fate T Harlaown and Hayate Yagami. Below them are the Vice Captains: Signum and Vita. And finally, all other members are referred to as 'Strikers', and generaly fall under the command of the Vice Captains or Captains during missions. Mobile Section Six can cover a wide variety of missions, skilled in anything from disaster management to search and destroy.

Although it is only a branch of the Time Space Administration Bureau (TSAB), Mobile Section Six is generally speaking formed from the utmost elites of its ranks and bears about as much weight in the TSAB's hierarchy as they do in the Union now.

Currently Enlisted/Allied Union Members

Nanoha - Rank 1/Captain - Stars 1 - Union Rank: 9
Hayate Yagami - Rank 2/Commander - Long Arch 0 - Union Rank: 5
Fate T. Harlaown - Rank 3/Captain - Lightning 1 - Union Rank: 4
Vita - Rank 4/Vice-Captain - Stars 2 - Union Rank: 4
Signum - Rank 4/Vice-Captain - Lightning 2 - Union Rank: 3
Subaru - Rank 5/Striker - Stars 3 - Union Rank: 5
Teana - Rank 5/Striker - Stars 4 - Union Rank: 4
Erio - Rank 5/Striker - Lightning 3 - Union Rank: 0
Caro Ru Lushe - Rank 5/Striker - Lightning 4 - Union Rank: 2
Ryotaro Nogami - Rank 5/Striker - Hurricane 1 - Union Rank: A
Ginga - Rank 5/Striker - Hurricane 2 - Union Rank: 3
Spiritia Rosenburg - Rank 5/Striker - Meteors 1 - Union Rank: 3

Known NPCs

It's important to note that these NPCs can be retconned at any moment to allow someone to app them, and are as such fully open to being apped! Also Devices are not included as NPCs because they're minor in comparaison.

Shario Finieno - Long Arch 1 - No Device - NPC To: Everyone: Nicknamed Shari by most, this young woman is the Device expert in the group; she can design and repair Devices at a ridiculous speed and makes up new batches of cartridges in a flash. Although nice, she can be a bit obsessive about her work.

Griffith Lowran - Long Arch 2 - No Device - NPC To: Everyone: One of the representatives in charge of keeping order between the TSAB and MS6, Griffith is a charismatic officer with a lot more presence than he lets on; quite friendly despite his serious looks, he's the one the TSAB will usually use when they need to show a good face that won't intimidate the men.

Vice Granscenic - No Callsign - Device: Storm Raider - NPC To: Everyone: An elite among sharpshooters, Vice is the quite undersold designated driver of Mobile Section Six and an amazing shot at that, having mastered several spells ranked AA among mages. His Device is a military necklace in Standby form, a sniper rifle in active form and also controls a military JF-704 helicopter used for transportation.

Yuuno Scrya - No Callsign - No Device - NPC To: Nanoha: Currently the caretaker of the Infinite Library, Yuuno is a gifted young man, capable of instantly reading a book and absorbing its contents, making him an ideal librarian and archeologist. Although he has no Device for his own use, he is mildly competent with Raising Heart and can, on his own, create some of the strongest spacial forcefields the TSAB has ever seen. He seems to have a knack for turning into a ferret, too.

Arf - No Callsign - No Device - NPC To: Fate T. Harlaown: Fate's familiar, she is capable of disguising herself with ease, changing her age and appearance whenever necessary. As a familiar, she goes between human and wolf form with ease and benefits from great physical strength overall.

Shamal - No Callsign - Device: Klarwind - NPC To: Hayate Yagami: The supporting team member of the Wolkenritter, Shamal is a motherly and kind young woman who specializes in spacial magic and healing. She has a talent for making cartridges by hand as well.

Zafira - No Callsign - No Device - NPC To: Hayate Yagami: The shield and fangs of the Wolkenritter, Zafira is to them what Arf is to Fate. A potent shapeshifter with control over most kinds of magic but seemingly no specialty, he is a brawler before all and quite sturdy to boot. Although silent and serious, those who know him also know he opens up after a while.

Reinforce Zwei - No Callsign - Device: Book of the Azure Sky - NPC To: Hayate Yagami: The administrative program of the Book of the Night Sky given form, Rein is a short fairy-sized little girl with a lot of energy for someone her size. Capable of weaving magic almost as easily as Hayate, she specializes mostly in ice magic. As her full title Blessing Wind Reinforce Zwei implies, she is also quite potent in healing magic and her classification as an Unison Device means that she can unite with most other mages to make them much more powerful for a brief period of time.


Transport Helicopter "Storm Raider": The Storm Raider is at first glance a JF-704 military helicopter with minimal modifications and a fancy blue and brown paintjob. However, closer inspection reveals one critical detail: the Storm Raider is an Intelligent Device first and a helicopter second. The copter is linked to the actual Device through wireless communications, typically controlled by Vice Granscenic, and is capable of extremely rapid flight and fighting. It is mostly used for transport. The Storm Raider's real head lies in the necklace around Vice's neck which can also take the form of a sniper rifle.

TSAB Flagship "The Asura": The pride of the TSAB and uncontested ruler of all air space under its jurisdiction (Multiverse excluded), The Asura is an immense ship sufficiently large to crush an entire city under its wake on a bad day. Equipped with countless cannon arrays which can fire blasts equivalent to Fate's Photon Lancer/Trident Smasher/Plasma Zamber and Nanoha's Divine Buster and equivalent shielding technology, it is as fit for ship to ship combat as it is for bombardment, air support or just plain scouting. Onboard, state of the art teleportation technology allows for quick dispatching of troops and agents to the field, including smaller ships and mechas. The Asura's speed borders the impossible, its primary asset being the ability to tear a hole between dimensions and travel between them, making travel that much quicker. Yet, for all of its offensive and defensive assets, The Asura's most powerful one is the one none can access: the orbital cannon "Arc-En-Ciel". Its power is such that it can be considered a planet destroyer class cannon (see Fate's +powers for more info), however the one in charge of the safety lock has not yet unified, and therefore it is impossible to use it without a highly efficient team of hackers. Even so, the safety protocols in place will reset the lock after evere attempt, making long-term use of the Arc-En-Ciel inconvenient.

TSAB Warship "Long Arch": A smaller, lesser version of The Asura, the Long Arch is used mostly for air support. Equipped with the best aiming and orbital capabilities of any ship in the TSAB, other than The Asura, it is capable of not only aiming from the other side of the glove but it can override mages' spells and aim them in their stead. The crew onboard the Long Arch is particular good at this aiming job, especially with Hayate's ridiculously long range spells. As with The Asura, the Long Arch is capable of long-range teleportation, but only of crews, not of ships.

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