Milfeulle Sakuraba
Milfeulle Sakuraba
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Galaxy Angel-1
Faction Union
Rank Ally
Function Galaxy Angel
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 16
Age (Actual) 20
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 5'6
Weight 120
Hair Color Dark Pink
Eye Color Light Blue
"I, Milfe, will do my best!"
Table of Contents


Milfeulle Sakuraba is known for having incredibly good - and incredibly bad - luck. Often, they come hand in hand, and only with her carefree, cheerful attitude and stubborn determination can Milfe take a control on her life and the life around her. Milfe is a member of the Transbaal Empire Military, and was found compatible with the H.A.L.O System used to pilot Lost Technology, which has led to her next chapter of life, where Milfe is a member of the Moon Angel Troupe, and the pilot of the GA-001 Emblem Frame Lucky Star. Thanks to her training at military academy, Milfe has a head for tactics and is trained in most common weaponry as well as hand to hand combat. The Lucky Star is a space and atmosphere-capable mobile armor and weapon, with energy cannons, beam weaponry, and a decent defense, offense, and speed weaponry that makes it one of the most balanced of the Emblem Frames. Only Milfe, with her extraordinary luck can pilot this finicky frame. Between adventures with the rest of the Angel Troupe, she has her duty to her friends and her family, and wherever she goes, bad - or is that good - luck will follow.


  • EMBLEM FRAME: The Emblem Frames are unique Lost Technology from hundreds of years ago that were given to the Transbaal Empire by the Moon Goddess Shayotan. The Emblem Frames use Chrono String Engines to power their frames. Chrono Strings, which is essentially a fragment of energy from the universes creation that, when combined with other Chrono Strings, formed a unlimited power. However, to use the Chrono String Engines to their maximum power, they had to be prototyped with something called the H.A.L.O System for use.
  • H.A.L.O SYSTEM: The H.A.L.O system can be directly interfered with by those that have the power to manipulate Chrono Strings themselves. This is a extraordinarily rare ability, however, not to mention extraordinarily dangerous. When used properly, it allows the user to manipulate the Chrono String Engine for full power and maximum use. When used by one able to manipulate the Chrono Strings, a halo appears over their head, marking their use of the H.A.L.O System.
  • GA-001 LUCKY STAR: The Lucky Star is the most well-rounded Emblem Frame, making it capable of fighting in any situation. Due to numerous power stability problems, even with the H.A.L.O System, it is extraordinarily hard for any of the Angel Troupe to pilot - aside from Milfe Sakuraba, who is able to do so with her extraordinary luck. With no definitive strengths or weaknesses, it is well balanced in defense capability for reinforcement, speed for rearguard, and offensively, for interception. The Lucky Star comes with a range of standard armaments, including a protective energy shield, two different energy cannons for long and short range battles, missile launchers, twin long-range beam energy cannons, one short range energy cannon, and rounding out its versatile weaponry, two medium rail guns, caliber type. It is both capable of space-battle as well as atmospheric battle.
  • MILITARY ACADEMY: Milfe is a graduate of the Transbaal Military Academy. During her time at the academy, Milfe underwent such training as in basic hand to hand combat and even modern weaponry like gunman-ship. Thanks to the academy she has high stamina and quick reflexes, as well as a head for tactics that provides invaluable assistance in her work as a Galaxy Angel and a pilot of the Lucky Star Emblem Frame. She is currently a Second Lieutenant of the Military, serving underneath Commander Takuto Meyers as the leader of the Elle Ciel and the Angel Troupe, nominally under First Lieutenant Forte Stollen.
  • COOKING & CLEANING: Milfe is rather good at both of these. She doesnt even consider them chores, as its rather fun for her to be running around. Cooking, in particular, is a specialty that she loves to do, particularly desserts. Shes rather knowledgeable about different types of spices and desserts, and loves to always learn more.
  • CAKE: She likes it.
  • GOOD LUCK: Milfe has extraordinarily good luck. This is why she is able to pilot the GA-001 Lucky Star even with the stability problems. However, even with good luck there is still bad luck to follow… not even Milfe is that lucky after all.


  • H.A.L.O SYSTEM: The H.A.L.O system is a extraordinarily finicky system, which utilizes a quantam computer to scan Milfe to pilot the Lucky Star. However, if the scan level gets too high, then it can cause her to go into a trance-like unstable state mid-combat. If the scan was reversed, it would backfire, and instantly send Milfe into a comatose state. If the scan stays reversed for too long, then there is a chance that Milfe could go under irreparable consequences, to both her mind, and her body. While a brief reversed scan is repairable, there's no telling what would happen if Milfe were to stay under too long…
  • STUBBORN: Milfe, on top of everything else, is extraordinarily stubborn. When she gets it in her head to do something, or to not let something happen, she do everything she can - /except/ for putting lives on the line of death - to make it happen. This can have both good or bad consequences…
  • NAIVE: Milfe is naive. While she can look at information and parse it, there are some things that she doesn't understand that can worry her or confuse her, such as misinterpreting a accidental kiss, or completely missing something that the rest of the troupe catches. While it's not as bad as it could be, it does lead to some interesting situations.
  • BAD LUCK - Milfe's luck can run both ways: bad and good. The balance allows her to pilot the Lucky Star, but on the other hand, she constantly has the problem where she can land a hit but not do as much damage as she used too, or do something completely wrong in a situation or in the Lucky Star which can cause enormous problems.
  • CLUMSY: Almost self-explanatory, Milfe is clumsy. She's not very good at obstacle courses and her combination of bad and good luck can trip her up - not just over the floor, or the stairs.
  • SCAR OF THE WORLD-SLAYER: A mark laid on all of those who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor, Viridian Sunrise, in the year A.U. 20. Though successful, the campaign resulted in the destruction of his inner universe and the countless beings within it. The mark takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark on the bodies of each of those who were present that day. Though not necessarily readily visible, it cannot be removed even if the individual should be obliterated and regenerated from component materials. It imposes upon the bearer a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's crusade, from enemy soldiers down to newborn babes. Those who bear this mark will remember them always, from their names, to their faces, to their lives up to their deaths. This does not provide an opportunity to learn the skills of the deceased, though it does give the bearer an insight into the world and universe of Annu.
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