Mobile Fighter G Gundam (FC 68)-1

In FC 60, the 13th Gundam Fight begins. Domon Kasshu pilots the Shining Gundam as the representative of Neo Japan, the Japanese space colony. Fighting to gain his home country the right to rule Earth and all of space until the next tournament in four years, he also roamed the world on a quest for vengeance. Every four years, Gundams walk the Earth, battling to defeat other pilots and narrow the field of possible entrants in the final rounds of the tournament. The 15th Gundam Fight begins in FC 68, and several veteran fighters retire, opening the field to young up and coming pilots. The Shuffle Alliance — a semi-secret society comprised of the five greatest fighters of the current generation, who watch humanity from the shadows for signs of conflict escalating too far — have even begun passing their titles and crests to five new warriors participating in this year's tournament. As the finals grow ever closer, the field of participants narrows to the best of the best. Gundam Fight all set? Ready… GO!

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