General Information


Name: Misha
Faction: Union (Ally)
Function Star Singer
Group: Heaven or Hell
Title: Songbird
Series:Ar Tonelico-1
Sex Female
Species: Reyvateil

"It's not the reyvateil's fault if she cant craft decent song magic, it's your fault for not treating her with love and respect! And I'll prove it to you now!"

Misha hails from the tower of Ar Tonelico, a gargantuan tower that keeps her worlds people safe from the clouds of venom that cover the planets surface. Within the tower live people known as reyvateils, girls who are capable of drawing power from the tower and conjuring forth magic with the power of their song. Misha is one of these reyvateils. A strong-willed and forthwith girl, she rarely has problems sharing her feelings, and can be very emotional at times. She appears to be no more then twelve years old and comes across as a precocious girl, bright, intelligent, knowledgeable, perhaps a bit too much for a girl of her apparent age at times. There is much more to her then is readily apparently, but the side of herself that she reveals to the world is that of a kind-hearted, helpful girl who cares about her friends and is willing to fight to protect them. But there are some things that she hides even from the people she trusts.

Vital Statistics

Apparent Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches


Song Magic: Misha is a reyvateil, and that means that she is capable of singing song magic. Song magic is exactly what it sounds like, magic that takes the form of a song. The song magic starts out fairly weak, but grows in strength the longer the song is maintained. For most songs, there is a limit to how long she can maintain it before it tires her out too much to continue. She is capable of moving while singing, but serious harm will immediately disrupt the song and end any further affects, though any affects already in place, such as a barrier, or wounds inflicted or removed by songs remain. The song simply won't grow stronger and must be begun again from the start.

Defensive Songs: These are songs which protects a selected group of people from a certain kind of harm. For example, she could set up a barrier that prevented electricity from passing through a small area. Only one such barrier can be active at a time, to activate a second, she would have to disable the first. She is only able to defend from the four typical elements of fire, water and ice, wind, and electricity with this, as well as set up a generic barrier which defends against non-magical physical attacks, like swords, gunfire, martial arts, and the like. This defense is not flawless; it merely lessons the effects of the affected damage type.

Healing Songs: These songs are pretty self explanatory; they heal the wounds of the person that they affect. These are not powerful enough to regrow lost limbs, nor do they have any affect on diseases and viruses that may be affecting the person the song's affects touch, they simply heal flesh wounds. To heal anything beyond minor wounds, she must maintain the song for an extended period of time.

Red Songs: These are the songs that allow her to inflict harm on others. They come in the same five types as her defensive barriers, and follow the same rules as her other songs. To make them powerful, she has to sing them for greater periods of time. Fully charged, a red song is capable of some pretty serious property damage if Misha so desires. Unlike the other types of magic, however, these are only good for one shot before she has to start singing anew and if she is disrupted before unleashing the song, it goes to waste.

Singing Voice: In addition to carrying magic within it, a reyvateils singing voice is quite unique. While singing, it is as if the world is singing with her, as she is capable of pulling the sounds of musical instruments and even other voices seemingly from thin air. Listening to a reyvateil sing is like listening to an entire orchestra if she wants it to be.

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