Union Ally Michiko

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Faction Union
Personal Information
Race Shadow Elemental/Rose Hybrid
DoB February 21st, 2011 (native timeline)
Age 9, 21, 300+
Birthplace Quagmire, United States
Parents Shannon, Shemune
Height 5' 2"
Weight Around 120 lbs
Hair Long, Dark blue fading to light blue
Eye Colour Left: Light blue, Right: Light red
Likes Cheesecake, Mecha, Space, Exploring, Family
Dislikes Evil acts, people hurting her friends and family
Hobbies Reading, Flying, playing with nanotechnology
Quirks Speaks to herself, playful, likes to float upside down despite gravity
UAF Information
Rank Ally
Function Master of Shadows and Energy
Groups Londo Bell, The Family
Callsign Pixie
Personal Craft VF-25 Messiah
Colour Scheme Black with pink highlights

General Information

Full Name: Michiko
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Master of Shadows and Energy
Series: Original
Species: Shadow Elemental/RoSE Hybrid

"I know i'm weird, but in my opinion, weird is a good thing!"

Profile: Michiko has lived in the Multiverse for some time now. While many things about her remain the same as the day she arrived, many things have also changed. Michiko remains a hybrid of two races: Shadow Elemental, a being existing entirely of magical energies; RoSE, which in Michiko's case, is a being whos body is made entirely of nanites. She has several racial abilities, as well as extensive control over energy and shadows. She is capable of casting a number of spells in the shadow school of magic. And her mind is filled with the memories of those in her family, giving her a number of different skills. During her time in the Multiverse, Michiko has learned how to pilot Variable Fighters. She uses her existing abilities to supplement her skills in the cockpit. Time in the Multiverse has changed Michiko's personality to some degree. She's become experienced in the ways and emotions of war. She's much more confident in herself and her abilities. And the various battles and training have grown her powers to levels well beyond what she had when she arrived. But not all things have changed; Michiko remains as friendly and kind as ever. She's still idealistic, fiercly believing in her own ideals and following them to the best of her abilities. Though she is no longer as naive as she might have been in the past.

Vital Statistics

Age: 9 (human equivalent: 21)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Varies - Averages at 120 lbs

Skills and Abilities

  • Hybrid: RoSE, which in Michiko's case means her body is made entirely of nanites. Shadow Elemental, a being existing entirely as magical energies. Being a hybrid of these two races provides Michiko with a number of racial abilities. Teleportation, Flight, Regeneration. Michiko is capable of both long range and instant short range teleportation. She is capable of independant flight, reaching speeds of up to 300mph at low altitudes. Michiko also has a very high regeneration rate, being able to quickly repair her entire body. Michiko's mind is also capable of perfectly recording, storing and retrieving memories, much like data in a computer.
  • Energy Control: Michiko has incredible control over energy simply with her mind. This not only includes her own energy, but also the energies in the world and the energies of other people. She can observe and manipulate energy in almost any conceivable manner… Move it, stop it, convert it, nullify it, transfer it… She can mold it into a weapon, or a shield, or even to assist others. But there are limitations to its use.
  • Shadow Manipulation: Alongside her energy control, Michiko also has great control over shadows. She can give them a physical prescence, can shape them and colour them to serve her purpose. She can also give shadows 'life', giving them a more permanent existance and level of intelligence, depending upon how much effort she puts into their creation. It takes some time to create minions so is not suggested in hazardous situations. Due to Michiko's unique connection to the shadows, her control over them is usually final.
  • Nanotech: Michiko can control the sub-atomic nanites that make up her body. She can rearrange them to modify her appearance. She can also use them to interface with digitial systems. This bypasses a lot of system security, but Michiko's hacking abilities are better used only as a support ability. Additionally, having been taught by her mother, Michiko has become rather proficient in the science of nanotechnology. She uses her various nanotech projects to supplement her existing abilities.
  • Shadow Magic: Michiko is able to cast a number of spells from the school of shadow magic, spread out between offensive, defensive and utility. Some spells included are the use of shadow flames, generating darkness to disable or defend, darkening the surrounding environment, boosting one's senses in darkness, or summoning shadow creatures such as the great Shadow Dragon.
  • Extensive Memories - Michiko inherited most of the memories of her parents, who inherited the memories of their parents. This means Michiko has a large amount of knowledge in her mind regarding a wide variety of subjects. This does not mean she has great skill in these areas, but it does mean she has great potential and can learn about them quickly.
  • VF Pilot: Michiko has been flying Variable Fighters for over two years now. Michiko's original custom VF-19F was destroyed and has since been replaced by a mass production model VF-25. The VF-25 offers greater flexibility through its various customized packs, which allow Michiko to modify the loadout for specific mission profiles.

Historical Events of Note

February 21st - 15 AU: Arrived in Multiverse.
March 2nd - 15 AU: Protects civilians from elementals during evacuation of dieing world.
May 10th - 16 AU: Metatron abomination threatening several planets is destroyed.
July 3rd - 16 AU: Defense of the Temple of the Golden Gear.
July 14th - 16 AU: Expedition to the Crimson Planet.
November 16th - 16 AU: Attack of the Giant Ducky!
November 25th - 16 AU: Attended Thanksgiving Ball held by Yunao Wethschild.
February 14th - 17 AU: Captured by, escapes and then assists in defeating The Soujourners.
March 5th - 17 AU: Discovered secret of Camp Rainbow and helped in fight against Hugh Bliss.
March 21st - 17 AU: Drove in Gotham City Death Race.
July 25th - 17 AU: Battled with ally forces against Nightmare Black Mage - Constructica
July 26th - 17 AU: Helped defeat Nightmare Kefka and destroy Metrotitan - Constructica
July 27th - 17 AU: Assisted in defeating Nightmare Kenpachi - Constructica
January 2nd - 18 AU: Participated in the battle to destroy the Mask of Winters.
April 9th - 18 AU: Infiltrated Deep Vault 01 in Confederate defended Manakoshi.
April 17th - 18 AU: Defended Union secure vault deep in UHQ.

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